Friday 25 June 2021

What happened to the text with my photos??

The photos are of Helmingham Hall gardens.On the way back to our base in Diss we passed through a pretty village called Debenham.Have I heard Sue from Suffolk talk about this village?

Our last day in Norfolk.

Tuesday 22 June 2021

We are in Norfolk for the week.

A few months ago we decided to book a week away and chose Norfolk because we could call in Cambridge on the way and see our son and family who we havnt seen for 18 months(except for the odd ten minutes in a pub car park).Our time in Cambridge was brilliant.We opened a bottle of wine we had bought Finlay when he was born with instructions to be opened on his 18th birthday which was in May.It was a bottle of Vouvray bought in Vouvray in the Loire Valley.It tasted really good and has survived three house moves so well done Matt. We are now in Norfolk.Yesterday we went to Aldeburgh but were underwhelmed.It didnt help it was raining and cold.Today we have been to Norwich.What a lovely city and so friendly.Volunteers giving out maps,locals seeing us studying the map asking could they help.We visited the cathedral,market ,arcade etc.I have got a really bad back at the moment and hadnt the energy or stamina to go to the shops.On the way back we explored Diss.What a lovely little place.Hopefully the weather is picking up tomorrow.It has been so cold. Hope fully will report back again tomorrow.

Friday 4 June 2021

It has been a funny old week.

One day this week I got up and said to my OH "I love you very much but I need to talk with someone else" It is 5 weeks since we moved here to be near our daughter and family but because of the pandemic all means (eg u3a) of meeting new people has not happened. Today we went back to our old town,40 minutes away,and I met my best friend for tea and teacakes.I then met up with OH and we decided on some sea air so off we went to Prestatyn.
It was lovely seeing families on the beach,some even in the sea.It took us about an hour to get back here(still cant call it home)I now have a glass of chilled rose in my hand waiting for Tesco delivery pretty soon and also an Amazon parcel.David Hockneys latest book and a small rucksack for when we go to Norfolk in two weeks time,Fingers crossed. Stay safe Barbara