Thursday, 31 December 2020

Goodbye 2020!

What year it has been.I havn't been a supermarket since March.Our house is up for sale but Covid has more or less scuppered that.When looking for a new house(nearer to our daughter)we said we would need to be able to walk to the shops.Well,this last nine months has shown us that that is not a requirement.It is funny how your ideas change.We were looking at houses but having had two knee replacements in the past and one is now playing up,should we looking for a bungalow or a flat.Have any of you done that?Advice welcome. Although we have hardly seen our family this year I am just thankful that our son and daughter in law recovered from Covid with no lasting effects.The rest of the family have escaped so far and long may it last. We started the year with our son in law having a brain tumour removed.He recovered well and has some lingering problems which need to be solved.He still can't drive but none of us can go anywhere anyway. Both families have really made the best of Christmas just on their own,walks,games,family tv evenings etc.Tonight Matt is doing a cocktail evening for his family having been boughht all the gear for Xmas.Alcoholic and non alcoholic,I assume.Sarah is doing a family dinner party for her Mike and Emily(15) and Ruby (13). We are just having pizza!I cant be bothered making an effort today but I will tomorrow. So Goodbye 2020.Thankful that we have survived and hopeful for better things in 2021 Love to you all Barbaraxxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Today is our wedding anniversary!

Usually on our wedding anniversary we drive from home through Snowdonia and doen to the coast.As long as there is no cloud the views of the mountains with snow on the peaks is spectacular.This year no.We are in Tier 4 and cannot even drive from home.Because we have not been in shops we didn't even have cards for each other. However ,we did have cards from both our children.Our son had written"you continue to be an inspiration to J and I in all sorts of ways but especially in what being partners really means".Our daughter wrote "happy anniversary ,lovely couple.Boo you can't goout". When C brought me my cup of tea in bed this morning. I said "we have each other and that is the most important thing". We never watch TV in the afternoon normally but we sat and watched a DVD of Cats ,the 1998 version.At the end I said that is what we do on our wedding anniversary from now on,watch Cats.If there is only one of us left it will mark the occasion and remember our happy marriage. We have been married for 54 years.I can't believe it. Long may it last. Barbaraxx

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Feeling a bit flat today.

Yes.I am feeling a bit flat today.We are in tier 4 so cannot go out in the car unless it is essential.How long this lockdown is going to last we have no idea.There are only so many hobbies to pursue and frank.y after nine months of this it is wearing a bit thin.TV is rubbish. I speak to friends on the phone but we have done nothing so nothing to talk about( only why are we not getting the Pfizer vaccine in Wales). Moan over.I have discovered a cross stitch kit I bought way back in March,set it up but havnt started it. Tomorrow onwards and upwards.I will be fine.Honest. I will start my cross stitch I will start my new jigsaw. I will start a new book. Finally I will stop feeling sorry for myself. Stay safe . Barbarax

Friday, 25 December 2020

Christmas Day is nearly over.

It has been different this year.The day started with a WhatsApp chat with our son in Cambridge,then with our daughter in Cheshire. After that we decided,as we were allowed to drive today,to get some sea air.Twenty five minutes in the car got us to Abergele(Gwyrch castle of Im a Celebrity fame just a mile or so away).The sun was shining but it was cold so a brisk walk was what we did.Then back home to open some presents.A Zoom call with our son,daughter in law and three of our grandchildren was great.We then made other family and friend calls .Some were on their own.Another has a husband with dementia.At four o'clock it wastime to chat to our daughter and two granchildren.It was great chatting to them but it is just not the same as actually being with them..Still we made the best of it.I have had some super presents.We sat down to eat at 6pm.C had made the full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but we were too full to eat the trifle I had made!!! Tomorrow we are back in our tier 4 lockdown,no driving anywhere.We are staying in as the infection rate here is very high.We have enough food for weeks,new books to read,a new hobby to start(macrame),a new jigsaw and lots of treats to eat. I think it is time now for a glass of wine and some tv. Hope you have all had a good year in these difficult and unprecedented times. Barbarax

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Merry Christmas to one and all.

I am wishing you all a happy Christmas.It is not the same this year,not for anyone. We are on our own.We will have a zoom meeting with the rest of the family but it is not the same.Here in Wales there is no signof us getting the vaccine.It is said they are waiting for the Oxford one. We are allowed to travel tomorrow so will go beside the sea somewhere and have a stroll and take in some sea air. I am just thankful we are all well and long may it last. So have as good a day as is possible and for those of you who can see family savour every moment and enjoy.Share it with us ,please. Lots of love Barbaraxxx HERE'S TO A BETTER AND HEALTHIER 2021!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 19 December 2020


As from midnight tonight we are in lockdown here in Wales.We had planned on meeting up with our daughter who lives across the border in England on Monday for lunch outdoors at a pub with heaters.That has had to be cancelled but we will meet up to swap presents.Such frustrating times.I feel really sorry for families who had made plans to spend xmas together and now cant.People will have booked train tickets,accomodation etc.If you had planned on doing shopping next week the shops ,non essential,will be shut.At least we knew we would be on our own.Staying healthy and Covid free is the most important so close to us having a vaccination. Stay safe and have as good a time as is possible. Barbarax

Monday, 14 December 2020

I have seen four out of my five grandchildren today.

Matt was coming up to Manchester from Cambridge to pick up Ella from Uni.We met in a pub car park where the M6 and M 56 cross.On the way to meet them we called at Sarah's ,outside, to pick up her presents for Matt etc.Matt also had Jude,his wife, with him and Angus(14) our youngest grandson.We havn't seen him for a year.He is now almost as tall as me and his voice has broken.We stood outside under a covered area all masked up and socially distanced but it was so cold and pouring down.However,it was lovely to see them.We should have been at their house for Xmas but common sense it prevailing,We swapped presents and then called at Sarahs on the way back.We were so cold she insisted we had a hot drink in the conservatory with the doors open and metres apart.It was so good to see our two granddaughters.Such a laugh and such a boost for us in these dreadful times.I have no idea when we will next see them.So frustrating not being able to hug and all wearing masks. Roll on 2021 and us getting the vaccination .