Saturday, 29 January 2011

The pier is such a sad sight

We woke up to cloudy skies but the forecast suggested if we went west it would be better so a trip to Colwyn Bay was on the cards.Blue skies when we got there but very,very cold!This is looking over to Rhos on Sea
The pier is such a sad sight.It opened in 1900 and at one time had a theatre seating 600 on there.Over the years it has had several fires,various owners and is just derelict at the moment.Its current owner has been declared bankrupt.However I have just been reading on the internet that a group with the help of the local council are hoping to restore it.They are hoping for lottery funding amonst other things.That would be so good.I came home feeling really sad about it but now feel more optimistic.

Can you spot the oystercatcher?There were loads on the beach but too far away.

In my last post I was saying about having a review printed.This morning's post brought me a novel to review by 15thFeb.It is not in paperback format but on A4 spirally bound,not the easiest to read on my exercise bike(my knees are sooooo much better).I have to read Sister for my W&H reading group by 11th Feb.Today's by the 15th and Half of a Yellow Sun for my U3A reading group on the 20th.Don't know how I am going to do it.

Monday, 24 January 2011

review in print

I subscribe to a magazine called newbooksmag which is for readers and reading groups.I volunteered to be a reviewer and every so often you get sent a book to read and review.Not all reviews get printed but my last one was and there is something good about seeing your name in print.I am also in two reading groups so sometimes I do feel "help,I've too much to read .I want to knit/crochet".It's a good job I'm retired!
Following on from yesterday's post I managed 6k on the bike last night and again this afternoon.I have only had the bike for a week but already feel much better and fitter.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

My new toy!

I have treated myself to an exercise bike.I have had trouble with my back over the last few weeks so Iwent to see a physio.She diagnosed an injury to a ligament in my lower back which she thought was caused by me favouring my better knee over the other one.I need to build the muscles up and hate just doing exercises so I thought a bike might be the answer.I have had two replacement knees in the past two years and had my check up at the hospital last Thursday.I am their star patient.They are amazed at the range of movement I have and my walking is great but only when it isn't slippy underfoot.I take my book on the bike and cycle away.A couple of chapters and I have done three kilometres and burned some calories,not many ,but a few.

I am doing two blanket clubs at the moment,one crochet and one knitting.This is keeping me busy but I am learning so much.I will put some photos on here when the light is better and I can show you my progress.
Yesterday my daughter came over in the morning with Emily and they went ,with C,to Theatr Clwyd to see "Mole in a Hole".(I had to pass because of my back).The company is called Oily Cart and is based in London.It was done in the smaller of the two theatres .In the performing area they had erected a yurt(the mole hole) in one half and limited the audience to 50.All three of them came home amazed at the experience.It was advertised for 3-6 yr olds.Emily is 5.There were snails trails,waterfall,puppets and lots of interaction.It has been here for 10 days and was fully sold out.We booked tickets in September.If it comes to your area find a 5 yr old and have a great experience.I just hope it isn't one of those subsidised companies that it is going to lose out with budget cuts.They are based in Wandsworth and do lots of work with severely disabled and autistic children as well as their touring productions.
The afternoon saw our SIL and Ruby joining us .We all had a walk at our favourite Loggerheads followed by hot chocolate in the cafe.
I think it is time for a chapter or two of Trespass by Rose Tremain and a cycle on the bike.

Monday, 17 January 2011

My birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and it was a really special day.C and I went out for a meal on Saturday night which was lovely.Sunday we were invited to our daughter's for tea.
It was bad day weatherwise with torrential rain so no out door activities were possible.I have a new hobby which is collecting vintage postcards,birthday cards,xmas cards etc.I mainly buy on the internet but decided a visit to some antique emporia might be a good idea.Before that we went to Bridgemere garden centre.Can you believe how busy a garden centre can be in January!!Lunch there and then onto Dagfields.It was still pouring down but we dashed from building to building and I managed to buy some postcards.
Then it was off to Sarah's where the little girls were dressed in their party frocks.We played games,had pass the parcel,lots of balloons and of course the dancing.We always have to have dancing!!Party food followed and then......

here comes the cake

Emily had chosen a Tinkerbell cake.I had a lovely time and S had gone to so much trouble.I had lots of presents as well.21 cards including one in Russian from a penfriend in Novosibirsk.

This was my present from our son and family in Cambridge.A Cath Kidston knitting bag.They phoned and sang Happy Birthday.

This a jewellery wrap that Sarah bought me which is so "Cath Kidston" but she bought it in the Cancer Research shop.A whole range they are selling.Must look out for them.

This was one my presents from C.I have already started one of the patterns.
I really count myself lucky and blessed to have such a loving and caring family who gave me a great day.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A trip out-Snowdonia

A good forecast for today so having had quite a bit of snow here we would venture into Snowdonia.our first stop was Betws y Coed.This torrent of water was amazing.
Looking the other way from the bridge.
I managed to buy myself a great waterproof,windproof jacket
while stopped here.
What a disappointment.We had more snow in Mold!The view is still great though.

Looking towards Snowden.
It was soooo cold.

These were sheep pens at the edge of the lake.Lots of them,all made from stones.

Lunch then called but lots of places were closed.

We drove down towards Caernarvon and then via Bangor to Conway.This is Conway marina where we had lunch in the Mulberry pub.There is a very interesting story from the war about this area,a story for another time.

So much money moored here.

Then onto Conway itself and it's magnificent castle.We also went to the art gallery in Conway.

Looking the other way downstream.
Then it was home and a nice cup of tea.A really nice day out and some good fresh air.

Yesterday I had my first Debbie Abraham's Blanket Club parcel.I just love the colours and it's cotton.

I have actually done the first square and am thrilled with it.I think this is going to be a good project.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

My January "splash of colour"

It doesn't look to bright on the photo but it is!I wish i could take you on a colour journey through this wonderful Cath Kidston book.It was a Xmas present from my daughter in law.It is full of so many stitching projects but how am I going to fit any in with my Debbie Abrahams blanket club about to start and in 2 weeks time the Crochet Blanket Club.Less housework I think(not that I do mch anyway).
I hope you like my "Splash of colour".

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January 4th-a sad day.

January the 4th is a sad day for me because it is the date when our first baby was born-stillborn.C should have gone walking today with his walking group but at the last minute decided not to go.He never remembers this day but I was glad he was around.It is many years ago and my big regret is that I never saw the baby ,you didn't in years gone by.You didn't even get a photo.He had multiple handicaps.It is a long and complicated story and I was treated very cruelly by medical staff.
So I decided we needed to get out of the house.Off to Parkgate on the Wirral for a brisk walk(one of my NY resolutions).It was really cold but blew the cobwebs away.Then I felt like an art gallery visit so we set off for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight.Now C spent most of his working life on the Wirral as Science /General Inspector for the education authority and knows it "like the back of my hand".Not this morning.We did an incredibly tortuous route to get there but made it in the end and it was a bit of a nostalgia trip for him.We had lunch there and looked at the paintings.There was a special exhibition of Old Masters Drawings.My favourites are the Pre Raphaelites-Rossetti,Millais,Bourne Jones.
From there we popped into Chester to do a bit of a search for ideas for C to get me some books for my birthday next week.
Now we are back home and I am fine.Tomorrow is another day but I will never forget the little boy we never got to know.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year to everyone.Have you made NY resolutions?

I intend to lose some weight.

I hope to stay hospital free( having had a fairly big op last January and an emergency trip in October).

I intend to walk more.

We plan to take more holidays including a big one either to the USA or Russia.Some city breaks,Krakow being high on our list.A couple of trips to France and perhaps some short GB breaks.

Being retired one suddenly realises that you have to do these things NOW and not procrastinate.

We may also move house.

But most important of all I want to value and enjoy every single day.