Monday, 30 November 2020

He is home.

Phew .It wasn't a heart attack but he does have a heart abnormality which will be investigated but not life threatening.What a relief.

My husband has been rushed into hospital

with a suspected heart attack.I made him contact the surgery because he had had chest pains in the night.He just thought it was indigestion.They did an ECG and thought he had had a heart attack.They phoned for an ambulance ,Priority One and we waited two and a half hours for it to come..The latest news is that he is sat in the ambulance,outside the hospital,with three paramedics with him. I am a nervous wreck.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving !

Hope you have a super day but stay safe. Barbara

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Can you believe it.?

As I have posted previously we had sold our house to move nearer to our daughter.When the second surge of Covid started we decided to put the move on hold,told our buyer it was hers when we decided we could move safely.Over the last couple of weeks we have been viewing properties and today decided on one.Offers had to be in this afternoon.So we came home checked with our agent that the lady was ready to proceed.He phoned her and she said she has bought another house weeks ago.She hadnt the decency to let us know or the agent.So we are back to square one.I just can't understand people like this and feel totally let down to addto how fed up I was anyway. The next big decision is do we go to Cambridge ,four hours away,for Xmas to see our son ,daughter in law and three grandchildren.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Some sea air...

C has been saying for days he wanted some sea air.After three weeks of having to stay in our county and then two weeks of lockdown and then loads of rainy days we finally made it.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

I don’t normally watch I’m a celebrity but this year...

it is taking place about a thirty minute drive from here.It is pouring down here at the moment and only 8 degrees.It is avery grand looking castle built in the 18 hundreds so not a typical Welsh castle.A young man has raised loads of money to take it from a ruin and still has a long way to go.I think the ,reprtedly,£300,000 that ITV are paying to use it might help.I shall watch with interest .

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Any news about Weaver of Grass.

Has anyone been in contact with Pat?

Friday, 6 November 2020

Seeing the grandchildren.Not.

Our son organised a family zoom quiz last night.It was the first time I had used zoom.It was a lot of fun.We could see all the grandchildren.Ella in Manchester(at Uni),Emily and Ruby in Cheshire,Angus and Fin in Cambridge and us in North Wales.We thoroughly enjoyed but I have felt so flat since.Look but can't touch.I so need some grandkids hugs but not at least for another four weeks and will we get to Cambridge at Christmas. I have given myself a good talking to and counted my blessings. The sun is shining,we are all well and it will be over soon. Stay safe Barbaraxx P.S. I can hear the children playing out at the nearby school.What a lovely sound.Probably wouldn't understand what they are saying as it is a Welsh medium school!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

A lot of wine but not much food!

OH did the Sainsburs delivery order last week.Lots of wine but some vital items missing.We have run out of veg so decided we would go to our local outdoor market.We havnt been in a supermarket since March.We decided outdoor shopping would be fine. What a treat to actually see fresh produce and select our own.All very safe. Then as we were getting out of the car back home a friend happened to be passing and we had a socially distanced chat. Then I went to Specsavers for an eyesight checkup.It seems I havnt had new glasses for three years.I thought it was last year.Is that my age that time is gallopping past.So ,I came home £188.00 lighter. What an exciting day!!!!!!! It just shows the t8mes we are in.Stay safe . love all my bloggy friends. Barbaraxxx

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Letter Box flowers

These flowers came through the letter box.They come carefully wrapped with instructions.Three days later they look like this.Amazing.