Saturday, 31 October 2020

One week of lockdown done.

At the start of the week we both felt really down.We couldn't get in the car,have change of scene and a walk.Also, the weather has been awful this week.I think I have only managed two walks from our house.Any way, we are one week down and ten more days to go.It looks,at the moment,that our First Minister here in Wales made the right decision.Only time will tell. I am pleased to say that our daughter in law is much better.She is still very tired but able to get out and walk the dog. Our 21 year old granddaughter phoned us this morning.She is in Uni but being very careful.She has turned into such a lovely young woman and chatting to her is so easy and a real tonic for us.She did say in the chat that she has been wearing the socks I knitted for her for her time in Wisconsin(cut short by Covid). Our highlight of the day yesterday was a chat with the Sainsbury's delivery van.A real face to face conversation,socially distanced and masked up.He asked my OH what his accent was.We have lived here in Wales for 48 years but stillhave our Lancashire( Bolton) accents.It turned out his daughter and family are living very close to the first house we bough when we got married.Small world. Strictly tonight.I don't seem to be able to upload photos at the moment. Stay safe everyone and if you go into lockdown it does pass......slowly but if it saves Xmas it will be worth it. Barbarax

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Pat aka weaver of grass.

I understand Pat has had a fall and broken her hip.Has anyone got an update on how she is? She is such an inspiration to me.I feel really sad that this has happened.

Monday, 19 October 2020

We are in lockdown from Friday.

Here in Wales we are in strict lockdown from 6 pm on Friday.This means all non essential shops,pubs,gyms etc will be shut for 17 days covering three weekends.I just hope everyone complies.I have ordered some wool this afternoon from Wool Warehouse and a little Xmas cross stitch.I think everyone will be getting something knitted this Xmas. Our daughter in law has been very poorly with Covid,totally fatigued and dizzy.Our 17 year old grandson came to the rescue and cooked some super family meals.He doesnt use cook books just his head. I have had a walk today.I managed 25 minutes.I am trying to build up a bit of stamina.C had his hair cut today.He asked me to do it but I suggested the barber probably needed his money! Has anyone watched the two new book discussion programmes.The one on Sky Arts(now on Freeview) was two hours long.I just listened as I did my jigsaw. Last Friday Tesco click and collect did not turn up .We were not informed in advance and ended up driving 20 minutes to another store( where they pack it).I had to go and queue in the store amongst masses of people.I havnt been in a supermarket since March so I was not a happy bunny.Shame on Tesco.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

My daughter in law now has coronavirus!

She had a test last Friday but did not get the result until Monday.She has been quite poorly and today feels achy,tired and dizzy.Angus was negative .Fin did not get tested.It means that Matt has to start again on self isolation for two weeks from when Jude started with it eeven though he has had Covid.The boys also have to do the extended isolation.Fin is in the Upper Sixth and has A levels next summer.He is missing so much school.They all live in Cambridge. Meanwhile in Northwich,Cheshire our granddaughter Emily has been in contact with someone who tested positive so she is in self isolation for two weeks.The has GCSEs next summer. Our granddaughter ,Ella, who is in her final year at Manchester university has also been contacted by Track and Trace and has to self isolate.Three different locations and Coronavirus is rife.Just a snapshot of the whole of the UK. Our concern is that Sarah,our daughter,who is a Type 1 diabetic catches it from Emily. Worries,worries, worries. We are hibernating .Not going in any shops.Going out in car and then having a walk in the countryside.We discovered a super new walk yesterday along an old railway line,walking in dappled sunshine beneath the trees with not another soul in sight.It did our souls good. Hope you are all keeping safe. Barbara

Thursday, 8 October 2020

My son has coronavirus.

My son had a test for coronavirus on Monday and it came back positive.He works from home and rarely goes out except to walk the dog or go for a run.He lives in Cambridge and on a whim went into London on the train to meet two friends last Tuesday.He had his hair cut on Friday.He took allthe precautions,mask,social distancing ,hand sanitising etc.Sunday he started feeling achy,coughing ,temperature so decided on Monday he had better get tested.No tests were available in Cambridge so he had to drive to Norwich,a three hour round trip.Not good when you are feeling rotten.Tuesday lunchtime he gotvthe positive result.He ,his wife and our two grandsons are now isolating for two weeks.Also friends they were out with on Saturday night and probably others.Test and trace worked and these friends were notified via the app.He is feeling a bitcbetter today and we wait to see if Jude,Fin or Angus get it.
It just shows how easily it can spread.What dread ful times we are in.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

A visit to Flint Castle

We have lived here in North Wales for 40 plus years and have never been to Flint Castle which is only 6 miles away.We tend to go further afield but we are in lockdown and cannot go out of our county so we went local.
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Flint  Castle was built in the thirteenth century as part of Edwards the first campaign against Llywelyn the Last.
It is also famous as the location of the fateful meeting in 1399 between Richard the Second and his rival to the crown Henry Bolingbroke later Henry the Fourth.What a treat to discover this castle.
I have photos but don't know how to load them with this new blogger.Help.