Wednesday 30 January 2013

Can you recommend a good book?

I'm a bit stuck at the moment for something to read so would appreciate some recommendations please.I don't like crime novels and I don't like long books!What have you enjoyed recently?

Sunday 27 January 2013

I'm addicted.......

 I'm addicted to blanket making and it will have to stop soon!The above is the one I finished last week for my youngest grandaughter Ruby aged 5.(She lost her first tooth on Friday and was so upset she tried to put it back in!)She can't have it yet until another one is made for her sister Emily who is 7.
This is Emily's.Sorry the photo is on it's side.Blankets are such great projects for the winter as they keep you warm as you are doing them.I have used Stylecraft Special Dk and at £1.30 for 100gr it isn't too expensive.
I am already planning my next one.On a snowy Saturday last weekend I sorted out my craft cupboard(don't you feel good when you have done it) and all my spare bits of yarn are all together in one box and I am just going to make a random, multicoloured blanket.If it looks awful the cat can have it!!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Stunning scenery

 We decided on a trip through Snowdonia today.It is only an hour away from us and what stunning scenery awaited us.This is by Plas y Brenin.The lake that usually is full of canoeists was frozen.Snowdon can be seen in the distance.
 Closer to Snowdon even more spectacular.The roads were deserted but clear of snow and ice.
I took this through the windscreen on the way down through to Llanberis.We had just come past the car park where you park for Snowdon and it was full so there must have been some hardy souls who were attempting the climb!
We have had 7 inches of snow here in Mold and most of it is still here.More is expected in the next 24 hours.We had stopped in Betws y Coed for a coffee on the way and there was no snow there.
After our Snowdonia drive we went on to Anglesey to Beaumaris for lunch.We finish the day off with our Wine Appreciation group this evening,always a great event,lots of laughter as well as cheese and wine.

Sunday 13 January 2013

I bought this magazine..

I bought this magazine in Hobbycraft yesterday not realising it was last month's issue.When I googled it there were comments about it being taken over by someone else.Has anyone had the next issue?
We are expecting snow this afternoon and it shows it has gone a lot colder because I have just seen our first blackcap of the winter in the garden.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

My op was cancelled AGAIN!!!

As you know I was due to go into hospital today for knee revision surgery.I had a phone call yesterday afternoon saying that they had discovered, on looking through my notes for today ,that at my pre op in December I had a urine infection.This had been overlooked.I went down to the hospital to give another sample but they didn't know until 10am today the result.So I had to turn up at 7am this morning,go through all the rigmarole of seeing anaesthetist,getting crutches,having obs done and great big arrow on my right leg only to be told I still had an infection and my consultant would not risk operating.I am gutted.They have given me another date that is five weeks away.What a waste of NHS money!!

Saturday 5 January 2013

Getting ready...

As I am going into hospital(fingers crossed they don't cancel) on Wednesday and I don't know how incapacitated I am going to be I decided a trip to Hobbycraft was needed.I havn't done any cross stitch for a while only knitting and crocheting so off we went.I spotted the above in the sale.An Elsa Williams kit reduced from £31 down to £10 and it was of a peacock.My daughter's married name is Peacock so I thought it would make a nice present for her and the style,slightly impressionistic appealed to me.
I have also had a load of Stylecraft Special DK in various shades of pinks and mauves delivered(Afan Crafts £1.30 a ball and a huge range of colours).This is for making snuggle blankets for my two younger granddaughters.
My other little project is a Pompom maker.That looks fun.
So, do you think I am going to have enough to keep me busy?