Friday, 29 October 2010

How to lose 3lbs in 4 days!

Four days in Cambridge looking after the grandchildren!We had to try and think of things to do that would interest a 4yr old ,a 7yr old and an 11 yr old.
Fun at the farm.We went pumkin carving.I have never done this before and it is really difficult.They also had lots of other activities.

Go karts.They also had a "Shriek Shed".I thought I had better try this first and it really was quite scary.It was pitch black.I only got round by holding onto the coat of the lady in front of me.There were daggling things,noisy things etc.Only Ella and Grandpa went in.I thought it might give the boys nightmares!

Another day we went Ten Pin Bowling which they could all do.That was great fun.

We also went to Wicken Fen(NT).They have a boardwalk there which is about a mile all round.They had organised a "Who killed Mucky Mole" trail which was good.

We had the usual walk into Cambridge and Ella chose to go to Starbucks.Poor Fin had a rugby school day and it poured down all day.

We had many visits to the park and games of football and played so many board games.I taught Ella how to crochet.very difficult as I am left handed and she is right handed.

We got back last night at 9pm absolutely shattered.The children had behaved well for us.(better than for their parents where they get away with murder!).We laid out the rules at the start-no fighting, no arguing etc.We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it but it is the non stop all day which we are not used to.We are busy at home but at least can take a lunch hour.

We rest this weekend and then have Ruby and Emily all day Monday.We have never before done such a stint of child minding.Enjoyable but tiring.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

message for Allison and Sarah

Sarah -did you get my e mail address up date?If you didn't it's the same as before but not but you send it to Allison,please?

Allison-I can't seem to be able to send you an email.It's blocked.

I would love to do the Xmas box again.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A few days in France

A 90 minute flight from Liverpool took us to Nimes in Provence.We hired a car while we were there so we get out and about.The first place we visited was the Pont du Gard.It is an amazing feat of Roman building taking water from Uzes to Nimes.
Then it was off to Avignon to see the famous bridge of "sur le pont Avignon".

Also les Palais du Papes.

We managed a trip to Arles and then into the Camargue and actually did spot some flamingoes but they were rather a long way away!

These are les Jardins de la Fontaine in Nimes where we had a hotel.

The arena/amphitheatre in Nimes.

We had a lovely time.It was very sunny but the Mistral was blowing so out of the sun it was cold.Find a sheltered place and it was lovely to feel warm sun on your face.
Our only problem was the French strikes.We encountered demonstration/marches in Avignon and Nimes but the worst worry was whether we would get back.There were no flights on Tuesday and so had the worry that if our flight was cancelled on Wednesday how would we get back with no petrol/no trains etc.Thankfully our flight was ok.We were an hour late but I have never been so excited about seeing a Ryanair plane.The flights only cost us £75 for two return including everything.
So we are back and off again on Sunday to Cambridge .

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

owls again

I told you I would show you my favourite owls.Here they are!Bet you didn't think they would look like this.When Sarah was about 6 my in laws took her and Matt to some church event to give us a bit of a break.We gave them some money to spend and S knowing my love of owls spotted this salt and pepper set.My MIL was mortified because one had an eye missing.I was so touched and have treasured them ever since Yesterday in a garden centre S was looking for something to put on the top of a sweet jar for something at Emily's school.We spotted a Xmas pudding,crocheted, for £6.99.I told her not to buy it I would have a go at making one and this is one I made, making it up as I went along.It stands about 4 inches tall and I feel pretty pleased with it.

Bitten then by the Xmas bug I made this little snowman.
I did promise to show some more owls but the ones I wanted to photo are in the garden and it's gone dark.
I,finally, got signed off from the clinic today 5 weeks after my abscess op.On Friday we are off to Nimes for 5 days.Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong although we are aware the French are striking at the moment over the raising of the retirement age.We may get stuck in France!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Do you collect anything?

Owls are the first thing I started collecting 40 years ago(I had 2 photos and I have loaded the wonky one!).OK there is a dog in there but that has a special family meaning.I will show you some more tomorrow that have aspecial meaning.
I also have a small collection of Wedgwood Limited Edition Clarice Cliff plates.I love these.I have them on a wall at the end of the hall and you see them as you come in through the front door.

My grandfather was a carpenter and also a woodwork teacher and he made a bureau cum display cabinet for a competition which he won.My stepmother didn't want it in the house anymore so we stored it in a shed for a while.My brother was a Methodist minister and lived in fairly large houses so he had it for a number of years.Then he retired so back it came to me.We really havn't space for it so it stands in a corridor at the back of the house by the utility room but at least it has a home.
I decided to try and find the Midwinter pottery we had when we first got married and this is it.

I then bought this one(all off e bay).This is the crockery that my brother and his late wife had when they got married.

Then I bought this set because it was the one that my best friend at the time had.

I bought this because I liked it.
I must hunt out some more.There is still room in the cabinet!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

a birthday present

It is the birthday of one of my friends next week.She is really difficult to buy for.I usually spend ages looking for something but never seem to hit the spot.I would never give her anything i had knitted as she just wouldn't appreciate it.Anyway I spotted this teapot and decided to get it for her plus some fancy teas and a reading journal as she is in two reading groups.What would you think if someone bought you a teapot as a present?Have I got it hopelessly wrong?May have to rethink and keep it for myself!

Yesterday I had to play "mummy" for my daughter.She had to have a wisdom tooth out and is terrified of dentists.She doesn't like the injection.This is someone as an insulin dependent diabetic injects herself four times a day.She goes into total meltdown and has been known to hyperventilate.Actually yesterday she was OK.I just prattle on and try and distract her.She realises how silly it is afterwards and came out and said this is ridiculous.I have had two C sections and wasn't nervous of them at all.It's a funny old world(but the tooth was huge and had a hooked root).I was just glad I could help.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

This weeks finished projects

This is a beret I knitted last night for Ruby from scraps of wool I have stashed away.
You can tell I feel the cold weather coming.

Socks for me.This Regia self striping wool is brilliant to knit with.

Socks for C.These are knitted in Lana Grossa merino.80% wool.20% polyamide.
I have now started some gloves.I have never knitted gloves before and I think they may be a bit fiddly.I couldn't resist Posh Yarn on Sunday and bought two lots.Some lace weight and some sock weight.
Someone asked me the other day what was the happiest period of my life so far.It certainly was n't school.I went to a very small primary school and was the only one to go to my grammar school.College was OK.I loved being a mum.Having lost our first baby the happiness Matt and then Sarah brought was amazing.There is only 13 months between them so it was hard work but I loved family life.I enjoyed teaching immensely( I didn't go back until the children were in school) until National Curriculum and the dreaded SATs came in.They were so ridiculous when they first arrived.I love being retired and now being free to do what I want when I want after all those years of juggling work and family.I love being a Grandma.I'm sure I will add more tomorrow.
So many things to be thankful for.
What has been your happiest time and what makes you happy?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Something new.

Llandudno with the pier in the background.
Llandudno West Shore.

For my birthday (Back in January) my daughter bought me an hour's session on a potters wheel.This is something I have never done before so Idecided Ihad better go and do it before the voucher ran out.Gill was lovely and very patient with me but was thrown a little when I told her I was left handed.It was very much geared up for right handers.I had a great time and got better as the hour went on.I produced three little pots which are now being fired and I pick them up in three weeks time.Photos then.I did get very dirty.It was good job I had brought a change of top as I was picking my granddaughter up from school and taking her to ballet.

We have been to the theatre this week.We saw Barkin',a black comedy by Frank Vickery.It was very good and I have such admiration for the actors who are probably paid peanuts.We go again on thursday to see Dancing at Lunghnasa.

Yesterday,as the sun was shining ,we ventured to Llandudno and had a walk by the sea,had our lunch out and visited an art gallery.Of course by the time we got there the sun had gone in.I did take some photos but they are very dark.The photos should have appeared here not above!!
What else have I done this week.Three coffee dates with different friends.I have also joined a gardening club .