Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The laburnum arch at Bodnant,North Wales.

 We had a free day today so decided we would pootle down the coast to Bodnant.Bodnant Gardens are just outside Conway in North Wales about 45 minutes by car from our house.Bodnant is famous for its azaleas and rhodedendrons but also its laburnum arch.This week is the week to see it.It is truly magnificent and the photos don't really do it justice.If you can see it on a sunny day it is amazing but today was cloudy.
                                                   A closer look.
 Today we went in a part of the garden that hasn't been open before called the Yew Dell.This is looking down into the dell.
                                  Back to the main part of the garden and some beautiful irises.
                               They are part of this circular garden.
                                 A view from the Rose Garden over the lily pond.
                                 I wanted to share these photos with you as it is such a special place.I just 
                                 wish we had a sunny day for better shots.It was very busy,lots of coaches and
                                 cars.We then had a pub lunch and home for a quick snooze as I was so shattered
                                 with all the walking!!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

My mandala for Yarndale 2014.

Last year we made bunting for Yarndale.This year we have been asked to make a mandala.Only one.These are going to be put together to make a huge wall display,I think.I have chosen what I think will be colours that are not quite so common so I can recognise it when I am there.I didn't spot my bunting last year.There was just so much of it.I was quite pleased,well really pleased, that I could follow the pattern!I couldn't understand why my cross bits were going the wrong way and then realised I am left handed and going the other way.
I have painted my mandala with PVA but it isn't rigid.Does anyone know whether it should be?