Friday 31 December 2021

Happy New Year.

 My wish for 2022 is return to something like normal.Just when we thought that was happening along comes Omicron.Things we had planned for January have already been cancelled.Let’s not dwell on that.

Looking back the biggest thing we did was move house,even move country.Would we have done that if it wasn’t for COVID.I think we were scared and wanted to be nearer family.So in April we moved from Wales into England to live very close to our daughter and family.That has been brilliant.We see our daughter and granddaughters on a regular basis.But we miss friends .What a strange two years.

Highlights of this year have been three of our grandchildren getting good results.Emily got 10 A* (but is struggling with being an enormous,very competitive 6th form college).Finlay got BBC and has secured a place at Nottingham Uni for September 2022 to do Psychology.Ella got a First from Manchester University in American Studies and was best in year.

My OH celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this month and we had a brilliant family weekend celebrating.All eleven of us.We have not done that for two years.

Xmas was spent here with Sarah and family.So much fun and laughter.Truly great memories created.

We have had our jabs(but unfortunately we are ten weeks past the booster and protection starts to fall).

We are just thankful we have remained healthy apart from COVID worries.

Two days ago we celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary.

Our son in law (had a brain tumour removed February 2020) latest scan showed the bit they couldn’t get at  hasn’t grown and the benign tumour they cannot get at has shrunk.

So, Happy New Year and fingers crossed it is a better one for everyone.

No celebrations here tonight.We were invited to Sarah’s but have declined.They are coming here tomorrow for Grandpa’s roast dinner.He has a reputation of doing the best roast potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings.


Wednesday 29 December 2021

Today is our 55th wedding anniversary.

 Not the best time to get married between Xmas and New Year.

We have a tradition of driving through Snowdonia(North Wales) and then going to Llandudno to eat lunch.

Last year we didn’t do it.Lockdown must have stopped it.The problem now is that now we have moved we are 40 minutes further away.C really wanted to do it so we did.The scenery is spectacular.It is only when you move away do you appreciate what was on our doorstep.Snowdon was barely discernible due to low cloud but only at the summit.

We ended up on the West Shore in Llandudno where we had lunch at The Lilly.

I am supposed to be on a low carbohydrate diet but broke the rules today!!!!Fried egg and bacon on Welsh Rarebit.I only had a few of the chips,honestly.
After lunch we drove over to the main promenade in Llandudno.It has remained unchanged for many,many years.Lord Mostyn owns the land and will not allow any new developments.
Not very good photos but it was wild and very windy.

On the way back in the car we were discussing how lucky we are to have been married for 55 years.Quite an achievement.We put this down to fairly good health and other things.Neither of us is selfish.We always consider the other one sometimes to such an extent that we can’t make a decision.We have been adventurous in the past so have great memories.We are also very active.C has his diary colour coded!Yellow Flintshire U3A(art appreciation and social history and the band he plays in.Orange for Northwich U3a (art appreciation,social history and archaeology).Pink for family as we are now only 5 minutes away from them and another colour for social events.

During the 55 years we have had “downs” as well.Our first baby was stillborn.Sarah developed Type 1 diabetes when she was only four years old.My brother’s wife died when she was 32 leaving him with a 9,6 and 4 year old.We survived.

55 YEARS.Amazing.I just hope we have many more.

C had arranged for flowers to be delivered today.

Saturday 25 December 2021

Happy Xmas

 Happy Xmas to everyone.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Happy Christmas to everyone.

 We were out the other day and saw this.What do you think about it?It brought a smile to my face but I sent it to a friend who thought it was horrendous.

A lot of Xmases are being spoilt by COVID.We are not mixing or shopping.I said to C this morning that when we were wrapping presents in the past I would say “save the receipt “in case they wanted to change it.No paper receipts this year,all done on line.

We are at our daughter’s Xmas Eve but we are providing the food.(only a five minute walk away).Christmas Day at Sarah’s.Boxing Day at S’s but we are providing the food again.

Our 16 year old granddaughter is having some mental health issues at the moment so I am not sure how things will go.

I may be glad when it is the 27th.

Anyone else had experience of this .Any help appreciated.

Have a lovely Xmas.COVID free I hope.


Monday 20 December 2021

Please give me a thumbs up or something if you have read my post!!

 I want to start blogging again but I need to know someone is reading it .

Catch up.My husbands 80th!

 I havn’t put on a post for a while. I didn’t think I had much to say but a week ago Charles celebrated his 80th birthday.Matt and family came from Cambridge,Ella from Manchester.It was a wonderful weekend starting with present opening here in the morning plus me providing lunch for eleven.Dog walk in the afternoon.Then off to a local hostelry for a meal. It has a private room so I booked that.Wonderful food and company then back to Sarah’s for games.Could you believe paper cups,straws and ping pong balls could provide so much fun.

I just thought I would share something really happy with you.

Can’t believe I am married to an 80 year old.

BarbaraxxxThe photos.Us with our five grandchildren.Us with our two children and all ( apart from S I l Mike ) at the table.