Monday, 24 February 2020

We ended up in a heap and very muddy!!!

Yesterday afternoon we decided to get some sea air and have a little.walk.We headed off to Parkgate on the Wirral and parked by the Old Baths.Off we set but it was quite a long way to a gap in the fence to get through to the footpath.C managed to get over  the fence.I got one leg over this 18 inch high fence but needed him to steady me but before he could I lost my balance and toppled to the ground taking him with me.We are both in our 70s and had to crawl to the fence to get up.There were a lot younger couple about twenty yards away but they did not come to help.Once we were upright we set off on the walk feeling very shaken but we were beaten by floods.You should have seen the state we were in.Mud everywhere.We were very lucky we didn't break anything.Imagine adding that to Mike's brain tumour and Ruby's broken shoulder.We live to tell the tale and see it as quite funny now but have learned our lesson about climbing over fences!!!!

Thursday, 20 February 2020

It never rains but it pours

I have just had a phone call from our daughter ,who is coping with Mike post brain op,that our granddaughter has fallen and broken her shoulder bone!!!When we just thought things were on the up.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Two weeks on....

Two weeks on from his brain tumour removal and Mike(son in law) is doing well.It is still early days but there is progress every day and no apparent brain damage.Our daughter has been amazing coping with everything but had a meltdown on Sunday as did I.We all felt relief it was over but it has been a very stressful few months which started with one of our grandsons being very poorly with appendicitis.Fingers crossed we are on the"up".
It is a busy week for us.I met a friend for coffee yesterday.Isn't it great to have a friend you can tell everything and they understand.This morning was U3A Art Appreciation.The talk from one of our members was on Banksy.Very interesting with lots of unanswered questions.Tomorrow is lunch club.14 of us go out for lunch taking it in turns to choose a venue.A very pleasant couple of hours.Thursday morning is my reading group.The book is Entry Isla d by Peter May.I still have 200 plus pages to read!!Thursday evening we are going to the theatre to see a live screening from the National Theatre of Cyrano de Bergerac.Friday I meet another friend for coffee and then we are off early afternoon to see Sarah,Mike and family.Saturday morning we meet a different set of friends for coffee and then in the afternoon we are going seeing Little Women at the film theatre.
Phew.I may need to sleep all day Sunday.

Last Saturday we saw the film 1917 and were underwhelmed by it.Has anyone seen it and what did you think?

Friday, 7 February 2020

Mike is home!!!

Mikewent home yesterday just 48 hours after a six hour op on his brain.He is still very poorly and in a lot of pain but everyone was pleased to have him back at home and it saves Sarah driving back and forth up the motorway to Manchester.Hope fully each day he will feels little bit better.He has strict instructions to do nothing for three weeks,nothing at all.Sarah has been signed off for next week and then it is half term.She( and us) are absolutely exhausted.Hopefully it is now onwards and upwards.Thank you for all your messages.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Mike now in recovery.

Mike is now in recovery waiting for a bed on the High Dependency Unit.The operation lasted 6 hours and they did not manage to remove all the tumour.Taking the last bit would have paralysed his eye.They will monitor it.It has been a very stressful time but hopefully he does not have any bleeds and is on the up.
Thanks for all your messages of support.It means a lot.Barbarax

My son in law is in the operating theatre.

Mike went down to theatre at 9am and is going to be there most of the day having his brain tumour removed.It is going to be a very loooooong day.Fingers crossed he comes out of it with no brain damage.He is in the Christie Hospital in Manchester so in a place of excellence.

Saturday, 1 February 2020


Last night we went to see Frankinstein at the theatre.We both borough lay enjoyed it.I have never read the book but when we got home I read some reviews of this particular production and they were very critical.I loved the interpretation and the person who played Mary Shelley was outstanding. It is touring in the UK.Catch it if you can or has someone already seen it.
We have just had a lovely FaceTime chat with our eldest granddaughter Ella who is at Madison University in Wisconsin for a semester.She seems to have settled in really well.
Tension is mounting here as our son in law goes into hospital on Tuesday to have his brain tumour removed.Please send positive vibes our way
Back soon.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

I bought one of these today.

 It looks like an electric toothbrush but is actually for use in the kitchen.It cleans in hard to reach places eg hobs,around taps.I have tried it out and it is brilliant.It takes away all the "elbow grease".It comes with four different heads for different places and one is pointed.I don't usually get excited about cleaning but if this makes life easier it will be moneywellspent.I got it from Lakeland in Chester.£18.99.I also bought a te bag squeezer saving all those drips.Isn't life exciting!!!

We haven't been to Chester for ages so it was lovely to wander round this beautiful city.Then it was out tolunch(no cooking tonight,yay.
This afternoon we have spent a bit of time in the garden.We have a gravel drive which needs keeping tidy and weed free.Hopefully it burned off some of the calories eaten at lunchtime.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

A trip to Conwy

                                          Conway castle (North Wales) from the back.From the front it is on a main road across the river so tricky.
 On the quayside with the castle in the background.

Below the town walls and the smallest house in Uk.

It takes us about fifty minutes to drive here.I was saying to OH today that I a so glad we are close to the sea and mountains.We are very lucky.
Lunch was mussels at the Mulberry pub on Conwy Marina.It was cold but sunny.A lovely way to spend a January Saturday.Iforgot we also went to the Cambrian Art Gallery inConwy to see the 2020 Open Exhibition.

I have to confess that I came back and had a nap.Allthat fresh air!!!!!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

It is my birthday today!

 We started the day at Dunham Massey which is a National Trust property with a winter garden.We didn't expect there to be much out but were pleasantly surprised

 This is the house which is closed at the moment for winter.

                                           Winter aconites.

                                      Wonderful silver birches.
                                          Daphne.I can't remember which variety but wonderfully scented.

                                          This is a shrub which was new to me but again a lovely perfume.



                                          Even daffodils.

                                          Witch hazel.

                                         Witch hazel again.Beautifully scented.

From here we moved on to Salford Museum and Art Gallery.They have recreated a Victorian street with about 12 shops.Fascinating.We had lunch here and a good look round.We then navigated our way through Manchester (lots of traffic and traffic lights.Not used to that here in North Wales!!!) to our daughter's in Northwich.Sarah and the girls cooked tea .We had pro secco and birthday cake.Lots of love and laughter.
We are back home now and have just had a phone call from our son and granddaughter who have just arrived in Wisconsin.Sunny but minus 12 degrees.
I have had lots of cards and presents and am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

A walk by the River Dee .

We had a walk this morning by the River Dee.This is a stretch which has been canalised and is between Chester and the coast.The wings for the Airbus 380 are made just a few miles upstream from here and are transported by barge to the port of Mostyn where they are loaded on a larger boat and taken to Toulouse in France to be assembled.It was so peaceful today with the winter sunshine and just a few cyclists around.I like this walk because it is flat,somethings very difficult to find round here!!!

I was really disappointed on Monday.The talk on the BayeuxTapestry was postponed.Instead we heard a a talk from someone who had converted his drive into a garden.Not really social history.There were 150 there so it was good for a catch up with friends.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

I am back and need to blog more!!!

It was our wedding anniversary last week and this is the card I got for C.Inside it said "together through thick and thin".It is by Quentin Blake ,a very famous British illustrator.I thought it was very apt in two ways.We are both a lot heavier than we used to be but we have been through a lot together as well.
I am going to adopt a new personal mantra of "live each day to the full and enjoy it." Who knows what is round the corner.O ver the last month we have received lots of bad news about friends who are ill.We have Mike's op hanging over us,due onFeb 4th but apart from that we are fine.We had a great Xmas.Sarah ,Mike,Emily and Ruby came to us .We catered and all went well.We patted ourselves on the back that we had pulled it off.We played lots of games and laughed a lot.They stayed for three days.We were exhausted when they went but it was really good.
I am looking forward to getting back to a normal routine.I have been so confused about what day it is!!!
Tomorrow morning it is our U3A Social History Group and a talk on the BayeuxTapestry.We are hoping to go to Normandy in July(fingers crossed all goes well with M's op) and would go and see it.We went years ago but I would like to go again.
Aren't the fires inAustralia terrible.Many years ago we were on holiday in the south of France and we were evacuated in the middle of the night because a fire
was rapidly approaching our campsite.I can honestly say it is most frightened I have been in my life.The sky was orange and the air thick with smoke making our eyes sting.It stopped 50 yards from our mobile home.Scary.