Saturday 18 November 2017

Ruby was 10 this week.

Yes.Ruby was ten this week.All five of our grandchildren are in double figures.Two are taller than me and one the same height.Where has all the time gone?Ruby,sat on my knee, had chosen a Chinese restaurant for her birthday treat and this photo was taken there.The food was wonderful but far too much of it.It was very happy occasion.
We love seeing these girls every week.We pick Ruby up from school.Emily walks home from Secondary school herself.We then stay until Mum or Dad comes home and we usually do tea.We don't see our Cambridge grandchildren very often,usually every couple of months.The time will soon come when they don't need looking after.I dread that!
Apart from birthdays what have I been upto.Christmas shopping is coming along nicely with the helpof Amazon.WE went to the theatre to see Not about Heroes.It was a two hander about the war poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.It was excellent.We have seen the film Victoria and Abdul which we really enjoyed.I had Reading Group on Thursday.We discussed Sashenka by Simon Montefiore.600 pages long and lots of Russian names.It was Quiz night last night.We didn't do very well.Still,it gets us out and about and mixing with people.
I have finished my second sweater this afternoon,the olive green one.Now to start the rust coloured on.e.Photos soon.