Saturday 30 January 2021

What I have been doing in lockdown.

I have just finished a pair of socks .I have no more sock wool so decided to buy some more as C said he could do with some new ones.I usually use Wool Warehouse who are brilliant but all I kept getting was "out of stock" over and over again.I wanted some red Aran wool.Again "out of stock".I tried other suppliers and got the same.I eventually found a limited supply at Laughing Hens.My initial thought was that in lockdown everyone was knitting socks! Then when it arrived today I found out it is made in Germany.So, is it a Brexit supply problem?And I still havnt found any red aran!
I have also been using up my stash crocheting granny squares.I have done more than sixty.Nowthe job of joining them together.This is the second blanket I have done during lockdown and they will go to a homeless/ refugee charity. Thankfully I suffered no reaction to my covid jab. We have had quite a bit of snow recently so I cant get out for a walk.I am just getting bigger and stiffer as the days go by. Roll on an end to all this.

Sunday 24 January 2021

I had my Covid vaccination last night.

Yesterday at 5.45 pm the phone went.OH answered it and it was the surgery saying could he go to a surgery 15 minutes away to have his jab.He has no spleen so is classed as vulnerable.C asked can my wife come too.?Yes ,but you have to come now .Tea was in the oven,we have lying snow and it was freezing but rapidly changed into something that we could expose our arms(good job as it was in a big open space with no privacy!)Anyway ,we got there in time,had our jabs,the Pfizer one and as we sat the required 15 minutes after and during that time they ran out!!! Phew.I said to the doctor who did mine that he must be exhausted.Absolutely not was his reply,exhilarated that they were getting on with it.It isn't effective for three weeks .We dont intend to change anything then.We shall stay home and take care but it has given us a boost that there is a bit of light at the end of this long tunnel. We both feel fine this morning.My arm is a bit sore but we have been told to possibly expect flu like symptoms. Hope you all get your jabs soon.

Friday 22 January 2021

A good page Turner.

I need a new book to read but it needs to be a page turner.My reading mojo is sadly lacking. Recommendations ,please. Barbarax

Sunday 17 January 2021

Do any of you remember this game.

Someone writing a comment on The Weaver of Grass blog about a game from the past(but you can still buybit today).Happy Families.I can remember playing it with our children but more recently (before Covid) playing it with our granddaughters .They are 13 and 15 but still love Happy Families.Simple pleasures.Who needs electronic games!!!

Saturday 16 January 2021

It is my birthday today.

My birthday today and I have had a lovely day despite lockdown.I had lots of cards,phone calls,texts,flowers,presents etc.I had three lots of flowers,all delivered at different times from my OH,son and daughter. C had ordered an afternoon tea on line and we had that for lunch.The scones and clotted cream and jam were yummy,plus little flans,sausage rools,scotch eggs and cake!!!!A real treat. I ah said to our children no presents but they ignored my request and I had a pile of books,chocs ,dvd and this wonderfulbookmark which my daughter had drawn and painted.How lovely. Steak for supper tonight(but I am actually still quite full from lunch/afternoon tea. So, despite lockdown ,so far, I have had a lovely day and thankful for a wonderful family and friends. So much to be thankfulfor. Stay safe. Barbaraxxx

Saturday 9 January 2021

Do you wipe everything down when you have a delivery?

I was reading a report on Wales on line about how lax things are in supermarkets now.Whole families are going,many folk not wearing masks,not socially distancing etc.The report added that these people are picking things up and putting them back while the staff are filling order trolleys.Initially we wiped everything with wipes but recently slacked on this but just made sure we washed our hands well when we had packed things away.We always wipe the paper down each day and any parcels that arrives sit aroundfor a couple of days before we open them.We thought things were bad in the first lockdown but here in North Wales cases are rising at an alarming rate.The numbers are the highest since the start.We are not going out.We are only allowed out for exercise anyway but as we have snow at the moment it is not worth risking it. Thank goodness for hobbies! Barbarax

Friday 8 January 2021

My text disappeared.

The images I posted were of three jigsaws.The middle one is the one I have finished.It is a painting by Georges Seurat a French Pointilist meaning the image was not that clear.I discovered that each jigsaw piece had a letter on the back from a to h.I found the easiest way to do the jigsaw was to sort the pieces into alphabetical groups.Quite a challenge and very tricky. The other two photos are the latest two jigsaws I have bought.One of them has letters on the box.Is this something new? As we are in total lockdown and there is snow on the ground I need distractions.Coronavirus numbers here are rising rapidly so we are staying inside and wiping down everything that is delivered .Fingers crossed we escape. Take care everyone. love Barbarax

Another jigsaw finished.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Do you know anyone who has had the vaccination in the UK?

As,on here, we come from various parts of the UK I thought it would be interesting to know if the vaccine is being rolled out or is it more lies. My brother who is 81 and very fit,no underlying health problems,had his first jab on Dec 20th.He lives on the Fylde and had his jab at the hospital in Blackpool.He was offered a second but then that offer was recinded.He is quite happy about that. We are very worried here in NE Wales.Numbers here are rocketing.We have been in lockdown since Dec 20th so why are the numbers rising so fast?Xmas,maybe.Very scary.Weare staying in,may have a short walk from the house but nothing else.Anything delivered in wiped down and/or left for several days.We don't know or have heard of anyone here getting the vaccine. Stay

Sunday 3 January 2021

Should my daughter be expected to......

Should my daughter be expected to into school tomorrow? She teaches Reception,4 and 5 year olds.But she is a Type 1 Diabetic and therefore vulnerable.I know she will go in.Nothing has ever daunted her.She was diagnosed aged 4 and has been on insulin for 44 years but I am worried.I sometimes sign texts FM fussy mother!You never stop worrying about your children whatever their age.