Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year .

Happy New Year to everyone.May it be healthy and happy too.So many of our friends and acquaintances are getting sick .
We had a wonderful Christmas with our son and family in Cambridge and are sat waiting for our daughter and family to arrive for New Year.
Then back to normal, I hope!No photos .My phone has died.No review of the year either.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas.

We are in Cambridge for Christmas.We had a very wet journey down,drizzle all the way.It took us four and a half hours but we had a couple of stops.Now we are with the family.Our son and his wife and three grandchildren,Ella19,Finlay 15 and Angus12.Lots of games are lined up to play.Unfortunately on Sunday night someone stole all the Xmas booze from the garage.What an awful thing to do.
I have 99 followers .Who is going to make my day and make it 100?

Have a very Happy and Healthy Christmas.Take care if you are travelling.

Love to everyone.Barbara and family.xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Chester Cathedral.UK

 Last night my husband played his ukulele in Chester Cathedral.It was part of a charity evening to raise money for a charity that helps carers.There was a choir of Welsh learners who had an amazing soloist.The rest of the evening was provided by Flintshire U3A.There were Belle Plates,recorders and the Music Live group which my OH belongs to.5 guitarists,3 drummers,a mandolin and 3 ukuleles.They were brilliant and did five numbers.The cathedral was full!The evening ended with the Singing for Pleasure group doing 5 songs.The whole evening was so good and the standard was so high.What completed the evening for C was that at 5pm there was a knock on the door and our son had driven up from Cambridge(4 hours) and had come to see his Dad play.C was so thrilled.A truly memorable evening.Matt stayed the night and has gone back this morning.

Friday, 14 December 2018

As I get older .....

As I get older I am finding I don’t cope with things like I used to.Maureen Lipman was interviewed on T V a couple of weeks ago and she admitted the same which made me feel a bit better!I worry about things I would have taken in my stride a few years ago.We are away for Christmas at our son’s so don’t have to fret about cooking etc then but our daughter ,husband and two granddaughters are coming for New Year and staying for a few nights.Our son may be coming to stay this week.In the past I would have looked forward to these things but now they all come with a bit of dread.Will I be able to cope? I am sure I shall.
Any of you good people out there feel a bit like me?I would love to know.Any tips?

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Today.My husband's birthday.

 He is looking quite good for 77!A full head of hair and only a few grey hairs,apart from his beard.We left home at about 10.00am and were at the Imperial War Museum at Salford Quays by 11.00am.We wanted Togo there because there is an exhibition about WW1 called Lest We Forget.It was featuring paintings by John Singer Sargent ,Nevinson,Paul Nash  and Stanley Spencer.

Afterwards we went to the Lowry to see some Lowry paintings and also a Pre Raphaelite exhibition.Lowry had been a great fan of their work and during his lifetime bought a lot of pictures.

 A typical Lowry.

             The Bower Meadow by Rossetti.

            We walked across this bridge to get between the two venues.

                       The Menin Road by Paul Nash.
                       M.            Gassed byJohn Singer Sargent.This is huge2.3 m by 6.1 m.
                                          A Battery Shelled by Percy Wyndham Lewis.

                I think he has had a great day but I am shattered!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Manchester Xmas market

 We went to Manchester today to meet up with our eldest granddaughter who is at University there.
Some of the stalls are amazing.Just look at all those sausages.C cannot resist buying Five for £10He was in his element speaking in French to all the French stall holders.Ella had never been to a large Crhristmas market before and was impressed BUT it is so tiring!!!!But  we had a good time..We will see a lots more of Ella because we are spending Xmas with them in Cambridge.Ithink it has helped her settle knowing we are only an hour away.
More photos .Very poor quality.I really must get a better phone.

 There was a tree for charity.Write a wish and tie it on for £1.A really nice idea.

Garlic galore.

                                         Wooden names.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Catch up

 It was Ruby's birthday last week. She was 11.We picked her up from school and took her home and had some fun.When Mummy and Daddy came in from work and Emily(13) from school we opened presents .Then we headed into Chester,about halfway between our two homes.We went to this restaurant.It is £14.99 each but the birthday girl got it free.They have the most enormous range of food,all help yourself,Thai,Indian,Chinese,Italian ,Japanese etc.It was brilliant.The staff were friendly and efficient at clearing away plates etc.The atmosphere was buzzing.I understand they have a place in York too.

On a different note,I quite like,well really like having a jigsaw on the go.This one was really tricky with lots of tabby cats.I had bought it in a charity shop but when I had finished it there were 6 pieces missing.One piece in particular I had spent ages looking for.Such a disappointment.

What else have I been up to?
Monday afternoon I met a friend in Costa.We meet every other week.My OH was at his French Group.
Monday evening we went out with our "gang" of friends.We were eleven but two couples have moved away to be nearer their children but on Monday one couple were back so we went out for a meal and had a good catch up.
Tuesday was our Art Appreciation group.It was A talk on "Conflict Art".Very interesting but also disturbing and sad.Images from WW1 .So,so sad.
Wednesday is "granddaughter afternoon".
Thursday I went to a Poetry group.I know nothing about poetry but would like to know more.We all had to take a poem from WW1. I took some Vera Brittain poems.So sad.The lost her brother and her boyfriend,
Friday I always meet my friend Sheila and over a pot of tea and a toasted tea cake over two hours we put the world to rights.She is such a good and close friend and we have known each other for forty plus years.I came in the house and OH went out to band practice.They are performing in Chester Cathedral in December.
This morning we walked to our market town,ten minutes, and had coffee with three different friends.
This afternoon we went exploring an area on the Wirral that a friend had suggested was good for a walk.Had a half of lager in an ancient pub.
Now, C is watching the rugby Wales v South Africa and I am waiting for Strictly and some knitting.
Hope you are all ok.I have 94 followers but love to get to 100.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

My latest weaving.

 This is my second attempt at weaving on my loom and I must say I am pretty pleased with it.I devised the pattern myself and I was so much quicker.I started it one evening and had finished by the next evening just doing the odd ten minutes here and there.So far I have only used fairly cheap wool but I think I shall try something better next time.
I have got a 1,000 pice jigsaw on the go and am still working on my crochet blanket.This is a great project for colder venting watching TV as it keeps you warm!
I am reading Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen.Not too sure about it yet.
What do you do in your spare time,if you have any.I think most of the people who read my blog are crafters which is why I follow them,others just have interesting lives but I also like to read what people are just doing day to day .Blogland is wonderful and long may it continue.

Friday, 2 November 2018

I love /hate Autumn.

I love this time of the year .The colours of the trees are beautiful,I quite like drawing the curtains and being cosy and warm inside.
I don’t like (I don’t like the word “hate”) Autumn because we have three huge trees in our garden and there are leaves everywhere.The sycamore and horse chestnut have lost all their leaves so this morning we raked,blew ,gathered all the leaves we could.We filled our brown recycling bin.The third tree is a beech and that still has loads of leaves still on it.It has been a beautiful day here in North Wales so although it was hard work at least the weather was ok.
This afternoon we went to our U3A Gardening Group(as though we hadn’t had enough of gardens).The title of the talk was “Mediaeval Gardens”.The talk was excellent,well illustrated and well presented with a bit of humour thrown in.
Yesterday we went to the U3A Open Meeting.The subject of that was The Story of the Conway Tunnels.That is the tunnel that went under the River Conway to relieve traffic in this historic town with its wonderful castle etc.It is good to go to these events as it keeps the mind sharp but is also good socially.
Now time to wind down for a quiet weekend.
Have a good weekend.Bx

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Had a great day yesterday.

Sarah( our daughter) and Emily and Ruby (our granddaughters) came over for the day it being half term.It was lovely to have them here as we usually go to them.They arrived quite early as they are only forty minutes away.We had suggested bringing walking boots or wellies so we could have a little walk.After Ruby had told us all about her PGL weekend with Guides we headed to Loggerheads.This an AONB area only ten minutes from our house.We had a lovely walk by the river among the trees.The colours were wonderful.The girls went clambering up rock faces ( even at 13 ) and it was great.We then went out to lunch at one of our favourite pubs and then back home for the afternoon.They love playing games so we had a fun afternoon doing that.They went about 5pm but we were due out with friends for a meal at 7pm.Originally there were 11 of us ( 5 couples and a widower) who ate out at least once a month.However in August two of the couples moved south to be nearer their children.This means there are only seven of us and one of the couples are really showing their age.The husband is very forgetful.I don't like change andI have found it very hard our closest friends have moved away and our happy group is  changing.
Do you find change hard or do you welcome the challenge?

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

I have bought a weaving loom.

 I have bought an Ashford weaving loom.I have wanted to try weaving for a long time so took the plunge.I could have gone on a course but it was all day and £50 so decided to try and work it out for myself.I must say I am really chuffed with my first attempt.
Anyone got any tips for me or can recommend a good book with ideas and instructions.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

To continue.....

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Progress on my blanket.

I am following Lucy at Attic 24 's pattern called Hydrangea blanket.It is very easy to follow.I am not following Lucy's colour chart but have come up with my own selection.It is a pity the colours never come up true on the blog.I am really enjoying doing it.A nice cosy project for these cooler evenings.We went up to Manchester on Saturday to see Ella our granddaughter and she seems fine.We met in Manchester City Art Gallery.,had coffee and mattered and then went to look at some art.There is a major,free exhibition of work by Annie Swynnerton which I loved.She was elected the first female member of the Royal Academy in 1922.She was a passionate supporter of women's rights  and way ahead of her time.We then went to have lunch in the Slug and Lettuce(what a name) and took Ella back to her Hall about 3pm.She invited us to see her room and 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


We went to the theatre last night to see Lord of the Flies.It was brilliant.The set was amazing.The cast all female where in the book it is males.However,they kept the boys name.I didn’t quite get that.The cast included identical twins.On Saturday The Guardian gave it four out of five.It is a joint production with Sherman Theatre Cardiff and our Theatr Clwyd.We are so lucky to have this theatre five minutes away.Two theatres,a film theatre ,a smaller studio theatre and a function room for Comedy Club and recitals etc.We live in a small market town in NE Wales.Population 10,000.
My blanket is moving on but I have started knitting mittens for the homeless,am doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw and reading the book for my next Reading Group session.Three Things About Elsie.Anyone read it.I am finding it a bit close to home!!!
On Saturday we are going to Manchester to take our eldest granddaughter out for the day.She started Uni there two weeks ago and is feeling a bit homesick.Mum and Dad and brothers are four hours away .We are about an hour away so looking forward to seeing a lot more of Ella.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Latest projects.

 This is my latest shawl.The colours have come out pinkish but actually it is mainly orange,brown and red and very striking.The pattern is Be Simple Variations available free on Ravelry.It is a very easy pattern ,one to do watching TV.

 I have started another blanket.I am doing Attic 24's Hydrangea .I am rather daunted by all that wool!!!
But my latest venture is into weaving.I have bought a 10 " Ashford loom.I have yet to start it.Watch this space.

Other things....We went to see The Thirty Nine Steps at the theatre.It is a spoof on John Buchan's book and was hilarious.It does you good to be in a full theatre and everyone is laughing.What a tonic in these gloomy days.
We also went to see the film The Children Act based on the book by Ian McEwan.Not a bundle of laughs but very thought provoking.At the theatre again this Friday to see Julie from the National Theatre and on Saturday to see Lord of the Flies.

The latest book I am reading is Take Nothing with You.Patrick Gales's latest.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

This week so far.

 On Monday we felt like a bit of a walk so went to Errdig NT for a stroll round the gardens.We didn't bother with the house as we have been many times.On the way back we went to visit a village I wanted to see and then got hopelessly lost...
Last night we went to Theatr Clwyd to see Duet for One.It was a two hander.How do they remember all those lines?
Today we have been to Northwich to look after tEmily and Ruby after school and do tea.Lots of news about new classes and teachers.All great.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Isn't this great?

My OH and our youngest granddaughter ,Ruby, playing ukulele together.I bought C this ukulele for his birthday last December and he has loved it.He has tried to learn guitar in the past but found it difficult.Our local U3A has a "Music live" group which he has joined. They have 4 or 5 guitarists,one mandolin,two ukuleles ,African drummers and three singers.They play Beatles songs,Lonnie Donnegan and folk songs and other things they have composed.They play gigs to care groups,over 50 s clubs,care homes etc.He is having the time of his life!
We were looking after Emily and Ruby yesterday.Ruby plays recorder ,clarinet and oboe but they have a ukulele so when we were there they were playing together.How great is that.( I must say Em and myself did get a bit fed up with repetition!)
This was followed by a trip to the cinema to see "Incredibles 2",a film about Super Heroes!!!A little bit out of my comfort zone but I actually quite enjoyed it.With all the gloom and doom that is around it was good to escape for a couple of hours.
We had a great day.Mummy was having a spa day with two colleagues before term starts on Monday.
P.S.We also enjoyed Mamma Mia 2,another bit of escapism.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Kerria japonica.

Do any of you in the UK have this shrub in your garden .I always considered it a toughie but two of mine have died this year.It seems,according to the RHS ,that it is being attacked and perishing.What a shame.They provided welcome yellow in the Spring.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Forgot the text!

I was so excited to have posted some photos I forgot to put any text.A friend showed me a toy she had made from “Edward’s Menagerie”.They are crocheted so I thought I would have a go.I am thrilled with the lion but the fox( yes,it is supposed to be a fox!) was a little more tricky.I have also done a rabbit and an elephant.
The blanket is the one I made from the mini skeins I won in a giveaway.

My latest makes


Monday, 20 August 2018

Help !

For the last two hours I have been faffing around trying to find out why I cannot load photos onto my blog.Not from phone or from my I pad.
Can someone help me?

Sunday, 29 July 2018

5 hours at Eurotunnel!!!

We rearranged the holiday we had to cancel a few weeks ago and were booked to go on Eurotunnel yesterday morning.After problems on Friday we had an email on Saturday morning saying to turn up as normal.We started queuing on the M20 at 10.25am and finally boarded a train at 3.40 pm.What a farce.There were lots of families with young children.No Eurotunnel employees to help.The whole place was totally gridlocked with no one going anywhere.I had a glass of rose and got out my knitting!!!
We finally arrived at our cottage at 7pm.Now to relax for a week and then face it all again next Saturday(hopefully not,fingers crossed because we then have a six hour drive in Britain to home).

I have brought lots of things to do.Shawl elephant to crochet(from Edward's Menagerie),a cross stitch picture to for my granddaughter who is going to Uni inSeptember,four books to read ,magazines and a puzzle book.Maybe ,I will not manage it all!!!!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Where are all the butterflies?

Here in North Wales we have seen very few butterflies this summer.Only Cabbage Whites.We have a buddleia in full flower which normally would be full of butterflies .Not a single butterfly all day.
What is the butterfly situation where you live?

Monday, 2 July 2018

My latest finished project.

Do you remember I won a load,well 26,mini skeins in Josie Kittens giveaway in aid of BHF.What to do ??So I decided to do granny squares and I must say I am pretty pleased with the result.They were very bright colours so I edged them in navy.I have not decided what to with it yet.I really enjoyed doing it because every square was different.
Life goes on here.C is now better following his steroid injection.We didn't go away but had a lazy week in the garden enjoying this glorious weather.We have a holiday booked to Montenegro in September which has to be paid for by the end of the week.Our confidence has been knocked.Do we risk it r do we cancel.Decisions,decisions.It is pretty clear our insurance will not cover us if it happens again. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

We didn't make it to France.

C decided he was in too much pain to risk the driving.At the hospital there are two specialist nurses .You leave a message on the answering machine and they get back to you.He did this but the nurse who phoned him back just said wait and see so the decision was made.He was no better last Thursday so phoned again and spoke to his usual nurse.She told him to go the hospital yesterday,upped his tablets and gave him a steroid injection.Magic.Today he is back to normal.So annoying that the first nurse did not do this.We are hoping to claim on our insurance but are not hopeful.The only saving grace is that the weather here is brilliant and hotter than where we should have been in France.
C'est la vie.Onwards and upwards.It could be a lot worse.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Will we have to cancel our holiday?

We are due to go to France next Thursday.We have booked a cottage in the Loire Valley for week with two overnight stops going and one coming backMy OH has rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed three years ago.Since then he has been on medication and has been in remission.The consultant reduced his medication a couple of months ago and it has flared up.His hands and arms are very painful.He can manage to drive at the moment but do we risk it.I would not want to do the driving .Sods law it has happened now.For the last three years we have only been to Northern France but decided this year to go a bit further as he had had no problems.It is a watch and wait situation.
Watch this space!!!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

What variety of clematis is this?

Is it a Nelly Moser?The flowers this year are huge.It is just outside our conservatory and is lovely.I must admit I don't know much about them.I think depending on when they flower you prune them differently.Any advice welcomed.

The weather here in North Wales has been lovely for weeks.It is just great to sit in the sunshine and read.I have just finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.I really enjoyed it but my daughter did not.Is it a book youcan relate to more when you are older?

I am now reading The Drowning Girl by Margaret Leroy.I have read quite a few of her books and really enjoyed them but I am not so sure about this one.

For my holiday in two weeks time(we wre going to the Loire Valley in France for a week) I have got the following.
The Essex Serpent by Sarah Parry
The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale
Whatever You Love by Louise Doughty

Have you read any of them.Please tell me if they are any good.Iwould also like other recommendatios please.

I am feeling a little sad at the moment.Two friends of mine have died this week both in their early seventies.We socialise a lot with a group of nine others.Two of the couples are moving down south to be near their children and another onein the group is starting to get confued.So it is all about to change and I don't like change.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

I have managed a photo.

This is a view down the Laburnum arch at Bodnant Garden in North Wales which we visited today.I have gone back to using my camera and not my phone.I have loads more photos but for tonight I have had enough.I am tired from walking round the garen and then coming back to do our own garden.Back tomorrow,hopefully with more photos of this wonderful NT garden.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

I am so frustrated!

I cannot get any photos onto my blog.I wanted to show you what I won in Josie Kittens giveaway.Helen raised over £8,000 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of her late husband who died of a heart attack.I was one of the lucky winners .I was so excited to get a squishy parcel an
D on opening it discovered 26 mini skeins of yarn.Yes 26!They are 15 g and are variegated sock yarn.There are five matching pairs so I could make a pair of socks.Any ideas with those and the rest.Granny squares? LIttle toys,?
I so wanted to show you my haul.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

SUe.Cottage at the end of the lane

Thinking about you at this very sad time.

Monday, 23 April 2018

A busy week.

 On Tuesday we went to our Art Appreciation Group where one of the members gave a talk on Fernand Leger ,a French painter.He lived from 1881 until 1955.HE was known as a cubist and sometimes a tub it's as he often painted limbs as tubes.Alan gave a very interesting talk with lots of images for us to look at.
Members take it in turn to give talks(not me!).My OH is doing the June presentation when he will give a talk on Goya.
From this I raced to the dentists for a filling.In the morning someone had suggested Steak Night at Wetherspoons .Delicious steak in good company ,seven of us ,and no cooking.
Our daughter was one week on from her hand operation so we went over to take her out to a garden centre for lunch.Her first time out.The hand is healing nicely but she can't drive yet and another two weeks off work.We then did our usual school pick up and tea for the grandchildren and us.We were shattered when we got back home.
Thursday was my Reading Group.We were discussing Rough Music by Patrick Gale.Most of us felt it was not his best book.I bought C a ukulele for his birthday in December and he has really taken to it.He has joined the U3A band and had his first gig on Thursday which he really enjoyed.Playing in your first band at 76!!!!
On Friday morning I always meet a friend for coffee and we put the world to rights  and then in the evening it was Quiz Night.It was really had but we came joint second which was a good result.
Saturday was coffee in the morning with friends and then gardening in he afternoon.
On Sunday we had a long phone hat with our granddaughter who has just come back from seven weeks travelling in Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand.

I have had a nice quiet day today pottering in the garden and reading.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter weekend.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.We tend to stay off the roads as it can be very busy with people heading to the coast.Saturday we had coffee with friends which lasted more than two hours as some left and more came,
Yesterday we were invited to our daughter's for lunch.We had already left Easter eggs for Emily and Ruby but went with other gifts.A jigsaw for them to do over the school holiday,flowers for Sarah and treats for her and Mike.I also took some primula a for them to plant in the garden.Sarah has been feeling down lately and I thought a bit of gardening may cheer her up.A couple of months ago she had flu followed by pneumonia and didn't stay off work long enough to recover properly,in fact less than a week.She is a Type 1 diabetic and has been since she was four so everything is more complicated.She is gong to hospital next week to have two ops on her right hand.She has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Duputrens Contracture.Hopefully they can be done under local anaesthetic.Yesterday she seemed a lot brighter.I think she has just been exhausted.She is s Primary Scool teacher.We had a lovely day .Mike cooked a super meal and we spent all afternoon playing games and laughing a lot.I do worry about Sarah and her health.

Today we woke up to snow!Three inches of it.I am really fed up with this weather but hopefully it is supposed to get better later this week.
Do you worry about your children ? How do men not worry.I wish I knew the secret.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My latest knitting project.

These are my latest pair of socks.The yarn is Stylecraft Head over Heels,shade Ingleborough.It is a great colour way.Very bright and jazzy which C likes.
WHat a gorgeous day it has been today.After last weekends snow we actually sat out in the garden.C mowed ad scarified the lawns and I did odd bits and bobs.We are trying to get the garden into as easy a job as we can.Having three huge trees doesn't help.We are still raking up leaves from last Autumn.There is very little soil as we are all roots making it very uneven and with no depth.
I need a new knitting project.Any suggestions welcome.I have done so many pairs of socks,umpteen scarves and shawls and don't fancy tackling a jumper or cardigan.I have run out of ideas!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

I have managed a photo!!!

At long last I have managed to load a photo.I hope I can do it again.
This is the latest project of mine.It is a kit by White Willow stitching and is called "Tribal Owl".This is what the completed owl looks like.I am about half way there and really enjoying doing it because it is simple with only four colours.I bought the cross stitch chart and then bought the threads.
watch this space for more photos to come.(fingers crossed).

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My reading group.

It was my reading group this morning.This month's book was Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant.There was an element of sadness today because one of our members died a couple of weeks ago.She was only 71.We are part of Flintshire U3A and our reading group was one of the first groups to be formed.We realised today that we have been going for 16 years!!!!Unbelievable.The first book we read was Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.Apart from the first couple of months the group has stayed the same.Three have now died.One aged 85 and another 91 both very sharp till the very end.I think it is amazing that for 16 years we have kept it going.Two replacements have fitted in very well and after all these years we still have great discussions.It is definitely a discussion group and not an excuse just for a natter!!! next month is Rough Music by Patrick Gale. MAy Under a Pole Star Stef Penny June The Wonder Emma Donohue July Bird Cage Walk Helen Dunmore August Whatever you Love Louise Doughty September Homeland Clare Francis Are you in a reading group and can you give me some good recommendations?The eight of us,now ,seven all choose a book for the next seven months.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How much do you pay at the dentists?

I have been to the dentists this afternoon.A check up and an X-ray cost me £50.69 US dollars,88 Australian dollars or 56 Euros.I need a cracked filling replacing in April and that will cost me £115,or 159 US dollars,204 Australian dollars or 160 Euros.There are no places in any NHS dentists so I have no choice.What I want to know is how people who are on low incomes manage these prices.Theresa May talks about " the just about managing" families or is it only the better off who can afford to go. At long last most of the snow has gone and it is a little milder but still a frost tonight. I am really enjoying doing some cross stitch at the moment and my watching TV knitting is a fox!Badger,hare ,rabbit and squirrel will follow!Why am I doing this.I have no idea.I just fancied something different.

Friday, 2 March 2018

The results of my health screening.

I got the results yesterday.They are shown as "green" everything is fine,"Amber" you need to keep an eye on this or"red" you really need to do something about this.Fortunately ,I got mainly "greens".I got an amber for my blood pressure but she only did it once and I regularly take my own at home and it is fine.Liver function( I do enjoy a glass of wine!) and kidney function and blood sugar we're green.Phew !!!Lung function ,thyroid and haematology were green also.Cholesterol was an amber at 6.3 but my big red one was "You are overweight".I was expecting this but seem stuck at the weight I am.Probably this is the reason for my breathlessness so I must do something about this.Exercise more but as it has been minus temperatures here for days and a covering of snow that will have to wait.So,on the whole I was pretty encouraged by the results of the screening and glad I had it done. another positive is that C went for his Rheumatoid Arthritis check up year day and was told he is in remission a.d they are slowly going to reduce his medication. The weather in the UK is dire at the moment.More snow than we have had for years.Our granddaughter has gone off to Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia and Thailand for seven weeks .She has gone with three friends and others are joining them en route.I am hoping this is the making of her because she has had some mental health problems over the last 15 months.Miraculously hers was one of a handful of flights that left Gatwick last night.She goes off to Uni in September.She is going to Manchester and so will only be an hour away from us( four at the moment) and our daughter is even closer.We are looking forward to seeing more of her. have a great weekend.Take care and keep warm.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Snow here in N Wales.

YEs.We have snow,not a lot at the moment but more to come.We have a well stocked freezer and fridge but are only a ten minute walk from our local market town centre.So if we can't get the cars out we can walk.I quite like being snowed in but only for a short time.I have had an indulgent afternoon reading and am now doing some cross stitch.Cross stitch you ask.She is a knitter and a crocheted but I dug out a cross stitch kit that I started last year.Would I be able to follow the chart?Would I be able to see the holes?In fact ,the biggest problem is threading the needle but I can buy a needle threader.I decided to treat myself to a simpler but effective kit.It is called Tribal Owl by Skyler Larson.It came as a chart and then I bought the threads so it worked out to be fairly cheap.Someone in a review said it only took them two weeks to do it.I think it may take me longer!! I am also knitting (yes,there always has to be some knitting) some socks for C.They are in Stylecraft Head over Heels .Colour Ingleborough.It is a wonderful striped pattern in green,purple and turquoise.Very striking.My OH likes jazzy socks. THe book I have just finished is The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse(recommended on blogger).A very interesting and quite disturbing read about anorexia.I have now started Train to Trieste by Dominica Radulescu.I reviewed her second book Black Sea Twilight for Newbooksmag and rally enjoyed it.Then ,I have to read Sacred Heart by Sarah Dunant for my reading group.The next session will be really difficult as one of our members has recently died aged only 71. Finally,have any of you seen the film The Greatest Showman ( I may have mentioned this before).It is a really good film mad our local film theatre are showing it as a singalong.What a great idea. TAke care in the snow and look after yourselves.Back soon.Barbarax

Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to lose some weight???

For years I have been the same weight(overweight but not obese)until we went on an all inclusive holiday last September.I put on 4lbs and cannot get rid of it.This is my day- breakfast.Two cups of tea. Lunch.Salad plus cold meat or fish. Tea/supper.Meat or fish plus small portion of potatoes and vegetables and a diet yoghurt. Evening .Two glasses of white wine. I try,weather permitting,to walk/ garden/ clean for half an hour .I can't manage more than that these days. I have stopped buying crisps and cheese so I am not tempted.I never eat cake. We do eat out a couple of times a week and I know I could cut out the wine. Any suggestions out there?I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

I have signed myself up for a private health screening.

every time my pulse is taken it is never below 80.I mentioned it to my GP whose reply was "we don't do anything until is over 100".I am permanently tired and often breathless,especially on slopes.My GP isn't going to do anything so I saw a letter at my daughter's inviting her for this screening but she is monitored by her GP(being a Type 1 diabetic.I feel quite positive about having this done.It is very comprehensive but my little niggle is that it will turn up things that I am better not knowing.It is an hours drive away and you get the results ten days later.One thing that I know they will tell me on the day is that I am overweight!!! What do you think ?Am I being silly or sensible?I would love to know your thoughts and whether you have had one done.

Monday, 29 January 2018

using up my stash

I am using up my stash making hats for either the homeless or refugees.I can make one in an evening and have made ten already.I am using wool left over from my crocheted blankets and using DK two strands.It makes a nice chunky hat. I still can't load photos!I get to the same point each time and a page of computer gogglygook comes up and I can get no further.Can any one tell me a quick way of posting photos on blogger from my android phone? On Saturday we went to see the film "the Greatest Showman" about Barnum the circus guy.It was really good and I can recommend it.This Friday we are going to see the film The Darkest Hour about Churchill.This afternoon we have had walk at Ness Gardens.The snowdrops looked amazing.It poured down all morning so it was nice to see blue skies this afternoon . Back soon.Hopefully with photos.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An update on my daughter and books.

Why are the younger generation reluctant to pick up the phone and speak?I had texts from my son in law but nothing from Sarah so having spent all morning worrying myself sick I texted her and said I am worried!It didn't help that a friend said to me this morning you don't die from flu but you can die from pneumonia.The problem is with S having Type 1 diabetes.We have had a couple of close shaves in the past with her and you realise what a slim grip we have on life.Eventually she picked up the phone and called.She sounded terrible,coughed all the time and is just very,very tired.The improvement is only slight but she assured me she is feeling a bit better each day but it is very slow progress.I felt better having spoken to her.Why is it that men never worry? back to my birthday.I had phone calls from my grandchildren,my son,my brother and various friends.I had lots of cards and as I said yesterday C had spoilt me rotten.As well as a Clogau gold bracelet I had DVDs,Cats,Evita and Phantom of the Opera and five books(not six).I am a great Ian McEwan fan and have most of his books but am a few missing.So he bought me The Innocent and Black Dogs.I am also a Philip Roth fan and he bought me Letting Go(eels 630 pages long) and Goodbye Columbus.He also bought me a book by Susan Hill.Jacob's Room is Full of Books.She charts a year of her life through the books she has read,re read or returned to.We also get a glimpse of her country life and anyone who read The Magic Apple Tree by her will want to read this one. Back soon.Good to hear from you Sarah.Hope married life is going well.Do you ever hear from Clare.I would love to know how she and the children are.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What a 24 hours.

It is my birthday today and we had planned to visit Bodnant Gardens to see the snowdrops and then go to the Royal Cambrian Art Gallery in Conway.A snack out at lunchtime and then a meal tonight in a local eatery with a log fire.Last night about 7pm our son in law phoned to say our daughter,who is a Type 1 Diabetic ,had had flu all weekend and had high blood sugars and what should he do.We suggested the out of hours doctor.He got an appointment at 9.30pm at their nearest hospital.She was diagnosed with pneumonia.She waited in A and E for four hours and eventually was given IV antibiotics.At 5 am they decided to send her home because they had no bed for her.We got no sleep and have just been worried sick.I did speak to her at lunchtime and she said she still felt really ill but not as bad as yesterday.So, my birthday has taken second place.I had some lovely presents from C including six books.More about that tomorrow when I will give you an update on Sarah.Fingers crossed she is on the mend.What a worry.I just wish I could have her diabetes.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A different Saturday.

There are a group of us who meet through U3A but also socially.There are eleven of us,five couples and one widower.We eat out at least once a month but seven of us also meet in Wetherspoons on a Saturday morning for coffee.Wetherspoons because we can sit there for ages and you pay for one coffee and then get free refills.Out of the eleven three of us have birthdays within four days 12,13 and 16 Jan.So,instead of going to Wetherspoons we were invited round to C and D's for champagne and panettone! They had als ozone some nibbles.I am not used to drinking champagne in a morning so a little nap was needed this afternoon!!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Jigsaw,books,chocs etc

C and I decided that at Xmas we would have a £25 limit to be spent on each other.He has a birthday in December and it is mine next week.Throw into this our wedding anniversary on Dec 29th and it all gets a bit much.It is amazing what you can buy for £25!It turned out we had both found seven things.If you use Amazon 1p buys plus postage ,charity shops etc you get a variety of things and it was good fun planning and buying.I had a 1,000 piece jigsaw,a small Ted Baker perfume,Friends DVDs,Ferroro Rocher chocs ,History of Britain in 21 women,book on Montenegro(where we are going in September)and one other thing(which I have forgotten.)I have just finished the jigsaw and am enjoying the books. it can go a bit wrong though.I ordered C a second hand book from Amazon but it was really musty,so bad I couldn't give it to him.So what did I get for C.He had a Rita Ora CD,a book by Simon Kernick(second hand),a book about journeys through the ages round Britain(new from The Works),a chilli sauce,a block of fruit and nut chocolate,another book Lancashire 1939-1945.The Secret War,a gift pack of three small bottles of port.I think we will do this again.Our grandchildren were fascinated and C joked that he had done all his shopping in Poundland.Not true. A New Year now and all we hope for is good health for us and our family and friends and all of you out there. As is normal every Wednesday we were off to Northwich to pick Ruby up from school ,take her home and wait for Emily to arrive home from High School.WE play games,do crafts etc.Today it was a game called Dabble but one of their favourites is Happy Families.It will be sad when they won't need us anymore.Our Wednesdays are very special to us. Back soon.Barbarax