Sunday, 29 November 2009

Too many projects

I am trying to juggle too many knitting projects at the moment.I have 3 pairs of socks on the go and I am sure my next sock club projects will be arriving with December.I am also making a scarf for my daughter,a dane shawl for my step mother and have also started some cross stitch.I have decided not to give anyone the scarf where the colour ran but keep it for myself.My trouble is I want to keep everything for myself.I like the thought of when I go out selecting a scarf from a choice.
I like to collect things and my latest collection is Mabel Lucie Atwell postcards.I just love the illustrations.They are so cute and remind me so much of Ruby.I have bought several on e bay and will give me something to hunt for when we are out and about.
I really shouldn't be on here.I am in 2 book groups,one more serious than the other!The casual one is next Friday and we are meeting for lunch as it's Xmas.We are reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which is 500 + pages long and I am only up to page 250.
My box is coming along nicely.I hope whoever gets it likes my choices.

Monday, 16 November 2009

great weekend

It has been party weekend.Ruby was 2 on Saturday.Mum and Dad took her and older sister Emily to the zoo where it poured down!We went over in the afternoon with our presents and all went out to tea.We had bought her a dolls pram and a new doll.She only has Emily's cast offs.So I have spent last week making bedding and clothes for the above.The clothes are so fiddly to sew up.Ruby just loves playing with her dollies.Mind you saying that ,most of the time we were there on Saturday they spent playing in 2 huge cardboard boxes!
Sunday was special birthday for my older brother so we went up tp Blackpool to his daughter's and met up with all his family.17 sat down to lunch.It was great seeing my nieces and nephews.My brother's first wife died aged 32 when the children were 9,6 and 4 so we have a particular bond with them.He has since re married and had another son.
Now I have a bit of a problem.I have knitted a lace scarf for someone for xmas but when I came to block it an enormous amount of colour came out.Can I give someone a scarf where if it rains and gets wet the colour could ruin their clothes.I could try and set the dye with vinegar but would I ever get rid of the smell.Advice please.
Do you know I told you that I have signed up for the very,very expensive Debbie Abraham's blanket club starting January because I am having a knee op in Feb or March and it would be something for me to focus on.I had a phone call on Thursday to say I am now having the op on Dec 16th.Oops.It was a good excuse.So I shall be spending xmas on crutches this year.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

bonfire night

What a shame.It is absolutely tippling down and has been for several hours just when the bonfires will be being lit and the fireworks set off.My daughter,OH and 2 little ones are coming on Saturday and staying the night.There is a bonfire then in a small village a couple of miles away so we might give it a go.We have now got our new loft bedroom fitted out with beds ,desk ,bookcases etc so we might try that as well.We might get the house valued now we have had it done as it now offers the potential of a fifth bedroom and toilet etc up there.
I had my second of three sock club parcels yesterday.I had forgotten about it and think I am now really "socked " out.
We have bought Ruby a pram for her second birthday on Nov 14th and so I have to knit/crochet covers by then.Also a new dolly so clothes for that as well.She so loves playing with her dolls,feeding,them,putting them on the potty,putting them to bed etc.So sweet!
Emily,her 4 yr old sister, heard yesterday that she had passed her first ballet exam but surely they don't fail any of them.I hope not!
Anyone decided to join the Posh Yarn cashmere club?