Thursday 29 October 2009


I love Autumn.I took this photo this afternoon.It is a 5 minute drive from our house and in" an area of outstanding beauty".It is very popular with walkers and families.We had planned a full day out today into Snowdonia but our plans went awry.We had bought a flat pack desk from Staples yesterday which needed assembling.The instruction sheet said it would take 2 people 1 hour.Ha! ha!It took us nearly an hour to sort all the bits out!Then another 3 hours to do.We thought we might have to call in our DIY friend but we managed it ourselves and it looks great but no trip to Snowdonia!
We should have gone to Cambridge last weekend but I ended up not going because I had a bad cold and cough whch was disappointing but I got a lot of knitting done.I have just finished another Dane shawl.A present for someone for Xmas.
I have joined the Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket Club 2010(at great expense but my husband egged me on).I think I have come to the limit on knitting socks and fancy a new challenge.
I am not sure how to alter my profile on the blog so am adding details here for the Secret Santa.I am very easy to please.My favourite colours are blue,pink,purple,red shades .I am not a green,brown, beige person.I am not allergic to anything except housework.I have pierced ears and wear silver jewellery.I love reading(not crime),gardening, crafts etc.I will appreciate anything that anyone chooses for me.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Catch up

We went to the theatre on Thursday and saw "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams.It was very well done but rather gloomy.We sat in the bar afterwards with our friends having a drink.The cast came into the bar and also the cast of "Pygmalion" which had it's opening night in the main theatre.(We live in a small market town ,10,000 pop,but we have this brilliant theatre.)The star of Pygmalion is Philip Bretherton who played Alistair in "As Time goes By".The director,Terry Hands, and Philip and others were obviously discussing the first night.Very interesting and nobody bothered them at all.We also have a film theatre which shows fils that often miss the multiplexes and an events room.We are going this Friday to listen to Woody Mann(?).My OH's choice!!
Saturday my daughter and family came for the day and we had a lovely time,a walk round the market in the morning and a country stroll in the afternoon.
Sunday was spent recovering!!
Monday afternoon I went to the second sess ion of an Italian group.I did Italian about 10 years ago but have forgotten most of it.We are following a book and just helping each other.The organiser has asked me to lead the next session which has scared me witless!!
Today we have been shopping in Chester this morning and went to look for a kitten this afternoon.We have seen a gorgeous tortoiseshell one but it is only 3 weeks old and we can't reserve it until it is 6 weeks.It's mum was run over and killed.
Jobs for this evening are-
sorting my clothes out for the Autumn
finishing the collar and sewing up a jacket for Ruby
blocking a 2ply lace stole I have just finished
maybe casting on a jumper for Ru
That's all until next time.

Tuesday 6 October 2009


More socks.Violet Green sock club wool from a few months ago but I used my own pattern.Just recieved the latest pattern and yarn from them.Not so sure about the pattern.
A pair of socks I also finished at the weekend.I did most of the knitting on the way to and from France.This is Regia yarn.

This is a scarf I finished at the weekend.It is in Poshyarn 2ply cashmere.Itwas supposed to be for a friend but I might keep it for myself.It is sooo soft.

Since getting back from France life has been quite busy.Apart frm social things we have been busy finishing off our loft bedroom,well,C has.So many decisions have to be made about carpets,beds,shelving,bookcases etc for a room that will have only occasional use.He is also going to use it as a studio to paint in.He dabbles in watercolours but is desperate to try oils and acrylics but I hate the smell so if he can do it "up there " then that's ok.

Friday afternoon I got together with a group of ladies who I have met through a magazine and we have formed a new book group which will meet once a month in our nearest Borders.So, I am now in 2 book groups.I also review books for a magazine called newbooksmag and I currently have 2 reviews to write.I have read the books so just have to put pen to paper.One is not being published until Feb next year.

Tomorrow we are off to see and look after our little girls for a couple of hours.There was great excitement on Friday when Emily brought home her first reading book.Ruby was saying "Grandma" down the phone and kissing the phone, which I could hear ,earlier!

Thursday evening we are going to the theatre to see "The Glass Menagerie".

Thursday 1 October 2009

Back from France

This is St Valery sur Somme.A lovely little place.We stayed 3 nights near here.
How about this for a piece of sculpture at the entrance to the town.

When we were in Amiens we visited the Thiepval memorial(above and below).It is so moving to see all the names engraved on the memorial.Names of men whose bodies were never found.It really is a very moving place to visit and having just read Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks it really brought it home to me.

This is the view of Amiens cathedral from our bedroom window.We spent 2 nights here.
We had glorious weather all the time we were away.
When we got back I had a parcel from the Posh Yarn sock,one from the Violet Green sock club and the "box".Very exciting.