Wednesday 31 March 2010

Snow again

It has been snowing here on and off all day.It isn't sticking here but cars are coming down into town with 3 or 4 inches of snow on them!!

I havn't blogged a lot recently although we have been busy.We went to see The 39 Steps at the theatre.There were four actors who played all the parts.It was a spoof on the Hitchcock film and was very funny.We also saw the film The Last Station which was about Tolstoy.It was good but sad.

I havn't been able to put comments on people's blogs for some unknown reason but I am reading them and have been inspired to get some beading out.Although today I received a pink Posh parcel and the next lot of Debbie Abraham's blanket squares.I have also joined the Violet Green lace club.I have a book to review for New Books mag and one to read for my reading groupThat should keep me busy for a while!

It was very sad to read of the death of Elspeth Thomson the gardener.I used to read her blog sometimes.How desperate she must have been to take her own life at 48, leaving a husband and 5 year old daughter.Very, very sad.

Have a good Easter everyone and don't eat too much chocolate.

Monday 22 March 2010

A weekend in Cambridge

Finally after my knee op we felt we could travel to Cambridge to see our son,his wife and our three grandchildren.We had awful journeys there and back but I survived.Part of Saturday we spent in the Sedgewick Museum with the dinosaurs!Whenwe got back Ella(10) disappeared upstairs to her room and we didn't see her for ages.Anyway after tea there was much whispering with Mum and Dad and she appeared with presents for us both.She had knitted C a case for his mobile phone and me a little container for threads.Both had applique on them.This is what she had been doing in her room.We were so touched and the best news is I have a knitting granddaughter!!
Sunday morning we went to Cambridge university Botanic garden which is magnificent.(see above pictures).Everything was much further on than here in North Wales and the winter garden was superb.It helped that the sun was shining and it was really warm.They have a grass maze and Ella,Angus (3) and Matt (Finlay (6) was at a party) spent almost an hour chasing round it.We sat in the sun and watched!
Too quickly it was over and we were on our way back home having had a lovely weekend.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Ballet Rambert

We went to see Ballet Rambert last night at our local theatre.They did three 30 minute pieces and it was brilliant.The 550 seat theatre was full and it is so good that they get the support that they do.It means they will keep coming back.

Friday 12 March 2010

Anglesey PS

I forgot to show you the print we bought from the Janet Bell Gallery.We only paid £10 for it and it is signed.I have just looked on her website and they normally sell for much more than this.Why didn't I buy more?
Here are my first attempts at tiny bears.I didn't use the LCR pattern but an old pattern of mine.You can see the size by my specs.They are quite fiddly but very quick.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

sunny days

Don't you feel so much better when the sun shines.We had a visit to Anglesey last Saturday.We have toyed for years with the idea of buying a static caravan.Initially we thought in France but what with the euro and the distance from Dover that we are we gave up on that idea.So, on Saturday we went to view some on Anglesey.It is only one hour from here and has much better weather.No pesky mountains in the way!The first two we viewed were awful.We then visited another site just outside Beaumaris.He had two for sale and one was a bargain but he wasn't absolutely certain the owner had finally decided to sell.He said he would get in touch with us but we havn't heard a word yet. The sun was shining and the view across the Menai Straits to a snow covered Snowdon was amazing.I tried to take photos but they were very dark.
I have just about recovered from my dreadful cold but C has had it as well.

We have had a lovely day today.S came across with Ruby and we all had our hair cut .Mind you we needed a sleep when they had gone.This cold has dipped our energy levels.

Football on the TV tonight so I shall have a crafting evening.Maybe start a bead bracelet kit I bought on e bay or my Debbie Abrahams blanket squares( I just can't get into them this month) or make some teeny tiny animals from Little Cotton Rabbits site.My granddaughters want one for each of their dollies but they are so fiddly.The things you do for love!!

Wednesday 3 March 2010

how cute is this?

As I said yesterday we were looking after Ruby(2) today.It was up at 7a.m and a 45 minute drive to Northwich.I was glad we didn't stay overnight because this young lady had been up since 5.15am!Emily was taken to school ,alittle upset that little sister was spending the day with us.We had a great day and I walked miles with my new knee and also feeling fully recovered from my cold.
Ruby loves her dollies.Above she has sat her "babies " on the bottom step and was "reading" them stories,showing them the picture etc and letting each one choose a book.She played like this for over half an hour.She is a real chatterbox and just never stops talking.Her favourite phrase today was " in a minute".
Halfway through the morning I had a text from a friend to say that the little wool shop in our market hall is closing on Saturday and everything was half price and I was in Northwich!I shall go in the morning but the best stuff will have gone.
I am now feeling absolutely shattered but in a lovely way.I shall soon get my second wind and get going on my squares and have a glass of cold white wine.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Blanket Club

My March parcel for the Debbie Abraham's Blanket Club arrived today.I really like this month's colours .Options are given and so choices have to be made now which affect the whole blanket.
I am feeling much better today and have done a 2o minute walk.C was out walking with his walking group and then they have a pub lunch which means I have the house to myself.I am sure that sounds terrible but when you are retired you do sometimes need your own space.
Not much to blog today.I had better get reading as my second reading group meets on friday and I am only a third of the way through the book.It is Sarah Dunant's Sacred Hearts.

Monday 1 March 2010

sneeze, blow ,sneeze.

Sarah- I have caught your cold and I can't get rid of it!I started streaming on Saturday morning and there has been no let up.I just want to sleep all the time.I should have been out this morning at a talk on Hardwick Hall but couldn't face it.This afternoon I should have met a friend for coffee but felt it was unfair to spread my germs' .Hope tomorrow is better.We have the theatre tomorrow night and then we are looking after Ruby all day on Wednesday so I have to be better!!
Any tips Sarah for recovery?