Sunday 17 March 2024


 I am so envious of you going to Glasfryn.we lived in Mold for 49 years.Life in Cheshire is not the same.Barbarax 

Sunday 24 December 2023

Happy Christmas to everyone!!!

 I grew up in a very strict Methodist Church home.We were not allowed to say “Merry Christmas “ as it implied you had been drinking!!

How times change.

We shall be with our daughter and ex husband and our two granddaughters.Looking forward to lots of fun and laughter and making some lovely memories.Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow.

Lots of love 

Barbara aka busybeejay

Sunday 24 September 2023

Where do you live?

 After 49 years living in Wales we have now moved to England to be near our daughter.


Monday 18 September 2023

Busy times.

 I haven’t been on here for a while.I never feel I have anything of value to say but anyway here goes.

Today has been the only day this week I have nothing organised.I have been retired for almost thirty years and it has just flashed by.

Tomorrow I go to an Art Appreciation group.There will be an illustrated talk and a cup of tea and a chat.Wednesday there is a general group meeting.The topic Birds and their songs.Thursday is Social History planning meeting.My OH is doing a couple of sessions on WW1 and is asking for volunteer to add to it.I am doing a bit about Belgian refugees who came to our town.

Friday I meet my best friend in the town where I lived until two years ago having lived there for 49 years.It is a 40 minute away.

So it is another busy  week.


Monday 6 February 2023

Over a month later…..

 Over a month after having Covid I am finally feeling a bit better.I have been so so tired.I lost my appetite but no weight!!!

Normally in the evening when I am sat watching TV I would knit or crochet.Nothing since then until last night and I made the effort to do some simple knitting (trying not to let it distract me from Happy Valley).

Our daughter dropped a bombshell last week telling us that she and her OH are splitting up.Not what we wanted to hear.They have been married for nearly 20 years and have two daughters aged 15 and 17.They are putting their house up for sale.It will sell quickly because they are very close to a popular local primary school.We moved here from our beloved market town of fifty years and now they are moving!!It won’t be very far because they won’t want R to change schools.E is off to Uni in September so is less affected.We suspected nothing.

We went to U3A Social History this morning.It was a talk on The Sixties.So many memories stirred.Fashion.Mini skirts.I wore mini skirts,very short and I was teaching in a Primary school.I don’t think I would get away with it now.The Beatles,Gerry and the Pacemakers etc.Films.TV.Dads Army,Cathy come Home.Hattie Jaqueline and Eric Sykes.Harry Worth etc.

How things have moved on.The speaker was saying that before these times change was slow but more recently it has obviously speeded up.

Good night on the TV tonight.I love quiz series.Fingers crossed I get some knitting done.

Back soon.


Sunday 1 January 2023

I have tested positive for COVID.

 Yes.I have tested positive for COVID. That is NOT a good start to the year.We were down in Cambridge for Xmas.Angus ,our sixteen year old grandson,had a cold and we thought nothing of it.He had just come back from a school skiing trip to Austria on a coach non stop.Looking back at the photos I am either sat opposite him or next to him.I havn’t been well since the 28th so should be over the worst of it now.Fingers crossed.I had cold symptoms now I just feel washed out.It means I can’t see my grandchildren who live around the corner.Very frustrating.Onwards and upwards.


Saturday 31 December 2022

Happy New Year from Barbara

 Happy New Year.

Hope it a happy and healthy year for everyone.

Lots of love