Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.Still three hours to go here until midnight.We are having a quiet night in just the two of us with a bottle of wine.We never have made much of New Year.Tomorrow we are out with friends for a meal.Then I have tp prepare myself for January 9th when I have my knee op.Then 2013 will really start!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

4 out of 5 grandchildren!

 I thought I would share this photo with you.Four out of five of the grandchildren ready to go out for Christmas dinner with Grandpa,my husband.From l-r Finlay 9,Angus,cool dude,6,Emily 7 and our baby Ruby 5.I won't embarass 13 yr old Ella with showing her photo.Ruby discovered a passion for Roses chocolates and was seen a lot of the time carrying the Roses tin and saying"Please can I have a rose".
 Kings College ,Cambridge.It is such a beautiful city with so many lovely buildings.
There were lots of lampposts with knitting wrapped round them and our D-in-Law said it was all over it just Cambridge or is it in other places?Living in a small market town I don't often visit cities!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Its our wedding anniversary today.We exchanged cards and opened cards from our children and my brother  in law.Our son had bought us a board game called Senior Moments!We're not sure how to take this but it does look like good fun.We'll give it a go later.Tradition has it that we have a drive through Snowdonia and see if Snowdon has snow on it but the weather was so awful we knew there was no point as the clouds would be down on the mountains.Instead we went to Conway,had a walk round and then went to a pub called The Mulberry for lunch.The pub is by the marina and it is in this area where the mulberry floating harbours were developed and built in WW2.There is lots of interesting memorabilia around the pub which is very informative.The weather improved and we had a short walk in Llandudno and then home.Tonight we are going out to an oriental restaurant called the Hot Wok.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Xmas swap

Here is what I had in my swap box from Claire.Some Icelandic 100% wool Lopi yarn.I shall have to have a think as to what to make with this,some lovely coasters,chocs and a lovely toilet bag with goodies in it and not forgetting one of C's home made robins.Thank you Claire.
We got back from Cambridge yesterday.Unfortunately our son wasn't well when we arrived and then his wife got the dreaded lurgy but we had a lovely time.We ate out in a pub on Christmas Day(the pub William and Kate ate in when they were in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago!).It is right by the River Cam and we anxiously watched the river levels on Xmas Eve!It was lovely to have all the family together for a few days(12 of us) and to watch the grandchildren interact.More on this another day,tea is being served by my hubby.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

We have had a lovely family day.Lots of pressies,food and laughter.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, 17 December 2012

My latest blanket.Secret Santa box arrived.

This my latest blanket.It is for in my "den" to brighten it up a bit.It has grown so quickly and is great thing to do on cold evenings.I am a bit OCD on blankets!!
Thank you Secret Santa.Your box has arrived and i am keeping it to open on Christmas Day in Cambridge.
Finally       HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.Have a great time and keep well and safe.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Isn't this beautiful?

 Isn't this beautiful?There was a row of about 6 or seven webs all covered in hoar frost.The scenery has looked lovely today with hoar frost on the trees and everywhere.
Yesterday was C's birthday.We went to Manchester to the Xmas market.This is in front of the town hall but the market spreads down several streets and into St Ann's Square.The atmosphere was lovely.We bought a few things and had the usual bratwurst and mulled wine.Then it was off to pick our granddaughters up from school and take them back home to prepare the party tea.I had two very willing helpers.After tea it was Pass the Parcel,Musical Statues and the usual dancing.Back home by 7 pm exhausted but happy after a lovely funfilled day.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Where will you be spending Christmas?

We only see our family every other xmas but this year is the one we see them.We shall travel down to Cambridge on the 23rd Dec to our son's house and stay until 26th or 27th depending on their plans.There will be 12 of us all together.Me and my hubby,our son,his wife and three children,our daughter and husband and their two children plus my brother in law who is over from Kenya.The children are 5,6,7,9 and 13 so I think there will be a lot of noise and excitement.I can't wait.To have everyone together is wonderful.We are so lucky.There must be so many lonely people at this time of year.Last year we celebrated with friends who were also not seeing family and that was fine.
So, what are you doing this year?