Saturday, 16 October 2021

Blogtober 16.Do you read crime fiction??

 I don’t but my OH does.My nephew has written a book called “The Crime Fiction Tour of Britain “.Steve J Haywood.I understand it is free on Kindle this weekend.

C tells me it is really good and has given him loads of ideas for new authors to try.Stephen is now working on a similar book around Europe and would like some recommendations.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Blogtober 15.A walk by the river.

 I have had a lovely day.Tea and a toasted tea cake with my best friend.She was away the last two Fridays and I missed our weekly chaI then put together a bag of goodies for Granddaughter Ruby who is self isolating this weekend. During the week she has been busy with school learning but is now faced with two days in her bedroom ,alone.She is a reader so that will pass some time.In the bag I put some party rings,a bit of chocolate,a book called “10 minute brain games for clever kids”,a diamond art card kit of a peacock( her surname) and. Xmas tree decorations kit.Not sure they will hit the mark but I have tried.We are going to have the biggest hug ever when she comes out of isolation on Tuesday.

This afternoon we drove for less than five minutes to have a walk by the River Weaver in glorious sunshine.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Blogtober 14 I have had my booster jab.Phew!

 I had a text first thing to say would I like to go for my booster jab at 16.50.Absolutely!I had to queue for about ten minutes.The staff had been on duty from 8am and were not finishing until 6.30 pm.Volunteers were helping out.All in all a very slick operation.

This morning popped into town to buy something for Ruby to do this weekend.She is isolating in her room and during the week has been doing school work.Roll on next Tuesday when she is back in school and we can see each other.

What do you want for Xmas?Me? Lots of hugs from my family.

I am meeting my best friend tomorrow.I havn’t seen her for three weeks as she has been away so I am really looking forward to that.

Have you bought any Xmas presents or food for the festive season?


Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Blogtober 13th.

 We went to Manchester today to take our granddaughter out for lunch.Also,to deliver a microwave we had bought her.For the last three years she has shared accommodation with other students but this year,doing a Masters,she decided to go it alone.I had doubts about this as she does have some mental health problems.She assuresus that’s it is working well.It is making her more sociable going out to meet people but at the same time she has her own space.Her flat is in a lovely area of Withington.We went out for lunch to The Didsbury.It was really ,really busy but the tables were well spaced so it felt quite safe.And I didn’t have to cook this evening.

I have begun to think about Xmas presents.My OH has a birthday two weeks before Xmas so it is a double whammy.Ideas welcome.He paints,loves blues music and reads a lot.

Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Blogtober 12.A rant about M&S staff not wearing masks!!

 We were in Cheshire Oaks M & S this afternoon.I think it is the next largest store outside London.I was shocked how few members of staff were wearing masks.Given that most of their customers at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon are retired and possibly vulnerable.Not even the lady serving in the cafe.!When we got home I phoned the store and spoke to the manager who was on the defensive but I argued my points.An ethical company should be setting an example.I know it is not mandatory to wear a mask but they should be leading the way in being personally responsible.Rant over.

On a lighter note I was listening to Woman’s Hour and they said that knitting was a science because you have to decode.Who would have thought that.

Back tomorrow 


Monday, 11 October 2021

Blogtober 11.Ruby has tested positive.

 Our youngest granddaughter has tested positive on a Lateral Flow test this afternoon for COVID.She is having a PCR test in the morning.We havn’t seen her since last Friday so should be ok.Our daughter and husband are both vulnerable.Pleased to report that Sarah was fine in work today.

We should have been going to see my brother and wife in Poulton le Fylde tomorrow but as he is 82 we can’t risk it.Also,supposed to see our eldest grandchild in Manchester on Wednesday.We will Lateral Flow test tomorrow.

I have spent the afternoon with an old friend.So good to have a chat and I did some driving.C was practicing with the band he is in playing ukulele.

So we have the whole day tomorrow free.If we test negative a think a bit of retail therapy might happen.I am desperate for some new clothes.Two jumpers I bought from M&S last Autumn are not fit to be worn.Very poor quality these days.

Back tomorrow.


Sunday, 10 October 2021

Blogtober 10

 About ten days ago I said I had started reading a book called The Happy Family.I said it seemed promising.It was very disappointing and very predictable so don’t bother.

We bought a paper today.We don’t normally bother on a Sunday.I wish we hadn’t.Just so full of gloom and doom.

We are short of nurses.We have known this for a long time but done nothing about it.Why didn’t people think Brexit through.We are short of doctors.Why? Because we didn’t train our own because it was cheaper to buy in doctors trained overseas.And so it goes on……..

COVID has not gone away.All the schools round here (Cheshire) it is rife.

My daughter is going back to work tomorrow after being off with stress due to loads of things.I don’t think she is ready to go back.My 22 yr old granddaughter who is doing a Masters Degree is according to her Dad “very flat”.We are taking her out to lunch on Wednesday so will judge for ourselves.

Do any of you think there is more stress/ depression because of COVID.I am trying to be supportive but it is hard.

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Blogtober 9th Collections

 I can’t remember being a collector as a child.When we were first married we went to stay on the Isle of Arran in Scotland with C’s boss.She went there in a rented cottage every August for a month and we went to stay twice.While there she started us on keeping scrapbooks and also bought me a pottery owl.From there on I collected owls .Everyone bought me them.I have dozens,mostly now boxed up in the garage but I can’t get rid of them.I also like to collect Midwinter crockery.My favourite authors I like to have the whole collection..

My latest collection which has been going on for a few years is collecting postcards.I mainly collect Victorian and Edwardian ones,also comic ones,Raphael Tuck and Mabel Lucy Atwell.I buy them on eBay.I try and buy them with a postmark to date them accurately.It is fascinating searching for them and researching some history if I can.

Ah yes ,I have just started collecting Observer books.I only have six so far ,so early days.

Do you collect anything?See you tomorrow.

Friday, 8 October 2021

Blogtober 8th

 I didn’t sleep too badly at all.Our best friends who have moved to Royston called on their home to see us and our new home.They loved it ,as do we.We were sad to see them leave as we have had a great few days with them.The house is slick and span so no cleaning for a few days.

For a number of weeks we have been getting up in a morning to a few slug/ snail trails.We have examined every nook and cranny but could find nothing. We tried salt,slug pellets ,leaving the light on all night to no avail.Then tonight C noticed a slug at least an inch long on the carpet.Where has it been hiding.It has been dispatched into the garden and let’s hope that is the last of snail trails.   ….unless it has friends.

Anyone else had experience of this.

The book I started on Monday seems to be getting predictable but maybe there is a twist.

Back tomorrow.


Thursday, 7 October 2021

Blogtober 7

 After a slow start we picked our daughter up to go to Leisure and Garden Centre.It is really different in that you walk around and there are lots of different stalls and displays.They also have a very nice coffee shop.I never ,normally,eat cakes,biscuits etc.I am more of a savoury fan.Packet of crisps etc.But today I could not resist a scone with jam and clotted cream.I cannot remember when I last had one.It was delicious,We saw a tree there that would really go in a good place in our garden but did not buy it.Instead ,we went to two other garden centres to see if they had similar.No.So we went back to this morning‘s visit and bought the tree,all with a petrol shortage.

I was so tired with the last couple of days and then today that I fell asleep at 6.30 pm and did not wake up until 8pm.I think a bad night is ahead.



Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Blogtober.Oops.I missed a day.

 I knew I could not keep it up.

Last night we went out for a meal with five friends.Originally there were eleven that went out for a meal together.C and D went down to Wiltshire ( from N.Wales) to be closer to family.Then C and B moved to Royston to be near their daughter.D has dementia and his wife has Parkinson’s.This just left five of us and then in April we moved from N Wales to Cheshire to be near our daughter.Has COVID made us all scared?

However, couple number two had to go back to a funeral of a mutual friends of ours.So,last evening we had a get together of  seven of the original eleven.It was just as though none of us had moved away.Great friendships last forever and it was as though we had met a week ago.Doug was a talented,clever,intellectual and practical man.So unassuming.He died from COVID despite being doubly vaccinated and no other health issues.

Our friends suggested a coffee at a garden centre after the funeral.B had a terrible cough and cold.They assured us he had tested negative.My OH is vulnerable.No spleen and R A.

RIP Doug.

A brighter blog from me tomorrow I promise.


Monday, 4 October 2021

4th October.


I have just started this book.I have lost my reading mojo recently so picked the above book.I needed a page turner and I have just read the first hundred pages and I am hooked.Hope the rest is promising.Any reading suggestions welcomed.
It has rained non stop today and cold too.I havn’t stepped foot outside.I have read the “I” newspaper,done the quick crossword and a few other puzzles but was defeated by the harder sudoku.
Good night on the TV tonight.Silent Witness at 9pm.We don’t watch much tv before then but record University Challenge,Mastermind and Only Connect.Over tea /supper we may watch the new edition of Eggheads.I love quiz programmes.I have done no housework whatsoever (shameful) but I have a very bad back.I really don’t know what to do about it.I couldn’t get a GP appointment.Should I see a physio?Maybe,but they will just tell me I am overweight and old and I know that.
Back tomorrow.Barbaraxxx

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Blogtober Oct 3rd

I decided I wanted to do some cross stitch so I rooted around and found this kit that I started some years ago and never got to finish.What are my chances of getting it finished for this Christmas.

 We had a cuppa round at Sarah’s this morning with her,Emily and Ruby and her husband Mike.We were asked to stay for lunch but declined.Ruby has two friends with COVID and although she is testing negative and we could keep our distance with people door open we didn’t want to risk sitting closely at a table.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Blogtober 2021.

 I am late joining this but will give it a go.

Today it has poured down all day.Non stop.

We normally have two papers on a Saturday but no Guardian today so just the “I”.

This afternoon went to  ……home and leisure.Interesting with lots of clothes,well lots of everything but my back is too bad to try anything on.I will be back!!!

Chinese takeaway for tea(does anyone else say “tea”) then Strictly Come Dancing later.

Back tomorrow.