Wednesday, 25 March 2020

What have you been up to?

 I do not know what has happened to my photos ,some are ok,some are sideways and the socks are upside down.I did them all the same way.Yesterday we had a letter,through the post,from our youngest granddaughter.Such a lovely surprise.
I have been doing some puzzles.Some I just don't understand.
Now blogger will not let me move down.
I have finished a pair of socks.
I made another mandala last night,a quick project and very satisfying.This one is for my sister in law.She has a seashore themed conservatory so I chose the colours accordingly.
I am reading Dear Life by Rachel Clarke.Not really the book to be reading in these troubled times.Any suggestions for a good read welcomed.
I am doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw.
We have done loads in the garden with this beautiful weather but suddenly I have become terrified of falling.Our garden is very uneven with lots of roots.

Would love to hear how you are getting on particularly those of you who live alone.


Sunday, 22 March 2020

Please try and be positive.

It is going to be a hard and long slog but if we are feeling negative it will seem even longer.I have missed seeing my daughter and granddaughters today but we could not risk contact.
We are setting up a WhatsApp group for our family.All 11 of us ranging in age from 12 to 78!!
China seems to have got on top of this and is emerging the other side.
Use this time to finish projects and start new ones.
We have to get
into a mindset that it is ok to read for an hour in the morning.
Learn a new skill.
Do a free course.I have just looked on the Open University site and there are loads of courses.
My daughter has got a timetable for her girls 12 and 14.She has to do work as well.Structure to the day is important.
Our U3A is setting up contact groups for those on their own.
We all need to build some exercise into our day.
Etc etc


Love and hugs to everyone.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Some good news.

Our son in law had his post brain tumour removal consultation today.By phone.It was good news that the tumour was benign and he has healed amazingly well.There is the possibility of further tumours but they are going to monitor him closely.Phew!
Our eldest granddaughter who was spending a semester at Madison University in Wisconsin USA decided to come home as all the American students had been sent home and she was there on her own.She travelled three hours by bus to Chicago,plane to Dublin and then plane to Heathrow and onto Cambridge and home.I think she got out in the nick of time.Phew again!
My OH is "vulnerable" having no spleen and rheumatoid arthritis.He is as fit as a fiddle really but we are being very careful.We live where there is lots of empty countryside so we can go for walks and not meet anyone.I was lucky enough last Friday to buy in a local hardware shop two face masks.FFP3 .These are what the doctors are using and were used in the Ebola epidemic .I got the last two.

I have a 1,000 piece jigsaw on the go and two more were delivered today from Hobbycraft.
I have started to learn macrame.
I have lots of knitting and crochet(Some for charity).
I have loads of books ,magazines and puzzle books.
Radio 4 to listen to.

I just can't settle to anything at the moment

And finally I have ordered some wine.We should be ok!!!!

Take care everyone and stay safe.
Love to you all.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Three interesting talks.

On Monday it was U 3 A Social History and the talk was by the Tallest Town Crier in the world.He is town crier for Shrewsbury(about an hour away) and is seven foot two inches tall.!!!! He told us how he got the job,about his regalia and his bell and of course we had a demonstration.It was really interesting and he was a good speaker.Informative and funny.150 attend this group
Yesterday was U3A AGM followed by music from a violinist.Philip Chiddell was educated at Chethams Music School in Manchester.He began studying the violin aged 6 and plays a violin made in 1750.He plays in concerts and also busks.What an inspirational young man and his playing was amazing.
Today we have been to the Gardening Group for a talk on The Gardens of Singapore.Again interesting.
Tonight we are at the theatre to see The Kite Runner.

Just reading through the above and spellchecker had replaced busks with buses.No he doesn't play on buses.Made me chuckle.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

My first go at a hoop mandala.

This is my first attempt at a hooped mandala.Curtesy of Attic 24.I found it very satisfying to do.I bought some more cotton yarn from Abakhan this morning so I am on a roll.Watch this space!Barbara

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Are you stocking up ....

Are you stocking up in case the coronavirus spreads?I must admit we have done a bit.We have a spare freezer in the garage and we have filled it with bread and meat and fish.We have also stocked up on toilet rolls!!!!Some long life milk too.
My OH has a compromised immune system in that he has no spleen and is on daily antibiotics for life.So we have a bit of a worry there and I would rather be safe than sorry.When I told my daughter I thought she would say I was fussing but,no,she tells me she has enough food to feed the four of them for three weeks.She is a Type 1 diabetic and four weeks ago her OH had a brain tumour removed so they are vulnerable.
Have you made any preparations or do you think it is all a big fuss?
Look forward to hearing your views.