Monday, 31 August 2009

red shawl

This is my completed Dane shawl done with Posh Yarn Sock Club wool.It looks a bit more orange than it actually is.It was very quick to do and may be my Xmas project for everyone!!I did try and photograph my latest socks but because they are done in rib pattern they looked ridiculous.

I am now working on a jacket for my granddaughter(nearly 2).It is in DK and is growing very quickly.I have also got a 2ply scarf on the go but I am getting a bit bored with it.

I spent the morning gardening,tackling a job that has needed doing for years so I think I have earned some knitting time watching either athletics or the US open tennis if it has started.

I am also trying to exercise more and putting on my pedometer.The most stepsI had managed was 6,000 but then on Thursday my D came over with the little girls.She arrived at 9.30.a.m and didn't leave until 8.00p.m and guess what-I had done 10,012 steps during the day and a fair bit of weightlifting(the girls).

Keep up the knitting!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What happens to the days?

I can't believe it is a week since I wrote anything and I am only going to write a little bit tonight as I don't think anyone is reading it!!!
My knitting has moved on a little bit.I have finished my Violet Green socks which are a beautiful colour(photo tomorrow).I started the Dane shawl with my Posh sock wool and then undid and have now started knitting Dane shawl for the second time.It's only because someone posted a photo of the finished article and it looked so good.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A busy day

Yesterday was a busy day.The Art Appreciation group that C and I go to had arranged a guided tour of Manchester City Art gallery.It is somewhere we often go but to have a guide makes it much more interesting.To stand in front of a painting and have it explained to you is really good and you just wish you could do the same with every picture.The guide particularly showed us the Pre Raphaelite paintings as most of us have been watching Desperate Romantics on BBC 2( with varying opinions on it).It was really enjoyable.Most people went on the train but we drove.It only took us 55 minutes but cost us £8 on the car park.
From there we went to Tatton(N.T) and had a walk round the gardens and some lunch.I had on my pedometer in the desperate attempt to lose some weight! I did 5,500 steps at Tatton so if I had had it on in Manchester it would have been a huge number.
Called on the way back at the Bead Trail at Blakemere and arrived home exhausted but felt we had had a great day.
Today has been somewhat quieter.A walk down and back to the market(3,000 steps) and a short shopping trip this afternoon.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Should we/shouldn't we?

Should we /shouldn't we get another cat.our beloved oscar died nearly 2 years ago and since then we have been undecided about getting another.Yesterday we came a step closer by going to the cat rescue where they had loads of kittens and a beautiful tabby who they think has been abandoned.He only came into the rescue on Thursday and they have to wait 10 days to see if he is claimed.He is about three months old.It is a huge commitment and we do go away quite a lot.Much food for thought.
Another shouldwe/shouldn't we is about buying a motorhome.We have talked about it for ages and if we don't do it soon it won't happen.More food for thought.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Busy 2 days.

Yesterday we decided to have a little trip .We went to Quarry Bank mill( National Trust) in Cheshire.It was really interesting .They have recently started renovating the gardens of the mill owner's house and we wanted to see what they looked like.It has mostly been done by volunteers and they have done really well.We also went round the mill and the Apprentices' house.A lady in costume did the guided tour and it was good that there were children in our group who could relate to what it was like then for 9 year olds.But there was so much walking and so many steps that after 4 hours I was absolutely shattered.

Today I thought would be a quiet day.Oh was supposed to be playing golf this a.m but rain stopped play and it was postponed to this afternoon.Then the phone went and it was Sarah saying her washer had broken and could she come and bring all her holiday washing here.They arrived at 11a.m and 2 meals,umpteen washes and tumble dries later they have just gone.Mike jumped at the chance of a game of golf.S. bathed the girls and put them in their pjs ready for bed.

It has been a lovely couple of days but I may have to recover tomorrow.Maybe knit all day?

Saturday, 8 August 2009


I soaked my Tilia shawl for 20 minutes following some advice on Ravelry and then just kept pulling it.It has certainly ended up a couple of inches bigger than before but it was risky.I'm a novice to blocking but understand you can get blocking wires.
My socks are from the Violet Green sock club.You pay for 4 months and get a pack every month i.e 4 lots.A different pattern comes with each one and this to me is the challenge.I have 2 waiting to be done but they both look a bit tricky!! one has horizontal stripes in it!!
Thursday was sad day it that we had to go to the funeral of mt OH's last auntie.She was 85 when she died and had dementia.What also was sad that 2 of my OH's cousins were there and he didn't recognise them!!We moved away from our home town many years ago.I still keep in touch with all my cousins but i suppose that is the difference between men and women.
Friday I met my knitting friend and we put the world to rights and then went looking for a sat nav.Any recommendations gratefully received.
Today we have gardened and enjoyed the sunshine.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Here is a photo of my Violet green Harlequin socks.You won't believe how long it has taken me (and OH) to work this out!!I really enjoyed doing this pattern.
Today has been a gardening day.We have clipped ,cut, sheared and mown and it has taken us all morning.This afternoon we sat reading in the sunshine.Yes, sunshine here in North Wales!!We used to have a third of an acre garden which I loved but OH persuaded me that we should sell some of it as a building plot.Regrettably we now have a bungalow in the bottom half which we thought would be nice and quiet but they have 3 children and a very noisy dog.It has still left us with a decent size garden but just not the same as it was.
Wound some 2 ply last night just need a pattern for a shawl with inclusive borders.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

no weight loss

I have to admit I did not lose any weight this last week.
Today I went to the dentist for a check up and for him to look at a tooth we have trying to save for ages but bits keep dropping off.Anyway he decided it needed to come out.It is right at the back and you can't see it.I am a real coward at the dentist but he is brilliant.He gave me 2 injections and although it had a twisted root he managed to get it out.He told me that I have very dense jaw bones.(Could this be why I weigh so much-dense bones!!)I am feeling ok but my bank balance is £130 lighter and it was all over and done with in a quarter of an hour.
I have decided to knit the Dane shawl with my Posh Yarn August sock club yarn.It is looking good but the yarn seems so thick after doing lace knitting.Has anyone got the book Knitted Estonian Lace and would you recommend it?
Between us and next door we have a cupressus hedge.For ages the lady there has been nagging us to get it taken down by 2 feet.In the end we arranged it but the bloke said he couldn't come for a while.In the meantime lady next door sold her house but we forgot to cancel the gardener thinking he would ring before he came .Anyway we were out on saturday morning and when we came back we could hear a chain saw and he had done half the job.He had climbed over our locked gate and just got on with it.There was no going back and the job cost £200.Also our main car is in for bodywork repairs..Someone ran into us in a car park in Stratford and just drove off.That is costing £150.Not a good week!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Posh wool

I had my pink parcel today ,the last of the Sock Club and it is a gorgeous red.It's far too nice to make socks so I think it will be a scarf.I have at long last finished my Harlequin socks from Violet Green Sock Club but have two more of their sock patterns still to do.I like to have aty least 2 projects on the go,one I can knit while watching TV and another that is a challenge.