Thursday, 29 August 2019

Today we have been to Powis Castle.

 Powis Castle is near Welshpool in Mid Wales.It took us one hour to drive there.
The Herbert family spent 400 tears transforming this medieval fortress into a lavish home filled with sumptuous furnishings,loads of portraits and amazing painted ceilings.The castle has views over the Severn Valley and amazing gardens.
During the Second World War George Herbert was a governor of the Welsh Girls school in Ashford,Kent.He invited the staff and pupils to evacuate to Powis in 1939.All round the castle there are recordings of the girls and the family,done by our wonderful Theatr Clwyd.George Herbert did not approve of education for girls!!!

The herbaceous borders and the clipped yews are superb.


 Inside a yew.
            The herbaceous border.

                   The wonderful view.

From Powis we drove onto Montgomery which is a medieval market town with some amazing buildings but I didn't take any photos.Shame on me.
I am now well and truly worn out.My legs ate tingling from all the stairs and just generally walking but it was " grand day out".


  1. Magnificent castle and grounds and how good the pupils and staff were sheltered there during WWII.

  2. That herbaceous border is gorgeous. Glad to hear you are doing well. Looks like a very nice outing. Interesting that he was the governor of a girls school when he didn't believe in education for girls. :/

  3. The hedge is incredible and that view - just wow! Superb photos.

  4. I love the way the garden winds its way downwards at different levels. Seems a long time since we visited. Montgomery sounds interesting, you had a lovely day out:)

  5. Beautiful. The garden area is amazing. The castle sounds fantastic. I love history and would love to see this. How nice you had such a good day's adventure. Hope your legs recover, soon!

  6. What a gorgeous place to visit. So glad you had a wonderful day out.

  7. What a wonderful day out. So much history and fascinating facts about this place, and of course, lots to see too.

  8. Making blog rounds again, so popped in to say hi and hope you're doing well.

  9. Such a beautiful place. You have so much history on your doorstep :) B x