Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Had a great day yesterday.

Sarah( our daughter) and Emily and Ruby (our granddaughters) came over for the day it being half term.It was lovely to have them here as we usually go to them.They arrived quite early as they are only forty minutes away.We had suggested bringing walking boots or wellies so we could have a little walk.After Ruby had told us all about her PGL weekend with Guides we headed to Loggerheads.This an AONB area only ten minutes from our house.We had a lovely walk by the river among the trees.The colours were wonderful.The girls went clambering up rock faces ( even at 13 ) and it was great.We then went out to lunch at one of our favourite pubs and then back home for the afternoon.They love playing games so we had a fun afternoon doing that.They went about 5pm but we were due out with friends for a meal at 7pm.Originally there were 11 of us ( 5 couples and a widower) who ate out at least once a month.However in August two of the couples moved south to be nearer their children.This means there are only seven of us and one of the couples are really showing their age.The husband is very forgetful.I don't like change andI have found it very hard our closest friends have moved away and our happy group is  changing.
Do you find change hard or do you welcome the challenge?

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

I have bought a weaving loom.

 I have bought an Ashford weaving loom.I have wanted to try weaving for a long time so took the plunge.I could have gone on a course but it was all day and £50 so decided to try and work it out for myself.I must say I am really chuffed with my first attempt.
Anyone got any tips for me or can recommend a good book with ideas and instructions.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

To continue.....

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Monday, 8 October 2018

Progress on my blanket.

I am following Lucy at Attic 24 's pattern called Hydrangea blanket.It is very easy to follow.I am not following Lucy's colour chart but have come up with my own selection.It is a pity the colours never come up true on the blog.I am really enjoying doing it.A nice cosy project for these cooler evenings.We went up to Manchester on Saturday to see Ella our granddaughter and she seems fine.We met in Manchester City Art Gallery.,had coffee and mattered and then went to look at some art.There is a major,free exhibition of work by Annie Swynnerton which I loved.She was elected the first female member of the Royal Academy in 1922.She was a passionate supporter of women's rights  and way ahead of her time.We then went to have lunch in the Slug and Lettuce(what a name) and took Ella back to her Hall about 3pm.She invited us to see her room and 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


We went to the theatre last night to see Lord of the Flies.It was brilliant.The set was amazing.The cast all female where in the book it is males.However,they kept the boys name.I didn’t quite get that.The cast included identical twins.On Saturday The Guardian gave it four out of five.It is a joint production with Sherman Theatre Cardiff and our Theatr Clwyd.We are so lucky to have this theatre five minutes away.Two theatres,a film theatre ,a smaller studio theatre and a function room for Comedy Club and recitals etc.We live in a small market town in NE Wales.Population 10,000.
My blanket is moving on but I have started knitting mittens for the homeless,am doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw and reading the book for my next Reading Group session.Three Things About Elsie.Anyone read it.I am finding it a bit close to home!!!
On Saturday we are going to Manchester to take our eldest granddaughter out for the day.She started Uni there two weeks ago and is feeling a bit homesick.Mum and Dad and brothers are four hours away .We are about an hour away so looking forward to seeing a lot more of Ella.