Wednesday, 30 June 2010


S didn't like it!she said it was very 1970s.C agreed.She liked the motifs and suggested I made a blanket for Ruby's bed.Idea abandoned.I think I might do a cardigan from last month's Inside Crochet if Stash have the yarn.
Had a great time today with Ruby.She finds everything so funny that she makes us all laugh.Her hair looked lovely after it was done.We were shattered when they went and just flopped in front of the tv to watch the tennis.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

losing my mojo

I am going to have a go at some crocheting.I have found a pattern from when my daughter was little for a crocheted waistcoat so I am trying it out tonight while the football is on.The price on the pattern says 10p!if only that were still the same.I forgot to say it will be for my 2yr old granddaughter.It is done in motifs so I can mix the colours.
I never throw patterns away and have some priced in old money.Now that really does date me!If I do a few motifs tonight then I can show them to Sarah tomorrow.It is hair cutting day tomorrow.The lovely Rachel comes to our house and sorts us all out.

Monday, 28 June 2010

My mojo

I've lost my knitting mojo.I have just finished another matilda shawl.It is huge!!
Now I don't know what to do next.I'm fed up of knitting scarves,shawls and socks.
Any suggestions?I have a stash of 2ply and 4 ply.

Friday, 25 June 2010

knitting aquaintance

I was in Sainsburys in Chester yesterday looking at knitting mags.A lady came up to me and started chatting.She was into lace knitting,even 1ply and had actually been to Smith and jamieson in Shetland.She told me to look her up on Ravelry as she designs knitwear and obviously lectures too.I CAN'T FIND HER!I,stupidly, forgot to ask her name.Anyone any clues?It is so good to talk to another knitter.I had coffee this morning with my best friend and ,yes, she is a knitter.

It is our granddaughter's school fair tomorrow so we have got lots of change to give the girls to spend.Ruby is sleeping in a bed for the first time tonight.She kept climbing out of her cot so needs must!!I am hoping C will get chance to speak with M about his recent hospital visit as he won't talk to Sarah about it.Keep your fingers crossed,

Sunday is ,of course, football.

Our son is at Glastonbury.He goes every year and at least this year it will be dry.He works long hours and this is his treat.later in the year he will look after the children while his wife goes away with a friend for the weekend.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ness Gardens

Photos from ness that I couldn't upload earlier!

Ness Gardens

We went to Ness Gardens on the Wirral yesterday.These are the University of Liverpool Botanic Gardens and we havn't been for a couple of years.They are wonderful and we are thinking of becoming Friends of Ness and paying the annual fee and then we can go anytime.The visit was somewhat spoiled by us noticing as we parked my C3 that something was hanging off the exhaust pipe!We hoped it was going to get us back home.
It did but it has been a "bad car week".People have "bad hair days" but we had this.On Monday the C3 went in for some bodywork repair.C was parked on a double yellow line and a van reversed onto the bonnet.It has been dented for months but we decided we would get it mended because we might sell it.£150.Tuesday we were out in the Meriva when we heard strange noises from the brakes.Back to the garage.New brake parts needed .£169.Yesterday the C3 needed a new silencer.£149.What a week.
Today we have had some sea air at Colwyn Bay.It was lovely and sunny but a cold wind.

I had photos to add but it won't play!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I love this weather!

What a gorgeous few days we have had.I was feeling a bit "down" on Monday.No idea why.It was a grey day and that doesn't help but thankfully since then I have felt much better.I tend to be a person who dwells on the past and how I could have done things differently.So I have started a notebook where I write down all the good/positive things that happen each day.I am sure it will be very therapeutic.

I have been to my reading group today and I just love it!We have been meeting once a month ,8 of us,for 5 years but still manage to have a great discussion.Today we were talking about Amsterdam by Ian McEwan.I love I M's books.

I have also just finished and sent off my review for Newbooksmag.It was a history book about the Royal was quite a daunting prospect,300 pages packed with facts,to read in a short space of time.It's a good job we had a trip to France.I did admit I hadn't read the whole book!!

I have been getting on with my Debbie Abrahams squares.I am still not convinced that it is going to gel together.The next batch will arrive in less than two weeks time and also my second lace Club from Violet Green.I still havn't done the first one.

I probably mentioned that my DIL has gone back to work part time after a seven year gap and guess what-Angus has got chicken pox.We can't go to help as C-minus spleen- is not allowed anywhere near it and it's too far for me to drive to Cambridge.It does seem that his friends' mothers want him to play with their children and get the chicken pox over before the summer holidays so that might solve the problem.

Sorry-I do seem to have gone on a bit tonight.Neither C nor I have anything i our diaries for tomorrow so we are going to have a day out.Watch this space.I'll take my camera.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Back from our holiday

We are back after 3 weeks away.The garden is like a jungle and we couldn't get through the front door because of post.We had mixed weather,ate some great food,read a lot,knitted and cross stitched a bit but had a very lazy time.
Our first night we spent in Folkestone so on the way we stopped at Chartwell-the home of Winston Churchill.Superb grounds and a wonderful house.

Eurotunnel.Tickets bought with our Tesco vouchers.

We stayed in Alencon on our second night away and had a lovely meal in this restaurant.

My Matilda shawl which I finished just before we went away(photo taken in the garden of the gite. Our gite which was in a small village about 20 minutes drive from La Rochelle.There was a boulangerie in the village which also sold basic foodstuffs.Very useful.The cottage had 2 bedrooms,essential as both c and I snore but it had the noisiest floorboards in the world.

Marrans,where we used to go for an early evening demi and a spot of people watching.It's on the edge of the Marais Poitevin

La Rochelle

La Rochelle.

Outdoor and indoor market in La Rochelle

Tomatoes the size of oranges.

Look at the size of that fish!