Sunday, 28 June 2009


I have cast on my Tilia shawl and have done 3 rows! O.K only one was a pattern row but what a relief to get to the end of the row and have the correct number of stitches.It takes about 15 mniutes to do a row and involved huge concentration.I told my husband he had not to even come into the room.
We are off to see my brother near Blackpool tomorrow and then on theway back we will pick up Emily and Ruby from nursery and look after them until Mum or Dad gets in. Sarah,our daughter, has gone to the Take That concert in Manchester today.Such excitement.She has gone with 5 friends and they decided to go at lunchtime and make a day of it so Dad has had the girls today.Ibet he's shattered .

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Box.

The Box is on it's way down south.I have posted it this afternoon.Itwas really difficult choosing something.Hope whoever gets the box next likes what's in it.
I am not getting much knitting done at the moment.I was out last night with some new friends I have made through a magazine.That sounds dodgy but it isn't.They are really nice ladies and it is good to meet new people and enjoy a natter,a laugh and food.Tonight C and I are going out to meet some college friends of mine.6 of us who were in college together meet up twice a year at a central point with our husbands and have a meal.It's amazing that we are all still married to our original partners.
That's it for today.I must go and find a slimmimg looking outfit to wear!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Box

The Box has arrived .I have only just opened it and all I can say is WOW!I really am spoiled for choice.How do I pick out 3 things.I want them all!!I cannot post today but hopefully will tomorrow.One more person.You must know who you are and then back to the start.Do we just keep on going?
I did buy a Tilia shawl kit.I couldn't resist it.I chose grape hyacinth.Just hope I can do it.
Busyday today,x rays,my 2 gorgeous little granddaughters came for the morning and lunch , gardening,Andy Murray now playing and then out tonight with some new friends.How did I find time to work.
I have another coffee date tomorrow.My 4 th this week!!It all interferes with the knitting.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Should I? Or shouldn't I try and buy a Tilia shawl kit.It does look an enormous project.

Anyone in the Violet Green Sock Club?

Did anyone get a box today?

I am expecting in the post

Posh wool from Sunday( I can't resist it)

Lego bases (for when my grandchildren come and stay in the summer)

Books from Persephone which I bought in their 3 for 2 offer.

And one day a BOX

Been trying to knit watching Wimbledon but I make so many mistakes!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

My weight!!

I have been for a hospital appointment and they(horror,horror) weighed me.I said it can't be right.Idon't weigh that much( I daren't disclose it.I am soooo embarassed).I decided I had better buy some new scales which I did.They agreed with the hospital scales.My old scales were weighing 8lbs lighter.I have just had 2 weeks in France with wine,beer ,cheese etc but ....So the diet starts tomorrow.Watch this space.

Did you know the Posh yarn Tilia kits go on sale on Wednesday but they have nupps in them.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Summer Fair

I think today must rate as the most expensive summer fair I have ever been to but it was great.It was at the school that our granddaughter is starting at in September( and our daughter is also starting teaching there for a day and a half a week.)We spent a fortune at the fair and then I said I would treat us all to tea in the pub in honour of Fathers Day tomorrow.So all in all a lot was spent but it was worth every penny.Emily was so excited showing us the way to school even though we have walked past it dozens of times on the way to feed the ducks!!

I had a text from our son who lives in Cambridge to say that he had got to the post office to send the parcel for his dad and realised that he had no sellotape so could I open the packet up and stick the paper down. !!Kids

So C is not seeing the kids tomorrow but he will get phone calls from them.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Posh wool

Thought I would add a photo of my wool which arrived today.This is the first time I have tried this on my own.

Completed shawl!

Here it is .My completed shawl.Fortunately you can't see the mistakes!!I just love doing lace knitting and today got my pink parcel from Poshyarn.Two hanks of Claudia 2ply, one is Sagebrush and the other is called Ingenuous.One greens and the other mauves and pinks.Now to decide on patterns.Any suggestions?

I really do need to take some lessons in photo compostion!

Monday, 15 June 2009


I blocked my shawl and amazingly there are no holes !!I can see a few mistakes where i didn't do the nupp (or knupp) properly.A nupp is where on 1 row you make 5 stitches out of 1 and then on the next row purl 5 tog.I found it quite difficult with very fine wool purling the 5 tog.When my little shawl has dried I will post a photo.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Back from France.

I am back from my holiday in on the whole was good but we did have 3 days of heavy rain,just the excuse to get some knitting done.

I finished the first sock from my sock club.

I made a small shawl in 2ply .The pattern was called Swallowtail.It said that the advanced skill needed was to be able to knit "nupps".Now, I have never done these before and don't think I will again but undaunted I gave it a go!I found them very difficult with such fine wool.I am dreading blocking it because I think large holes might appear.Does anyone else find these difficult?

I have also almost finished a stole in 2ply as well which I am thrilled with.

I did no knitting en route (poor Emily ).

We called in Cambridge yesterday and had lunch with our son and his family and it was good to see the grandchildren.

Today we have been to our daughter's and been to Emily's "graduation " from nursery.She goes to big school in September.It was a lovely afternoon.The children acted out the story of "The Very Hungry caterpillar" and sang some songs.Then there were play and craft activities and wonderful food and wine.It ended with more songs and a presentation .All the children got a copy of the bookand a certificate.They had gone to so much trouble and on a day off too.We loved it.