Monday, 29 January 2018

using up my stash

I am using up my stash making hats for either the homeless or refugees.I can make one in an evening and have made ten already.I am using wool left over from my crocheted blankets and using DK two strands.It makes a nice chunky hat. I still can't load photos!I get to the same point each time and a page of computer gogglygook comes up and I can get no further.Can any one tell me a quick way of posting photos on blogger from my android phone? On Saturday we went to see the film "the Greatest Showman" about Barnum the circus guy.It was really good and I can recommend it.This Friday we are going to see the film The Darkest Hour about Churchill.This afternoon we have had walk at Ness Gardens.The snowdrops looked amazing.It poured down all morning so it was nice to see blue skies this afternoon . Back soon.Hopefully with photos.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An update on my daughter and books.

Why are the younger generation reluctant to pick up the phone and speak?I had texts from my son in law but nothing from Sarah so having spent all morning worrying myself sick I texted her and said I am worried!It didn't help that a friend said to me this morning you don't die from flu but you can die from pneumonia.The problem is with S having Type 1 diabetes.We have had a couple of close shaves in the past with her and you realise what a slim grip we have on life.Eventually she picked up the phone and called.She sounded terrible,coughed all the time and is just very,very tired.The improvement is only slight but she assured me she is feeling a bit better each day but it is very slow progress.I felt better having spoken to her.Why is it that men never worry? back to my birthday.I had phone calls from my grandchildren,my son,my brother and various friends.I had lots of cards and as I said yesterday C had spoilt me rotten.As well as a Clogau gold bracelet I had DVDs,Cats,Evita and Phantom of the Opera and five books(not six).I am a great Ian McEwan fan and have most of his books but am a few missing.So he bought me The Innocent and Black Dogs.I am also a Philip Roth fan and he bought me Letting Go(eels 630 pages long) and Goodbye Columbus.He also bought me a book by Susan Hill.Jacob's Room is Full of Books.She charts a year of her life through the books she has read,re read or returned to.We also get a glimpse of her country life and anyone who read The Magic Apple Tree by her will want to read this one. Back soon.Good to hear from you Sarah.Hope married life is going well.Do you ever hear from Clare.I would love to know how she and the children are.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What a 24 hours.

It is my birthday today and we had planned to visit Bodnant Gardens to see the snowdrops and then go to the Royal Cambrian Art Gallery in Conway.A snack out at lunchtime and then a meal tonight in a local eatery with a log fire.Last night about 7pm our son in law phoned to say our daughter,who is a Type 1 Diabetic ,had had flu all weekend and had high blood sugars and what should he do.We suggested the out of hours doctor.He got an appointment at 9.30pm at their nearest hospital.She was diagnosed with pneumonia.She waited in A and E for four hours and eventually was given IV antibiotics.At 5 am they decided to send her home because they had no bed for her.We got no sleep and have just been worried sick.I did speak to her at lunchtime and she said she still felt really ill but not as bad as yesterday.So, my birthday has taken second place.I had some lovely presents from C including six books.More about that tomorrow when I will give you an update on Sarah.Fingers crossed she is on the mend.What a worry.I just wish I could have her diabetes.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A different Saturday.

There are a group of us who meet through U3A but also socially.There are eleven of us,five couples and one widower.We eat out at least once a month but seven of us also meet in Wetherspoons on a Saturday morning for coffee.Wetherspoons because we can sit there for ages and you pay for one coffee and then get free refills.Out of the eleven three of us have birthdays within four days 12,13 and 16 Jan.So,instead of going to Wetherspoons we were invited round to C and D's for champagne and panettone! They had als ozone some nibbles.I am not used to drinking champagne in a morning so a little nap was needed this afternoon!!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Jigsaw,books,chocs etc

C and I decided that at Xmas we would have a £25 limit to be spent on each other.He has a birthday in December and it is mine next week.Throw into this our wedding anniversary on Dec 29th and it all gets a bit much.It is amazing what you can buy for £25!It turned out we had both found seven things.If you use Amazon 1p buys plus postage ,charity shops etc you get a variety of things and it was good fun planning and buying.I had a 1,000 piece jigsaw,a small Ted Baker perfume,Friends DVDs,Ferroro Rocher chocs ,History of Britain in 21 women,book on Montenegro(where we are going in September)and one other thing(which I have forgotten.)I have just finished the jigsaw and am enjoying the books. it can go a bit wrong though.I ordered C a second hand book from Amazon but it was really musty,so bad I couldn't give it to him.So what did I get for C.He had a Rita Ora CD,a book by Simon Kernick(second hand),a book about journeys through the ages round Britain(new from The Works),a chilli sauce,a block of fruit and nut chocolate,another book Lancashire 1939-1945.The Secret War,a gift pack of three small bottles of port.I think we will do this again.Our grandchildren were fascinated and C joked that he had done all his shopping in Poundland.Not true. A New Year now and all we hope for is good health for us and our family and friends and all of you out there. As is normal every Wednesday we were off to Northwich to pick Ruby up from school ,take her home and wait for Emily to arrive home from High School.WE play games,do crafts etc.Today it was a game called Dabble but one of their favourites is Happy Families.It will be sad when they won't need us anymore.Our Wednesdays are very special to us. Back soon.Barbarax