Monday 6 February 2023

Over a month later…..

 Over a month after having Covid I am finally feeling a bit better.I have been so so tired.I lost my appetite but no weight!!!

Normally in the evening when I am sat watching TV I would knit or crochet.Nothing since then until last night and I made the effort to do some simple knitting (trying not to let it distract me from Happy Valley).

Our daughter dropped a bombshell last week telling us that she and her OH are splitting up.Not what we wanted to hear.They have been married for nearly 20 years and have two daughters aged 15 and 17.They are putting their house up for sale.It will sell quickly because they are very close to a popular local primary school.We moved here from our beloved market town of fifty years and now they are moving!!It won’t be very far because they won’t want R to change schools.E is off to Uni in September so is less affected.We suspected nothing.

We went to U3A Social History this morning.It was a talk on The Sixties.So many memories stirred.Fashion.Mini skirts.I wore mini skirts,very short and I was teaching in a Primary school.I don’t think I would get away with it now.The Beatles,Gerry and the Pacemakers etc.Films.TV.Dads Army,Cathy come Home.Hattie Jaqueline and Eric Sykes.Harry Worth etc.

How things have moved on.The speaker was saying that before these times change was slow but more recently it has obviously speeded up.

Good night on the TV tonight.I love quiz series.Fingers crossed I get some knitting done.

Back soon.