Friday 24 May 2019

My finished cross stitch.

This is my latest cross stitch.I hadn't done any cross stitch for quite a long time so when I discovered this,half done,I decided to give it a go.I am thrilled I can still see to do it.Threading the needle is a tad trickier but I have now got some needle threaders so that should help.Now I just need a frame.I really enjoyed doing it.
My next project is a Blackwork sunflower.It is much bigger than I thought.(I am not very good with centimetres.Oops.) and it does look quite complicated but I enjoy a challenge.I am also knitting a top down jumper and I am so bored with it.Row after row,round after round,but it is good for doing watching TV.
I have just planted 50 freesia bulbs that came free with an order.I did it half heartedly because they felt a bit soft and also how long will it take the squirrels to find them.Watch this space.
OH is at band practice with his ukulele.We shall stay off the roads this Bank Holiday weekend as everyone will be rushing to the coast or the mountains.Plenty of time for crafting.Have a good one.Barbara

Saturday 18 May 2019

We went to Bodnant Gardens today.National Trust.

 At this time of the year it is azalea and rhododendron time but there are other lovely plants.Look at these gorgeous irises.
Below is a willow sculpture of Emily Pankhurst to celebrate the Suffragette Movement.

 More irises.I always associate irises with France and especially Monet' s garden.
 Blocks of azaleas.Gorgeous colours.
Finally a photo of me in front of an enormous rhododendron.
We then went to the West Shore at Llandudno for some lunch and sea air.All in all a very pleasant trip and only 50 minutes from home.
We were on Anglesey on Thursday but I never took any photos.