Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ruthin Craft Centre.

Yesterday we decided to visit Ruthin craft Centre.It is only 10 miles away,a lovely run with breathtaking views into the Vale of Clwyd.
The picture on the cover is a tapestry done by JillyEdwards

Another woven piece.
Jilly Edwards is one of the UK's leading tapestry weavers.She is renowned for her use of colour and tje way her pieces look like paintings.The whole exhibition was stunning.

There also works by ceramicists.This one by Anna Lambert.

A third exhibition was by Eleri Mills.I didn't take to her work really.Not my kind of thing.

The craft centre is quite small but they have had lots of schools visiting and there was fourth exhibition of work that had inspired the schoolchildren.

This was my ice cream-coffee- from our visit to Parkgate on the Wirral this afternoon.You have to have an ice cream(or fish and chips) if you visit Parkgate.Everyone is eating one or the other!!

We are trying to keep busy until C's op but straying far from home just in case there are complications.We feel a bit in limbo as this next hospital visit is hanging over us.

I have abandoned my Ifigenia shawl until I can clear my head and concentrate.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

An update.

C came home on Monday but now has to wait for an operation.He is classed as "urgent" but as three out of the four urologists are on holiday it will probably be six weeks. so bang goes our French holiday in September.He is very upbeat about it all and has been to his Philosophy group this afternoonIt is totally beyond me but he loves it.
Sarah had her diabetic appointment this afternoon and has been reassured she will live beyond 50(remember last time's fiasco)!
I have bought the latest Posh Yarn shawl kit but am completely daunted by it.I can't even cast it on!I will not be beaten I promise you!I also need to get some socks cast on.I like to have some socks on the go but fancy a different pattern(a job for this evening).
I have now done and crocheted together 150 squares from Jane Brocket's latest book using all left over wool and it looks great.
I just thought I would mention what our son and his family are doing for their holiday in case any of you fancied the idea.They have exchanged their house in Cambridge for two weeks with a couple who work in Barcelona but have a holiday flat with a pool by the beach which is where they are..It is within walking distance of a supermarket so they havn't had to hire a car.I had a text from him this morning saying they had taken the local bus intoTarragona.When you have three children package holidays are just too expensive.They booked cheap air tickets into Barcelona and that is there only cost.Last year they did the same in northern France.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Catch up time.

We had a brilliant holiday in Croatia.We were staying in a hotel just a 10 minute bus ride from Dubrovnik old town.The flights were on time,the hotel was great and we loved the place itself.
This is the view of Dubrovnik seen when you go up in the cable car.

It is not big but has lots of streets like this.

A cool place to shelter from the sun and listen to some music.

This is taken from the coach window on our way back to the airport.We actually visited this island.It has an interesting botanical garden.

I have lots more photographs but no time.We came back on Sunday and landed at Manchester airport in torrential rain.
We were on a high .We had had a brilliant holiday but then in the early hours of Wednesday morning C woke up and found he coudn't pass urine.He was in agony so it was straight to A&E.We were there 2 hours before they catheterised him to relieve the pain and then 3 hours until they could find him a bed and there he has been since.He is on different medications for 48 hours and then they will see if the problem has been solved.If not,it is probably surgery.I went back to visit last night and this afternoon.Our daughter has gone tonight and I will do both tomorrow.By the time I get back from afternoon visiting I only have an hour here and then it is time to go back.

So our wonderful holiday seems a lifetime ago.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have found that I can't leave comments on certain blogs.The only way round it is to not tick the "stay signed in" box.It is a nuisance having to sign in each time but it does solve the problem(just in case anyone else has it).
just about to leave for manchester airport.We havn't been on a package holiday for years and I feel very stressed sorting out luggage weight,hand luggage etc.I'm used to just throwing everything into the car!
The netbook is being left at home!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It's coming along nicely.

I decided to follow Sarah's(Knit along with me) advice and crochet the squares together.I still have another 50 to add and some wool left.I do feel I have got rather addicted to making them!Other things are being neglected like housework.

Family things have settled down but we are still very worried about our daughter.I think the consultant saying to her last September about only living to 50 has had a profound effect on her.She sees him again in three weeks so C is going with her.Let's hope someone can convince her he didn't mean it and as long as she looks after her diabetes she will live a long life.Once these ideas are planted in your mind it is hard to get rid of them.

We are off on our travels again on Sunday.We are having a week in Croatia staying just outside Dubrovnik.I just wish I wasn't so worried about Sarah.Before that I have the dreaded mammogram coming up on Friday.

Also I think I got caught speeding yesterday.I was only doing 31 or 32 mph but Flintshire has zero tolerance!I am waiting for post to arrive.