Sunday, 25 March 2018

My latest knitting project.

These are my latest pair of socks.The yarn is Stylecraft Head over Heels,shade Ingleborough.It is a great colour way.Very bright and jazzy which C likes.
WHat a gorgeous day it has been today.After last weekends snow we actually sat out in the garden.C mowed ad scarified the lawns and I did odd bits and bobs.We are trying to get the garden into as easy a job as we can.Having three huge trees doesn't help.We are still raking up leaves from last Autumn.There is very little soil as we are all roots making it very uneven and with no depth.
I need a new knitting project.Any suggestions welcome.I have done so many pairs of socks,umpteen scarves and shawls and don't fancy tackling a jumper or cardigan.I have run out of ideas!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

I have managed a photo!!!

At long last I have managed to load a photo.I hope I can do it again.
This is the latest project of mine.It is a kit by White Willow stitching and is called "Tribal Owl".This is what the completed owl looks like.I am about half way there and really enjoying doing it because it is simple with only four colours.I bought the cross stitch chart and then bought the threads.
watch this space for more photos to come.(fingers crossed).

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My reading group.

It was my reading group this morning.This month's book was Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant.There was an element of sadness today because one of our members died a couple of weeks ago.She was only 71.We are part of Flintshire U3A and our reading group was one of the first groups to be formed.We realised today that we have been going for 16 years!!!!Unbelievable.The first book we read was Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.Apart from the first couple of months the group has stayed the same.Three have now died.One aged 85 and another 91 both very sharp till the very end.I think it is amazing that for 16 years we have kept it going.Two replacements have fitted in very well and after all these years we still have great discussions.It is definitely a discussion group and not an excuse just for a natter!!! next month is Rough Music by Patrick Gale. MAy Under a Pole Star Stef Penny June The Wonder Emma Donohue July Bird Cage Walk Helen Dunmore August Whatever you Love Louise Doughty September Homeland Clare Francis Are you in a reading group and can you give me some good recommendations?The eight of us,now ,seven all choose a book for the next seven months.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How much do you pay at the dentists?

I have been to the dentists this afternoon.A check up and an X-ray cost me £50.69 US dollars,88 Australian dollars or 56 Euros.I need a cracked filling replacing in April and that will cost me £115,or 159 US dollars,204 Australian dollars or 160 Euros.There are no places in any NHS dentists so I have no choice.What I want to know is how people who are on low incomes manage these prices.Theresa May talks about " the just about managing" families or is it only the better off who can afford to go. At long last most of the snow has gone and it is a little milder but still a frost tonight. I am really enjoying doing some cross stitch at the moment and my watching TV knitting is a fox!Badger,hare ,rabbit and squirrel will follow!Why am I doing this.I have no idea.I just fancied something different.

Friday, 2 March 2018

The results of my health screening.

I got the results yesterday.They are shown as "green" everything is fine,"Amber" you need to keep an eye on this or"red" you really need to do something about this.Fortunately ,I got mainly "greens".I got an amber for my blood pressure but she only did it once and I regularly take my own at home and it is fine.Liver function( I do enjoy a glass of wine!) and kidney function and blood sugar we're green.Phew !!!Lung function ,thyroid and haematology were green also.Cholesterol was an amber at 6.3 but my big red one was "You are overweight".I was expecting this but seem stuck at the weight I am.Probably this is the reason for my breathlessness so I must do something about this.Exercise more but as it has been minus temperatures here for days and a covering of snow that will have to wait.So,on the whole I was pretty encouraged by the results of the screening and glad I had it done. another positive is that C went for his Rheumatoid Arthritis check up year day and was told he is in remission a.d they are slowly going to reduce his medication. The weather in the UK is dire at the moment.More snow than we have had for years.Our granddaughter has gone off to Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia and Thailand for seven weeks .She has gone with three friends and others are joining them en route.I am hoping this is the making of her because she has had some mental health problems over the last 15 months.Miraculously hers was one of a handful of flights that left Gatwick last night.She goes off to Uni in September.She is going to Manchester and so will only be an hour away from us( four at the moment) and our daughter is even closer.We are looking forward to seeing more of her. have a great weekend.Take care and keep warm.