Sunday, 20 October 2019

Three finished projects.

 This is a scarf knitted in lace weight.The pattern is on Ravelry and it is called Upstairs and is free.It was an easy pattern to follow.
 I decided to reduce my stash and make a granny square blanket.It is a shame the colours are not true as they are all very rich colours.The pale green is actually lime green.I decided to edge it is brown to make the other colours stand out.It was meant for the homeless or refugees but I may not be able to part with it.    .....yet.

 Lastly, a pair of socks for my granddaughter who is going to be spending a semester in Madison,Wisconsin,USA at he university there.It will be very cold so these are knitted in DK.Another pair are on the needles.

Friday, 18 October 2019

This week.

Firstly,an update on son in law.He has his pre op on November 20th and the op on December 10th.He is very anxious about it as we all are.
This week we have had my brother in law staying.He lives in Kenya but comes backeverycouple of years to catch up with family and friends.He has never married but does have a Kenyan lady friend.She never comes because she won't fly.For the two weeks before he came a whole host of parcels began to arrive.Things he cannot buy in Kenya.He flew into Gatwick and then caught the train into London and then train to Chester where my husband met him.There is 11 years difference between them.To look at them you would think my OH was the younger one!He arrived on Monday afternoon and we just chatted and had a casserole for tea.Tuesday was our Art Appreciation Group,a talk about "Emotion in Victorian Art" so we took him along.Tuesday evening we ate out giving him a choice of various cuisines.Wednesday morning C and Paul walked into town and then we set off for Manchester.Our granddaughter is a second year student at Manchester University and Paul was keen to meet up with her.We took her to lunch in the cafe of the Whitworth Art Gallery.A lovely glass walled space surrounded by the park.On our way back we called at our daughter's house so Paul could catch up with our middle granddaughter .He is going to stay there tomorrow for two nights but she is away doing the Duke of Edinburgh award.We asked Paul what he would like to eat,what he missed.Fish and chips was called for on the way back.Thursday saw us going to the Lady Lever Art Gallery which he thoroughly enjoyed.Bangers and mash for tea,another thing he misses.Assorted cheeses for dessert because you can only buy tasteless cheese in Kenya.Today has been searching for golf shoes for him(successful) and tonight they have gone to the theatre to see A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie.He has got my ticket.Tomorrow we take him to our daughter's .He is then off to Newcastle to catch up with friends and then to Cambridge to stay with our son and his family.
All I can say is PHEW.I a shattered ,not used to having a visitor for so long and not able to have forty winks.I hope we have given him a good time.
I have some completed project to show but need to find time for photos.