Thursday 3 November 2022

A lovely day today.

 My brother is five years older than me and lives about an hour and a quarter away.Because of COVID we have not seen a lot of each other but today we went to visit him and his wife.He will be 83 next week.Both  C and I were shocked to see how he had aged.Fine mentally but obviously not as good with mobility.

It was great to have a catch up.It involves us visiting them as P does not want to drive on motorways anymore.P’s wife died aged 32 .They had three children aged 9,6 and 4.He was lucky enough to meet J,14 years younger than him.They married and she has been an amazing stepmother to those children.

J is really into crafts so we always have a great chinwag about .We inspire each other,!

C and P put the world to rights!

On the way back we called in on our daughter (only ten minutes away from home).Both our granddaughters were home from school(14 and 17) and it is such a tonic to be in their company.Lots of laughter etc.This all with a background of waiting for their father to get the results of his latest brain scan.

Keep you fingers crossed for good news.

Back soon.