Sunday 24 September 2023

Where do you live?

 After 49 years living in Wales we have now moved to England to be near our daughter.


Monday 18 September 2023

Busy times.

 I haven’t been on here for a while.I never feel I have anything of value to say but anyway here goes.

Today has been the only day this week I have nothing organised.I have been retired for almost thirty years and it has just flashed by.

Tomorrow I go to an Art Appreciation group.There will be an illustrated talk and a cup of tea and a chat.Wednesday there is a general group meeting.The topic Birds and their songs.Thursday is Social History planning meeting.My OH is doing a couple of sessions on WW1 and is asking for volunteer to add to it.I am doing a bit about Belgian refugees who came to our town.

Friday I meet my best friend in the town where I lived until two years ago having lived there for 49 years.It is a 40 minute away.

So it is another busy  week.