Sunday, 28 March 2021

What a relief to be able to drive anywhere in Wales.

From last Saturday restrictions were lifted and we can now drive anywhere in Wales but not go across the border into England.This means we can't drive to Chester,in England, ten miles away but we could drive to Cardiff which is 200miles away. We decided a trip to the coast would be a good idea,about forty minutes away.We thought it would be busy but it wasn't.We went to Abergele and walked on the prom inhaling fresh sea air.Everyone was social distancing and most were wearing masks.It felt very safe.It lifted our spirits so much. Onwards and upwards,we hope.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

I am so excited!

I am having my hair cut etc at the hairdressers tomorrow.Here in Wales this is now allowed.My hair is very thick and the longer it grows the longer it takes me to dry it.We are also now allowed to get in the carand go out.We are supposed to only go five miles but that gives us the opportunity to get into the countryside and have a stroll.Having been in lockdown since December 20 th this feels like freedom. We are still being very careful not going into shops but having groceries delivered. How are doing?

Monday, 15 March 2021

Happy birthday to

Briony at Crafty Cats Corner.Hope you have had a lovely day.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Has anyone any ideas why,suddenly...

I cannot add comments to peoples posts.I have done various replies recently and none have appeared.HELP

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Catch up.

It has beenquite a pleasant day here in North Wales.We managed a walk this afternoon and I spotted these fungi.I looked them up when we got back and,I think, they are scarlet elf cup fungi and are quite scarce.We are only supposed to walk from home but as we live near the town centre there are are always lots of people around so we choose to drive a little way and do a walk,level,on a nature reserve.Very pleasant.
I have finished my granny square blanket just using oddments from my stash.I quite enjoyed doing it and it will go to a charity when they re open.No full balls were used just bits from my stash.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

What I have been doing in lockdown.

I have just finished a pair of socks .I have no more sock wool so decided to buy some more as C said he could do with some new ones.I usually use Wool Warehouse who are brilliant but all I kept getting was "out of stock" over and over again.I wanted some red Aran wool.Again "out of stock".I tried other suppliers and got the same.I eventually found a limited supply at Laughing Hens.My initial thought was that in lockdown everyone was knitting socks! Then when it arrived today I found out it is made in Germany.So, is it a Brexit supply problem?And I still havnt found any red aran!
I have also been using up my stash crocheting granny squares.I have done more than sixty.Nowthe job of joining them together.This is the second blanket I have done during lockdown and they will go to a homeless/ refugee charity. Thankfully I suffered no reaction to my covid jab. We have had quite a bit of snow recently so I cant get out for a walk.I am just getting bigger and stiffer as the days go by. Roll on an end to all this.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

I had my Covid vaccination last night.

Yesterday at 5.45 pm the phone went.OH answered it and it was the surgery saying could he go to a surgery 15 minutes away to have his jab.He has no spleen so is classed as vulnerable.C asked can my wife come too.?Yes ,but you have to come now .Tea was in the oven,we have lying snow and it was freezing but rapidly changed into something that we could expose our arms(good job as it was in a big open space with no privacy!)Anyway ,we got there in time,had our jabs,the Pfizer one and as we sat the required 15 minutes after and during that time they ran out!!! Phew.I said to the doctor who did mine that he must be exhausted.Absolutely not was his reply,exhilarated that they were getting on with it.It isn't effective for three weeks .We dont intend to change anything then.We shall stay home and take care but it has given us a boost that there is a bit of light at the end of this long tunnel. We both feel fine this morning.My arm is a bit sore but we have been told to possibly expect flu like symptoms. Hope you all get your jabs soon.