Saturday, 22 August 2020

Is it really 5 weeks since I did a post?

We are in strange times.We have sold our house(hopefully) and are moving to be nearer our daughter and family.We feel we are in limbo.We are moving from a four bedroomed house to a two bedroom bungalow with fitted wardrobes.We have so much furniture toget rid of but daren't do it until everything is completed.We are giving it away hopefully a young person will have it.Yesterday we cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and lined them so less cleaning when moving day comes. We have lived in our market town for 48 years so the move ,although only 40 minutes away ,will be a big thing for us.We hope we will be able to help Sarah out as her husband cannot drive until next April following his brain tumour operation.As we get older it will be good to be closer. Never used this new Blogger before so no photos.