Monday, 27 May 2013

Azalea time.

 Our front garden is full of azaleas.These two are in flower at the moment and I just think they are the most wonderful colours.I should have taken the photos yesterday when it was sunny not today when it is pouring down.
This the most beautiful pink colour.More photos when others come out.
My stepmother died yesterday.We went up to visit and I had been holding her hand(warm) and talking to her when I realised she wasn't breathing.She had obviously just slipped away in her sleep just before we arrived.Quite a surreal situation to be in.She was 86 and had never been ill until two years ago when the Big C got her.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ruby Rabbit.

Here is Ruby Rabbit.I am thrilled with her but can see her imperfections.It makes you realise how talented Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits is.Since she released the pattern last there is a whole gang of little rabbits being made all over the world.The power of the internet.
Now, to change the subject all together.Do you ever feel that you are the one doing all the caring about others but when you need a bit of TLC no one notices.Last week a cousin of mine died.She was only 70 which is relatively young these days.We are waiting for a phone call to say my step mother has passed away.It is a very complicated situation because she was only married to my father for 5 years and he died in 1981.Since then she has been in the family home.My brother and I have no idea what is going to happen to the house.She has two sisters who are doing a wonderful job looking after her at home.We should be going on holiday in 10 days time but I don't think that will happen.My friends know all about this,my OH does, my children do but no one thinks about me.This making me sound very selfish but I am the one on the phone all the time asking them how they are.
Anyway, sorry about the moaning but I feel better.It won't happen again.Honestly!

Monday, 20 May 2013

W.I.Ps (yes, another blanket and a rabbit!)

 Having made blankets for two out of my three granddaughters I decided that my two grandsons (Finlay 10 next Friday and Angus 6) should not miss out.I am quite pleased with how the colours are panning out.Making these blankets is a mindless occupation I can do while watching TV.
 OOPS.Don't know what happened here and don't know how to turn it.Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits has released the patterns for two of her adorable little rabbits so I decided to have a go.I think the head is probably the trickiest bit and I feel quite pleased with how it has turned out.I am using Rowan Alpaca Cotton which has a nice texture to it.
This is,hopefully, what my Ruby Rabbit should look like when finished..

Monday, 13 May 2013

Our trip to Madrid.

 We had a great trip to Madrid.The flights were on time,the hotel was great ,the weather was good and most importantly my knee stood up to the walking.Above is the Royal Palace,seen from the open top tourist bus.
 This the famous Plaza Major.
 There were lots of these "ham museums",shops selling a huge range of hams.

The main purpose of our visit was to visit the three main art galleries.We booked all our tickets online before we left the UK.Our first and favourite museum was the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza which had a special Impressionism and Open -Air Painting exhibition.
 A photo of me and Mr H at the entrance to the exhibition.We were first in and so had a great view of all the art.It was mindblowing.So much to take in.
Our second day we went to the Prado which was our least favourite.The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is in here,lots of Rubens,Goya,Raphael.
Our third day we went to Museo Reina Sofia.This had a special Dali exhibition but I am not into Surrealism so it didn't do a lot for me.
Photography is not allowed so below are some photos of postcards we brought back to remind us of our trip.
 This is the famous Picasso painting of Guernica(1937) one of his greatest works.It is huge and takes some time to take it all in.
 Dali's The Persistence of Memory.This was much smaller than I expected.
 These are my favourite paintings by Van Gogh.He is my all time fave and these were two we hadn't seen before.The pc's don't do it justice.It is titled Stevedores in Arles(1888).Idid have another picture but it has disappeared.Another Van Gogh.I'll show you that next time.It was a short trip but very memorable and enjoyable.Away again in 3 weeks to France for a week.Have to make up for lost time.