Friday, 26 February 2010


We had a trip into Chester today.It is our nearest shopping centre with an M&S etc.I havn't been shopping since December but as you can see it was very busy.Trying to take a photo while holding a crutch and a handbag is not easy!!Hence the poor quality.I have decided it is too risky for me to try this again for a while.Too many pushchairs and people not looking where they are going.I was prepared top spend but all I bought (in M&S) were 2 lipsticks (they always make you feel better) and some reading glasses.I enjoyed the trip though.One more step in getting back to normal.
C is now watching the rubgy and I think it is time for a glass of wine.
Have a great weekend.Lots of knitting.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


This is a cross stitch I finished about a year ago and have just bought a frame for.It's the reason I am doing another large picture(shown in a previous post) so Sarah's girls can have one each.Our granddaughter in Cambridge also has a large one done when she was born.
Oh dear! I was in a bad mood yesterday.Today is another day.I am trying to build up my walking each day but yesterday I was too ambitious.We look after our 2 granddaughters every other Wednesday for a couple of hours.I decided I could manage the walk back from school with Emily,which I did, but then took Ruby a walk with her dolly in it's pushchair.Both done with no crutches.

Today we went to West Kirby on the Wirral and I walked halfway round the marine lake and back and this afternoon have done a short walk from home.My walking is brilliant but i am finding driving a bit painful.

I have managed to put on a photo of my finished shawl. It's a pattern from Yarn Forward(yes-Kerrie's magazine- my OH bought me a subscription).I must say I was really pleased with it .
Please keep on blogging everyone.Have a look at are some good crochet hints and patterns and knits too.The author is an illustrator of children's books.
H.ave a good weekend

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Where are you all?

I think I am going to give up on blogging.It just seems a waste of time really.I read a lot of blogs,mainly craft ones, but if no one reads mine then what is the point!

I have done far too much walking today which is probably why I am feeling like this.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My blanket squares and stiff legs!!

Three of my squares.Not blocked.

I have done two of this month's Debbie aAbraham@s squares but am being held up because I was some beads missing.I understand they are on their way.I have found the whole thing very challenging and I have learnt so much and done so many new things.I have never used sequins before or beads threaded on the wool prior to starting.It's very exciting and different.

I am feeling very stiff today.Yesterdayafternoon( after spending an interesting morning listening to someone giving a talk on Andy Warhol,Jackson Pollock and Mark rothko) I had to go to lower limb exercise class!!This is a follow up to my knee op.After a warm up we had 6 activities to do,3 minutes on each and then move on.This included going on a balance board,a treadmill(OMG) and a bike.I havn't done any exercise like this for years,if ever.I thoroughly enjoyed it and came out buzzing but my legs are soooo stiff.I didn't let it put me off going for my first drive.I have wheels again.Thank goodness.

This morning we boked £120 worth of theatre and film tickets at our local Theatr Clwyd.we are so lucky to have this facility 5 minutes away.We have booked for plays including 2 Alyn Ayckbourn ,Ballet Rambert,2 films and a jazz evening.After that we had a trip to Llangollen to see an art exhibition(where I and 4 others got locked in a lift for 10 minutes) and had lunch out.It is so good to get back to normal activities.

Book Group inthe morning.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

my son in law

Do you like these flowers that my son in law brought me at the weekend?He needed to come over to our house because he wanted Emily and Ruby to paint pots in town for Sarah's birthday.This ,of course, included staying for lunch!

We are a lttle worried about Mike at the moment.When he was 15 he had a benign brain tumour which was successfully removed.Two years ago they discovered he had another tumour-this time in a different place-attached to his corotid nerve/artery.Sarah confided in me last week that she was worried because he was mixing words up and appeared to be a little deaf.he has a hospital appointment in april but won't bring it forward.He seemed fine to us on Saturday so let's hope his symptoms are just tiredness or a cold.

Monday, 15 February 2010


At long last i feel I am getting back to normal.Only two days and I can drive again.I can now walk around the house without crutches and with very little pain.

Iam plodding on with my Mystery Blanket Club but am not finding it that easy.Mine are all different sizes.Some are rectangles not squares.Hope when they are blocked they will all be the same.
I,really, have too many WIPs.I have done two rooms of my cross stitch house.I have a two ply shawl on the go which I am hoping to finish by Friday to show a friend.I am knitting socks for C.I have bought some wool to knit 2yr old Ruby a cardigan for the spring plus the blanket and two books to read for the two book groups I am in

I am having real problems trying to leave comments on S's and A's blogs.Help please.

Enjoy half term.

more photos soon and I do promise to blog more.