Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happy Days.

 Sarah,our daughter, came to stay for a few days last with Emily and Ruby.They only live 40 minutes away but wanted a little holiday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.How much can you fit into three days- a lot.The first day we went fossil hunting and then to Denbigh Castle.The second day ,with a poor weather forecast we headed for the seaside.Even though it was cold you just have to paddle in the sea and make sandcastles and have a picnic.This at Colwyn Bay.We then headed over to the West Shore at Llandudno where there is a super play area for children(and one for adults!)
 The faster you spin the funnier it is!
 This little chap was a star!They picked him up ,carried him round in bags,brushed him and played with him and he loved it.He is so good natured and very funny,chasing flies and butterflies in the garden.We had a super few days including a huge chinese takeaway where the girls tried lots of new things.We are so blessed to have them.
Finally,here are my three bunnies I have made.Although I have followed the same pattern they are all different.Sarah has asked me to knit two more for a colleague who is expecting twins.Along with promises to make stripey blankets for my Cambridge grandchildren I shall be  very busy !
P.S.I decided not to write about our French holiday when I know so many people can't afford to go away.It didn't feel right.