Tuesday, 9 October 2018

To continue.....

My blog post yesterday got cut short.No idea why.My I pad sometimes freezes and loses everything.Anyway, to continue,we went up to Ella's room.It is quite small but she has made it hers,lots of things on the wall,cushions and a rug.We met some of her flat mates,still in their pyjamas at 3pm!!!!!Sudents eh.We have been busy this week painting the kitchen and painting the shed blue.This was my idea,not sure it was a good one but I won't admit it.
We are off to Cambridge this Friday to stay with our son and family.It will be very strange without Ella.On the way we are meeting up with our friends from Mold who have moved ,four weeks ago, to be near their daughter.Chris was keen to go ,her husband not so it will be interesting to see how they are coping.


  1. I don't loose things on my ipad, but sometimes if a post is longer, it's hard to get it to scroll on the ipad. Not sure why though. When I'm out of town I use my ipad like a lap top and often have issues. Hope your friends work things out, that can be a tough thing to do, move...especially if both aren't on the same page. 3pm and jammies...egads...she must not have classes she needs to get to.

  2. I sometimes feel like throwing my ipad, just glad I still have my desktop pc, I never seem to have problems with that.
    Enjoy your weekend

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