Friday, 22 June 2012

What is the weather doing with you?

What is the weather doing with you?I feel so sorry for people who are on holiday.Here in North Wales it is cold,wet,grey and windy and we have got the central heating on!Our son is at the Isle of Wight Festival which I understand is waterlogged.Such a shame.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm feeling quite sad tonight

No photos today.We have been to the funeral of a very dear friend today.She was our next door (but one) neighbour.She was 91 two days before she died and she was an amazing lady.A real role model for me and everyone.She had ovarian cancer when she was 84,I went with her when she was diagnosed because I was certain that would be the diagnosis.She got over that.A year ago she  got breast cancer.She overcame it all until the cancer spread to her liver.Connie was in my reading group.She only missed one.She always knew all the characters,dialogue,namesetc ,alot more than many of us umteen years younger.She ran a writers group,was a member of a drama group,studied philosophy,could email,text and until 6 weeks ago was driving.I was very close to Connie and feel really sad tonight.She was always smiling and a truly remarkable lady.My role model.Tomorrow I will celebrate her life but tonight I feel sad.( I could have done with a phone call from my daughter checking I was OK!)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Just back from Spain

 We got back from Spain in the early hours of Saturday morning.What a shock we got!Driving to Malaga airport the temperature was 32 deg.We got off the plane in Liverpool and it was 9 deg.We then drove 40 minutes back home to North Wales in torrential rain.We started our Spanish trip with two days in Grenada.What a lovely city.The above photo was taken in the Alhambra.Fortunately we had booked tickets on line a few weeks ago.There were none available on the day for the Nisrid palace which is amazing.
 Look at this amazing ceiling.I could bore you with loads of photos but this is just a taster.
 We then moved on to Belamedena where we joined our daughter,son in law and our two gorgeous granddaughters(Emily 7 and Ruby 4) for ten days.Sarah had found a villa in Belamedena Pueblo,the old village up in the hills.It had three bedrooms,two bathrooms and this wonderful view from the terrace.It was just a ten minute drive to the beach but we had our own pool which the girls loved.
 This is our terrace complete with BBQ and a pizza oven.
 A typical street in the village.
A square in the village.
It was very quiet on the Costa del Sol.The beaches were empty.I don't think I would like it in July and August.The sun shone and we shared a brilliant holiday with the family.Lots of lovely memories for us to look back on.What a shame we couldn't bring the sunshine back home with us.Five weeks at home and then off to France for a week.Being retired is such hard work(not)!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jubilee swap

 These were in my goody box from Helen(The Fabric Laboratory).Lots of lovely yarn.I'm looking for a new project so this yarn will be my starting point.A great selection of treats.Thank you Helen.
My favourite thing was this bag made by Helen.It has just been to Spain and back with me and was very useful and beautifully made with lining and inside pockets.Fab.