Monday 27 April 2020

At long last it is finished.

This has been quite tricky!As you are going round doing petals you just hope they meet up.They did .Phew.The gold metallic bit was hard because the thread kept splitting and knotting. Very frustrating. I have a cross stitch kit to start now.It has been very pleasant sitting in the conservatory stitching,reading,doing crosswords and listening to the radio but I long to get out and meet people.
Our son in law who had a brain tumour removed in February has now been diagnosed with post operative epilepsy and ended back in hospital last Monday,a worry in itself at the moment.He spent one night there and came out with more medication.Good news for him was that he can still have a pint.
Are you finding that situations in the past you coped with are now very stressful?
Stay safe.
Anyone heard from Briony?
Bye Barbaraxxx

Sunday 12 April 2020

Happy Easter?

 I put a question mark by Happy Easter because there will be many sad,bereaved and lonely people today.
I finished this jigsaw last night.Rubbish picture ,I know .It was quite tricky as there are lots of churches.A friend has loaned me two more and I have bought two.It was amazing how many were out of stock.The country has gone jigsaw mad.I finished The Beekeeper of Aleppo and have started Half a World Away by Mike Gayle.I have never read anything by him before .Have you? Any recommendations?

 A photo of my garden and below my shed with bunting and three mandalas on the garage wall. I need to do more.I should have moved the hose pipe!

Keep safe everyone.Barbarax

Friday 3 April 2020

Greetings from North Wales.

How are you managing?I have certainly settled into this isolation more and trying to have a structure to the day.
Slow start.
Listen to Woman's Hour on Radio 4.
Do Joe Wicks exercises for seniors.(on you tube).
Cup of tea
Watch the daily Welsh update.
Read The Beekeeper of Aleppo at the moment.
Craft.Maybe Blackwork,crochet,knit listening to a cd or the radio.
Richard Osmans House of Games.
Maybe Coronation Street.
Jigsaw ( out of stock everywhere now).
TV at 9pm with a glass of wine.

Obviously not every day is the same but the above is a general idea.We have only been out to post things.Printing and paying on line for the postage is easy.
We have sent both our families a Virustatic Shield.This is something new and has been developed on Anglesey in conjunction with Manchester University and protects against viruses.It is like a snood that you pull over your head to cover your nose and mouth and ears.
I also sent them some surgical masks which I bought a month ago.
We also have FFP3 face masks bought in the hardware shop.
I have sent my two granddaughters two cross stitch kits each.I also included some yarn and three crochet hooks and hope they and Sarah will give it a go.Home school finished today for the Easter break so they will have time on their hands.Their dog has had so many walks(an excuse to get out) that he is now refusing to budge!!!

Take care one and all.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

I had a blip yesterday...

I felt really sad yesterday and couldn't settle to anything.Anyway I have picked myself up and am feeling more positive.I think I was down because we had had a long phone call with our son.His wife has a coffee shop and a bakery.The coffee shop is obviously shut but the bakery is run off its feet.They are delivering bread etc but the logistics are hard.He was very tired as he had been delivering bread etc and then had to set up an online ordering system.Back to his day job on Monday where he was told his salary will be cut by 20%.So all in all he wasn't very jolly.I take all this on board.OH just takes it on board and says it will pass.
So,I have got up today feeling better.I stayed a bit longer in bed and then listened to Woman's Hour.Then we did the Joe Wicks workout for seniors.It is ten minutes but very good.This afternoon will be pottering in the garden,reading.Amazon have delivered two books which is good.
Hope you are all ok and don't worry if you have a "down" day.I think we will all have them.
Stay safe.Barbarax