Wednesday, 28 July 2010

some photos

Some rhinos in Chester

OOps.Got this wrong!

Photos from RHS Tatton Flower Show

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What a week.

We have been without a computer for nearly a week.awful.We bought a new laptop in March and it has never worked properly.We have been back umpteen times with it and finally it has been sent away for maybe upto 4 weeks!!It really isn't good enough.I think we got a friday afternnon one.I have been promising myself a netbook for ages so today I bought one and I'm back in business.

You perhaps remember me saying we were having work done on the loft to add a toilet and make the bedroom up there meet building regs.They should have started yesterday but it didn't happen because the man from planning didn't turn should have started today but the builder arrived to say that planning wouldn't give him building regs approval without loads of extra work so home he went and it looks as though the whole thing is scrapped.We will just have to use it as storage.We are really upset because we had emptied the loft and brought everything downstairs.Now it will all have to go back.

We had Emily to stay for 2 nights last week.We went to chester to do our rhino hunt.She insisted on having a clipboard and keeping a tally.She is only just 5!We counted 22.We also had a boat ride on the River Dee.

On Friday we took Em back and then went to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton.(The tickets were a xmas present).We had a great day and i managed to walk round for 5 hours which was great.As this is a new computer I'm not sure how to put photos on but will try and put some on later.

It's great to be back!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rain,rain and even more rain.

After weeks and weeks of no rain it has been pouring down for days and today has been especially heavy.I just hope it clears up soon.our granddaughter is coming to stay for Wednesday and Thursday night.On Thursday we were hoping to go to Chester and find all the rhinos that are around the city this summer.We were then going to have a trip on a boat on the river Dee.

On Friday we are going to the RHS Flower show at Tatton.The tickets were a Xmas present from our son and we are so looking forward to it.I may have to go out and buy some wellies!!!

We have just had an e mail from someone that we knew when we went to a youth club when we were in our teens(that is a long,long time ago).They are having reunion in August.We think we might is in Bolton where we grew up.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Modern Home Doctor.

The Modern Home Doctor is the title of a book I found in the loft.It is well thumbed and dates from 1935.I remember it being in the family home.It is fascinating to read how things have changed or not changed.As I have mentioned before our daughter is an insulin dependent diabetic and has been since she was 4.This treatment for this has not changed at all.Testing methods and different types of insulin have moved on but we are no nearer to finding a cure than when insulin was first diagnosed.

There is a section on "boilermakers' deafness","chromium platers skin diseases","weavers' bottom","ironworkers' cataract" etc,etc.Fascinating.There is also a section on spas and recommended seaside resorts.Blackpool,Rhyl and Llandudno are in the list!

The funniest though was in the section on birth control.I quote.."complete abstention is neither practical nor healthy in conjugal life,although moderation is certainly desirable from a health point of view; in this respect twin beds are more hygienic".!!!

Thought you might find this interesting.A little pice of history.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Clearing the loft.

Clearing the loft is great.We are getting rid of so much stuff but there is lots we don't know what to do with.There is crockery that belonged to my grandparents,cups my mother won for playing tennis,memorabilia from our children etc.Sarah came over today to collect some things-well,4 bin bags full.Our grandaughter in Cambridge is 5 years older than our granddaughter in Northwich.All Ella's cast offs came here.All the bags were age sorted.There was one that was 5-6.When we opened it,it was full of Boden,Monsoon and Gap clothes!Emily is 5 and so they are just right.Sarah was so chuffed.
We have hundreds of books.To go on the keep pile I had to be able to say that either I would read it again or it might come up at one of my book groups.The rest are going to the Oxfam book shop in chester.
We went to see a film called Nightwatching last night about Rembrandt.It was a bit long at 2 and a quarter hours.It was interesting but a tad bizarre.I had my check up on my new knee yesterday and they are thrilled with my range of movement and my walking.I am too.I am trying to do a half hour walk every day to improve it even more and to lose some weight!! so,so difficult.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

wool and more wool

We were doing some clearing up in the loft today.We live in a bungalow which has a huge loft.We have had a staircase put in and in 3 weeks time we are having the conversion finished.It will give us a 4th bedroom ,a huge open area and we are also having a toilet up there.There is a nice little area which I am hoping to claim as a craft area.Wouldn't that be great to have all my craft stuff together.
Anyway while we were up there sorting I kept finding bags of wool.C kept saying "more wool","yet more wool".What can I do with it all?it seems a shame to just throw it away.Some I will keep to make afghans ,toys,dolls clothes etc but what about the rest.Does anyone know any charity or organisation that could use it?Ideas welcomed.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


C dropped me at Stash Fine Yarn this morning while he went to B&Q,prior to us going into Chester.Big mistake!I bought this yarn to do the above(sorry, the flash spoiled it).I intended to buy cream but spotted this and changed my mind.

I bought this as well for socks?shawlette?This was in the sale and was only £4 per hank for 100g.It is 75% wool,25% polyamide.A bargain ,I think.

I had time to browse and spotted this lace yarn.They don't usually have laceweight and i couldn't resist.This is70% alpaca,25% silk and 5% cashmere.I keep touching it ,it is so soft.This is going to be for a shawl.
I have definitely got my mojo back.I have started my crocheted cardie in DK cotton,have got some crochet squares to do and this month's blanket square.
We are very proud that our daughter did the Race for Life on Sunday and raised £150 for cancer Reasearch.She isn't very fit,doesn't have time but she did the 6K in 46 minutes.Well done Sarah!I intend to di it next year but I shall walk.

Friday, 2 July 2010

getting my mojo back.

Yes,I am getting my mojo back thanks to suggestions from people.I am joining the CAL so can use up some of my bits of wool.I am also going to try and crochet a cardigan that is in this month's Inside is in DK and I can buy that here in Mold.

I can't wait to get going.The trouble is we have my brother in law coming for the weekend.He has house in Newcastle on Tyne but spends most of his time in Thailand where he has a flat and Kenya where he has a girlfriend(we think).

Sarah and family will join us tomorrow so Uncle Paul can see his great nieces.

I think it will be a tennis v football weekend as well.