Sunday 30 May 2021

Noisy neighbours!Great!

W e have only been inthis house for four weeks and it has been so quiet.Our last house backed onto a main road and we would hear quarry lorries,tractors,cattle trucks etc rattling along.Here, all we can hear is a distant noise of traffic and bird song. Today it changed.Our neighbours at the back( we havnt met them) had visitors round.There has been alot of noise,laughter,music etc.Isn't that great.After all this time people getting together and having fun. Long may it last(well not every day!)

Monday 24 May 2021

Has anyone heard from Mamas Mercantile?

She hasnt blogged for a while.Hope things are ok with her and perhaps she is just busy.

Saturday 15 May 2021

I am loving our new home.

It is lovely to be so close to half our family.Sarah popped in this morning for a cup of tea.Mike came this afternoon and pressure washed our mainly,hard landscaped ,back garden. I have a feeling of comfort and safety in this house.We are close enough to help Sarah out but also knowif we need help she is round the corner.Of course, I miss where we lived before but in forty minutes we are back there.I am starting to relax after a year of uncertainty and today I feel energised.I hadn't realised how much the move had taken out of us but we are bouncing back,thank goodness.There is life after moving.Watch this space!!!

Thursday 13 May 2021

I think the worst part of moving house......

telling everyone your change of address.I spent twenty minutes on hold to HMRC this afternoon.This was spent after a good half an hour trying to do it on line.It has been the same with buiding societies,utilities etc.You dont realise how many people you have to tell.The worst was DVLA who eventually decided I had lost my driving licence.No. But the best thing about moving is being close to family.Emily and Ruby came round after school yesterday and we have been round for tea tonight.It feels good knowing if we have any problems Sarah is just around the corner. The other bonus is that we love the new house.It is so quiet after our previous house which was by a main road.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Two weeks ago today we moved house.

We decided the removal company would pack all our books,pictures and the kitchen.What a nightmare.Just in the kitchen alone we had 24 boxes.6 layers of paper to wrap an egg cup.We ended up with 17 bin bags full of paper and at least forty boxes. We are very pleased with the house.The dining room is tiny and our dining table would have filled it so we have put that in the conservatory which is huge and made the dining room into a snug with a sofa and bookcases.A major problem we had was that the stairs have a turn at the bottom and they couldn't get the wardrobes upstairs.Fortunately there were fitted wardrobes in two of the bedrooms so we are using them but the hanging rails are soooo high.I am 5'5 in and am struggling to reach them., It is lovely being so close to Sarah and her family.Her OH is still not driving followinghis brain tumour op so we able to help out.C picked Ruby up from Guides last night.Both Ruby and Emily have popped in after school and M and S have been round for cups of tea.It is great being close to family as we are getting older but we are so tired.Yesterday I started the nightmare of informing people of our new address building societies,driving licence etc .The number of times I was told " Due to Covid.....and then played me music for what seemed like forever.Very frustrating So, hopefully, I am back in Blogland and as my energy levels start to rise hope to be back on here more. I have been reading everyones blogs and was so sad to read about Teresa in Oregon.