Saturday, 26 December 2009

my xmas box

Look at the contents of my box from Sarah.Brilliant.Sarah, did you make the exquisite evening bag/purse?It really is a work of art.
I love the wool and the pattern and can't wait to get started.The wool is an even lovlier colour in daylight.A soft peach colour in cashmere,alpaca andsilk.A real treat.Sarah also sent me some beads,some chocolates and a local tea towel.
Thank you so much Sarah.I really appreciate all the thought and kindness that went into assembling the box.

Monday, 21 December 2009

the box

The box arrived today.Thank you Sarah.I am saving it until Xmas Day.Sooo exciting.Hope you are getting things organised and really enjoy Xmas.As it is only the two of us and my op being postponed we are going out for Xmas dinner so I feel very relaxed.But I would rather be frazzled and with the family.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well, I have got overthe disappointment of my op being cancelledand have been given a new date,Jan 4th but i will only believe it when it actually happens.We had cancelled going away and had not the enthusiasm to reinstate it.We have a restaurant in our small market town that is in the Good Food Guide.They have been booked up for Xmas daysince September but when we trid them last Thursday they had had a cancellation so at least we are going out for Xmas dinner!
What I didn't get were my 3 days in hospital with nothing to do but knit and stitchso Emily's Flower Fairy won't be finished.
I have been to my Book Group this morning but because I thought Iwasn't going to be there I hadn't read the book and only managed the first 70 pages.Never mind.We were also choosing the next set of books to read.What do you think of this list?
Small Island by Andrea Levy
Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
Miss Webster and Sherif by Patricia Duckner
Red Tent by Anita Diamant
The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry
A middle ages crime story by CJ Sansom
That should keep me quiet for a bit!

I have also ordered a cross stitch kit today from ( a brilliant company).It is of a Doll's house and is huge.So with that ,the reading and my Debbie Abrams Blanket Club I should be kept well and truly busy while I am on crutches and recovering!!!

Hope you are not getting too frazzled about Xmas.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

my op

I am gutted.I jad a phone call to say my operation next Tuesday has been cancelled due to an emergency(???).I was all psyched up for it and was looking forward to 2010 with it all over with.C'est la vie(said with a sigh)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

good day

My box is packed and ready to post tomorrow.You have to really psyche yourself up to go to our post office in town.It is always busy,often 20 people in the queue before you and only 2 out of 5 positions open but I will do it.I will do it!!
We have had a great day today.We had a phone call last week from some old friends who live in Bristol.We havn't seen them for 6 years just the annual Xmas card and letter.They were coming to Anglesey for a few days and could they come to lunch.We just took up from where we had left off and before we knew it it was time to go back to Bristol and we had been nattering for 5 hours!Also today we had a phone call from some even older friends who live in Portsmouth.They are up here next weekend and are coming to see us onFriday.Both these couples are younger than us and both husbands were work colleagues of my gave me real lift to think that friends from the past still want to come and see us.It just shows how good friends they must have been.
I am getting a little anxious about finishing projects for Xmas.I am telling myself that I will have 4 days in hospital where I can knit.I am kind if forgetting that it is not a holiday but a major operation!Do you think I can follow a pattern if I am drugged up with painkillers.My big concern is that I may not be out for the Strictly Come Dancing final.How bad that would be!!
Roll on 2010 when it will be onwards and upwards.We have great plans for holidays next year.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Too many projects

I am trying to juggle too many knitting projects at the moment.I have 3 pairs of socks on the go and I am sure my next sock club projects will be arriving with December.I am also making a scarf for my daughter,a dane shawl for my step mother and have also started some cross stitch.I have decided not to give anyone the scarf where the colour ran but keep it for myself.My trouble is I want to keep everything for myself.I like the thought of when I go out selecting a scarf from a choice.
I like to collect things and my latest collection is Mabel Lucie Atwell postcards.I just love the illustrations.They are so cute and remind me so much of Ruby.I have bought several on e bay and will give me something to hunt for when we are out and about.
I really shouldn't be on here.I am in 2 book groups,one more serious than the other!The casual one is next Friday and we are meeting for lunch as it's Xmas.We are reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which is 500 + pages long and I am only up to page 250.
My box is coming along nicely.I hope whoever gets it likes my choices.

Monday, 16 November 2009

great weekend

It has been party weekend.Ruby was 2 on Saturday.Mum and Dad took her and older sister Emily to the zoo where it poured down!We went over in the afternoon with our presents and all went out to tea.We had bought her a dolls pram and a new doll.She only has Emily's cast offs.So I have spent last week making bedding and clothes for the above.The clothes are so fiddly to sew up.Ruby just loves playing with her dollies.Mind you saying that ,most of the time we were there on Saturday they spent playing in 2 huge cardboard boxes!
Sunday was special birthday for my older brother so we went up tp Blackpool to his daughter's and met up with all his family.17 sat down to lunch.It was great seeing my nieces and nephews.My brother's first wife died aged 32 when the children were 9,6 and 4 so we have a particular bond with them.He has since re married and had another son.
Now I have a bit of a problem.I have knitted a lace scarf for someone for xmas but when I came to block it an enormous amount of colour came out.Can I give someone a scarf where if it rains and gets wet the colour could ruin their clothes.I could try and set the dye with vinegar but would I ever get rid of the smell.Advice please.
Do you know I told you that I have signed up for the very,very expensive Debbie Abraham's blanket club starting January because I am having a knee op in Feb or March and it would be something for me to focus on.I had a phone call on Thursday to say I am now having the op on Dec 16th.Oops.It was a good excuse.So I shall be spending xmas on crutches this year.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

bonfire night

What a shame.It is absolutely tippling down and has been for several hours just when the bonfires will be being lit and the fireworks set off.My daughter,OH and 2 little ones are coming on Saturday and staying the night.There is a bonfire then in a small village a couple of miles away so we might give it a go.We have now got our new loft bedroom fitted out with beds ,desk ,bookcases etc so we might try that as well.We might get the house valued now we have had it done as it now offers the potential of a fifth bedroom and toilet etc up there.
I had my second of three sock club parcels yesterday.I had forgotten about it and think I am now really "socked " out.
We have bought Ruby a pram for her second birthday on Nov 14th and so I have to knit/crochet covers by then.Also a new dolly so clothes for that as well.She so loves playing with her dolls,feeding,them,putting them on the potty,putting them to bed etc.So sweet!
Emily,her 4 yr old sister, heard yesterday that she had passed her first ballet exam but surely they don't fail any of them.I hope not!
Anyone decided to join the Posh Yarn cashmere club?

Thursday, 29 October 2009


I love Autumn.I took this photo this afternoon.It is a 5 minute drive from our house and in" an area of outstanding beauty".It is very popular with walkers and families.We had planned a full day out today into Snowdonia but our plans went awry.We had bought a flat pack desk from Staples yesterday which needed assembling.The instruction sheet said it would take 2 people 1 hour.Ha! ha!It took us nearly an hour to sort all the bits out!Then another 3 hours to do.We thought we might have to call in our DIY friend but we managed it ourselves and it looks great but no trip to Snowdonia!
We should have gone to Cambridge last weekend but I ended up not going because I had a bad cold and cough whch was disappointing but I got a lot of knitting done.I have just finished another Dane shawl.A present for someone for Xmas.
I have joined the Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket Club 2010(at great expense but my husband egged me on).I think I have come to the limit on knitting socks and fancy a new challenge.
I am not sure how to alter my profile on the blog so am adding details here for the Secret Santa.I am very easy to please.My favourite colours are blue,pink,purple,red shades .I am not a green,brown, beige person.I am not allergic to anything except housework.I have pierced ears and wear silver jewellery.I love reading(not crime),gardening, crafts etc.I will appreciate anything that anyone chooses for me.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Catch up

We went to the theatre on Thursday and saw "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams.It was very well done but rather gloomy.We sat in the bar afterwards with our friends having a drink.The cast came into the bar and also the cast of "Pygmalion" which had it's opening night in the main theatre.(We live in a small market town ,10,000 pop,but we have this brilliant theatre.)The star of Pygmalion is Philip Bretherton who played Alistair in "As Time goes By".The director,Terry Hands, and Philip and others were obviously discussing the first night.Very interesting and nobody bothered them at all.We also have a film theatre which shows fils that often miss the multiplexes and an events room.We are going this Friday to listen to Woody Mann(?).My OH's choice!!
Saturday my daughter and family came for the day and we had a lovely time,a walk round the market in the morning and a country stroll in the afternoon.
Sunday was spent recovering!!
Monday afternoon I went to the second sess ion of an Italian group.I did Italian about 10 years ago but have forgotten most of it.We are following a book and just helping each other.The organiser has asked me to lead the next session which has scared me witless!!
Today we have been shopping in Chester this morning and went to look for a kitten this afternoon.We have seen a gorgeous tortoiseshell one but it is only 3 weeks old and we can't reserve it until it is 6 weeks.It's mum was run over and killed.
Jobs for this evening are-
sorting my clothes out for the Autumn
finishing the collar and sewing up a jacket for Ruby
blocking a 2ply lace stole I have just finished
maybe casting on a jumper for Ru
That's all until next time.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


More socks.Violet Green sock club wool from a few months ago but I used my own pattern.Just recieved the latest pattern and yarn from them.Not so sure about the pattern.
A pair of socks I also finished at the weekend.I did most of the knitting on the way to and from France.This is Regia yarn.

This is a scarf I finished at the weekend.It is in Poshyarn 2ply cashmere.Itwas supposed to be for a friend but I might keep it for myself.It is sooo soft.

Since getting back from France life has been quite busy.Apart frm social things we have been busy finishing off our loft bedroom,well,C has.So many decisions have to be made about carpets,beds,shelving,bookcases etc for a room that will have only occasional use.He is also going to use it as a studio to paint in.He dabbles in watercolours but is desperate to try oils and acrylics but I hate the smell so if he can do it "up there " then that's ok.

Friday afternoon I got together with a group of ladies who I have met through a magazine and we have formed a new book group which will meet once a month in our nearest Borders.So, I am now in 2 book groups.I also review books for a magazine called newbooksmag and I currently have 2 reviews to write.I have read the books so just have to put pen to paper.One is not being published until Feb next year.

Tomorrow we are off to see and look after our little girls for a couple of hours.There was great excitement on Friday when Emily brought home her first reading book.Ruby was saying "Grandma" down the phone and kissing the phone, which I could hear ,earlier!

Thursday evening we are going to the theatre to see "The Glass Menagerie".

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Back from France

This is St Valery sur Somme.A lovely little place.We stayed 3 nights near here.
How about this for a piece of sculpture at the entrance to the town.

When we were in Amiens we visited the Thiepval memorial(above and below).It is so moving to see all the names engraved on the memorial.Names of men whose bodies were never found.It really is a very moving place to visit and having just read Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks it really brought it home to me.

This is the view of Amiens cathedral from our bedroom window.We spent 2 nights here.
We had glorious weather all the time we were away.
When we got back I had a parcel from the Posh Yarn sock,one from the Violet Green sock club and the "box".Very exciting.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

patchwork quilt

While fiddling around in our loft area after our new bedroom was finished I came across this quilt.I made it when my children were small and used bits that I had used to make clothes for my daughter and myself.It all looks terribly dated now but it brought back so many memories.Also how did I find time to handmake a quilt of this size!!

I think it deserves a place in the new bedroom either on a bed or as a wallhanging.

Monday, 21 September 2009


Punts on the river Cam
Kings College,Cambridge

Ella and I had a girls morning out and had coffee and ? in Starbucks.Great.The boys were watching Finlay play rugby and Mum was running a charity race round Cambridge.
We had a super weekend with the family but it just went too quickly.We visited the Cambridge Food Festival which was quite good but not as good as the one we were missing in our home town!!Too many rides and temptations in C and not enough food.WE had a lovely ,lovely time and managed to get home in 3 hours.I slept most of the way and my plans to knit went awry.I did knit all the way down.Socks are great for knitting in the car.I also found a wool shop in Cambridge and bought 2 lots of sock wool and some Snuggly DK to knit Ruby a jacket.
We shall be down in Cambridge again in 5 weeks.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

a busy week

I thought being retired meant I would have lots of free time.Not true.Already this week I have met 2 different friends for coffee,had a long lunch with 2 friends I have met through a magazine,been to a talk on Victorian Narrative Painters.Last night we went to the theatre to see The Browning Version and Swansong.Peter Bowles (To the Manor Born) should have been in it but he was ill.A friend comes with us whose wife has died recently.
This morning I went to my Reading group.We were discussing Birdsong By Sebastian Foulks.It was a good discussion and very interesting.I had an hour at home and then we were off to pick Emily up from school ,take her to ballet,pick Ruby up from nursery and then take them back to their house for tea.(Shepherds Pie which my OH had made while I was at reading group.He's very good and it was delicious).We then handed over to Dad.Mum is away overnight with school on a trip.
Tomorrow we are going to Cambridge for the weekend to our son's house.So I think it is about time I went and sorted some clothes out.
Don't ever think life is dull when you retire ( I retired at 50).I don't know how I found time to work!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

It's all happening here today!

We live in a 3 bedroom bugalow with an enormous,high pitched loft.We have already had a staircase put in last year and now we are having a fourth bedroom put up there.So, it's all banging ,drilling ,hammering etc.Over the weekend we had a great sorting out up there.Both our children have their own houses but guess what all their "stuff " is still here.but not any more.We are going to our son's in Cambridge on Friday and we will be taking his enormous football programme collection with us( his collection of NMEs went last year),his T shirts from pop concerts etc and all his university memorabilia.Anything up to 18 I am keeping because I am an old softie. Sarah's is a much smaller collection .

I resisted buying Posh Yarn last night but am thinking of joining the Violet Green sock club.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Some people have told me they can't leave comments on this blog.I have the same problem with someone else's.But if I go to Preview it seems to work that way.Please try it.

Monday, 7 September 2009

2 gorgeous little girls

We met my daughter for coffee in Borders this morning and then went on for lunch in a store nearby.Thought I would share these with you.Sisters having fun.R was desperately trying to do do what E was doing but couldn't because she was holding a bottle of juice!

What do you do with your left over bits of wool.I started doing this afghan last winter and as the nights draw in I think I need to complete.Snuggling under that with my hands free to knit sounds good.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

my first project

I never throw patterns away and have so many but this one has a special place in my collection.It is the first garment I ever knitted.I did it in a beige flecked wool.I think I had just started secondary school.My mother always encouraged me by saying she would buy me the materials if I made it myself so I got to knit and to sew with this incentive.You can see how old the pattern is.The price 6d-old money-pre decimal.

Apart from knitting I have lots of other hobbies and one is penfriends.I started this by someone telling me about an organisation called International Penfriends.The idea was to promote international goodwill.
I have penfriends all over the world.14 of them I correspond with as regularly as I can.They live in places as far afield as Australia,U.S.A ( HI Fran),Japan,Russia,Estonia etc.It is a fascinating hobby.I have heard first hand about changes in society and life eg South Africa,Estonia,East Germany etc.
Emily, one of my granddaughters started school on Friday,just for an hour, but was fine.It was Mum that was a wreck!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

latest project

This is my latest project.I am knitting a scarf for myself with some Posh yarn I bought last Sunday.It is Esme Superwash Merino.It is actually much greener than it looks in the photo.( Just wanted to check again that I could do it)l

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

an experiment!

As I say this in an experiment that I can actually take a photo and put it on the blog without C's assistance.It is a photo of one of my 4 hanging baskets on the front of the house which are almost finished but what hard work they have been.In a terrible summer they have needed a pint (I use milk bottles)of water every day and sometimes two.They have looked very good but will I do them again next year-I don't know. I then noticed that C had been filling cracks on the house!!
He has been out walking with a group of friends today so I have had the house to myself and just pottered.We are usually so busy we don't have time to potter.
My daughter started her new job today where she will be teaching one and a half days a week.Her elder daughter starts in the Reception class this week.It seems she has had a great day and has got the right vibes about the school and the staff.
The decision about having another cat has gone on hold again.I would love one but they are a big commitment,

Monday, 31 August 2009

red shawl

This is my completed Dane shawl done with Posh Yarn Sock Club wool.It looks a bit more orange than it actually is.It was very quick to do and may be my Xmas project for everyone!!I did try and photograph my latest socks but because they are done in rib pattern they looked ridiculous.

I am now working on a jacket for my granddaughter(nearly 2).It is in DK and is growing very quickly.I have also got a 2ply scarf on the go but I am getting a bit bored with it.

I spent the morning gardening,tackling a job that has needed doing for years so I think I have earned some knitting time watching either athletics or the US open tennis if it has started.

I am also trying to exercise more and putting on my pedometer.The most stepsI had managed was 6,000 but then on Thursday my D came over with the little girls.She arrived at 9.30.a.m and didn't leave until 8.00p.m and guess what-I had done 10,012 steps during the day and a fair bit of weightlifting(the girls).

Keep up the knitting!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What happens to the days?

I can't believe it is a week since I wrote anything and I am only going to write a little bit tonight as I don't think anyone is reading it!!!
My knitting has moved on a little bit.I have finished my Violet Green socks which are a beautiful colour(photo tomorrow).I started the Dane shawl with my Posh sock wool and then undid and have now started knitting Dane shawl for the second time.It's only because someone posted a photo of the finished article and it looked so good.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A busy day

Yesterday was a busy day.The Art Appreciation group that C and I go to had arranged a guided tour of Manchester City Art gallery.It is somewhere we often go but to have a guide makes it much more interesting.To stand in front of a painting and have it explained to you is really good and you just wish you could do the same with every picture.The guide particularly showed us the Pre Raphaelite paintings as most of us have been watching Desperate Romantics on BBC 2( with varying opinions on it).It was really enjoyable.Most people went on the train but we drove.It only took us 55 minutes but cost us £8 on the car park.
From there we went to Tatton(N.T) and had a walk round the gardens and some lunch.I had on my pedometer in the desperate attempt to lose some weight! I did 5,500 steps at Tatton so if I had had it on in Manchester it would have been a huge number.
Called on the way back at the Bead Trail at Blakemere and arrived home exhausted but felt we had had a great day.
Today has been somewhat quieter.A walk down and back to the market(3,000 steps) and a short shopping trip this afternoon.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Should we/shouldn't we?

Should we /shouldn't we get another cat.our beloved oscar died nearly 2 years ago and since then we have been undecided about getting another.Yesterday we came a step closer by going to the cat rescue where they had loads of kittens and a beautiful tabby who they think has been abandoned.He only came into the rescue on Thursday and they have to wait 10 days to see if he is claimed.He is about three months old.It is a huge commitment and we do go away quite a lot.Much food for thought.
Another shouldwe/shouldn't we is about buying a motorhome.We have talked about it for ages and if we don't do it soon it won't happen.More food for thought.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Busy 2 days.

Yesterday we decided to have a little trip .We went to Quarry Bank mill( National Trust) in Cheshire.It was really interesting .They have recently started renovating the gardens of the mill owner's house and we wanted to see what they looked like.It has mostly been done by volunteers and they have done really well.We also went round the mill and the Apprentices' house.A lady in costume did the guided tour and it was good that there were children in our group who could relate to what it was like then for 9 year olds.But there was so much walking and so many steps that after 4 hours I was absolutely shattered.

Today I thought would be a quiet day.Oh was supposed to be playing golf this a.m but rain stopped play and it was postponed to this afternoon.Then the phone went and it was Sarah saying her washer had broken and could she come and bring all her holiday washing here.They arrived at 11a.m and 2 meals,umpteen washes and tumble dries later they have just gone.Mike jumped at the chance of a game of golf.S. bathed the girls and put them in their pjs ready for bed.

It has been a lovely couple of days but I may have to recover tomorrow.Maybe knit all day?

Saturday, 8 August 2009


I soaked my Tilia shawl for 20 minutes following some advice on Ravelry and then just kept pulling it.It has certainly ended up a couple of inches bigger than before but it was risky.I'm a novice to blocking but understand you can get blocking wires.
My socks are from the Violet Green sock club.You pay for 4 months and get a pack every month i.e 4 lots.A different pattern comes with each one and this to me is the challenge.I have 2 waiting to be done but they both look a bit tricky!! one has horizontal stripes in it!!
Thursday was sad day it that we had to go to the funeral of mt OH's last auntie.She was 85 when she died and had dementia.What also was sad that 2 of my OH's cousins were there and he didn't recognise them!!We moved away from our home town many years ago.I still keep in touch with all my cousins but i suppose that is the difference between men and women.
Friday I met my knitting friend and we put the world to rights and then went looking for a sat nav.Any recommendations gratefully received.
Today we have gardened and enjoyed the sunshine.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Here is a photo of my Violet green Harlequin socks.You won't believe how long it has taken me (and OH) to work this out!!I really enjoyed doing this pattern.
Today has been a gardening day.We have clipped ,cut, sheared and mown and it has taken us all morning.This afternoon we sat reading in the sunshine.Yes, sunshine here in North Wales!!We used to have a third of an acre garden which I loved but OH persuaded me that we should sell some of it as a building plot.Regrettably we now have a bungalow in the bottom half which we thought would be nice and quiet but they have 3 children and a very noisy dog.It has still left us with a decent size garden but just not the same as it was.
Wound some 2 ply last night just need a pattern for a shawl with inclusive borders.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

no weight loss

I have to admit I did not lose any weight this last week.
Today I went to the dentist for a check up and for him to look at a tooth we have trying to save for ages but bits keep dropping off.Anyway he decided it needed to come out.It is right at the back and you can't see it.I am a real coward at the dentist but he is brilliant.He gave me 2 injections and although it had a twisted root he managed to get it out.He told me that I have very dense jaw bones.(Could this be why I weigh so much-dense bones!!)I am feeling ok but my bank balance is £130 lighter and it was all over and done with in a quarter of an hour.
I have decided to knit the Dane shawl with my Posh Yarn August sock club yarn.It is looking good but the yarn seems so thick after doing lace knitting.Has anyone got the book Knitted Estonian Lace and would you recommend it?
Between us and next door we have a cupressus hedge.For ages the lady there has been nagging us to get it taken down by 2 feet.In the end we arranged it but the bloke said he couldn't come for a while.In the meantime lady next door sold her house but we forgot to cancel the gardener thinking he would ring before he came .Anyway we were out on saturday morning and when we came back we could hear a chain saw and he had done half the job.He had climbed over our locked gate and just got on with it.There was no going back and the job cost £200.Also our main car is in for bodywork repairs..Someone ran into us in a car park in Stratford and just drove off.That is costing £150.Not a good week!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Posh wool

I had my pink parcel today ,the last of the Sock Club and it is a gorgeous red.It's far too nice to make socks so I think it will be a scarf.I have at long last finished my Harlequin socks from Violet Green Sock Club but have two more of their sock patterns still to do.I like to have aty least 2 projects on the go,one I can knit while watching TV and another that is a challenge.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Well,I thought it would not be good!!I have put on 2lbs but i have had a lot of naughty things in the fridge with the children staying.I would have thought I would have burned up lots of calories.However,undaunted,I have started again today and expect great results this week.I am eating out at least twice but will just go for salads.Hope everyone else has better news.

Friday, 24 July 2009


The grandchildren have gone home and we are exhausted!!We had a brilliant time- going to Chester zoo (5 and a half hours walking round),felt making at a local country park,Jolly Jungle play barn pot painting etc.Plus all the in house playing with Lego,Downfall,Stay Alive etc.

See above my completed Tilia shawl.It's not a very good photo but the best I can manage.It doesn't show up the beads.I don't think it is a pattern I will tackle again particularly as I have a super new book calledVictorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.It is a lovely coffee table type book but it is full of great patterns for stoles ,shawls and scarves.

I am dreading the Sunday weigh in.My jeans tell me it will not be good news!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

my shawl

I have finished my Tilia shawl.Photos when the grandkids have gone home!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The diet!!

I have to confess that at the weigh in this morning I had put on 2lbs but I have been on holiday.Tomorrow 3 of my grandchildren come to stay until Friday so I shall be burning up hundreds of calories and hope to be able to report a weight loss next Sunday.I am going to try really hard-honest!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Doc Martin

Here's the photo of me with the policeman from Doc Martin.We have some friends in our town and Paul was brought up in Port Isaac.We saw Jenny his wife this morning and she was so envious that we had actually seen them filming.They actually met in Port Isaac when she had a holiday job as a student.She said they are glued to every episode and are watching for a third time round.It evokes so many memories.

I am stuck on my Tilia shawl at the mo.I am on row 27 of the flowers and just can't get it right!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Back from Devon

Well, we are back a day early.The forecast for today was more rain so we decided to head home early.We also thought that the traffic would be very bad tomorrow but it still took us 6 hours today.We have had a good time and seen lots of places.It was such a shame that the place we were staying had a lovely garden and we couldn't take advantage of it because of the weather.We had an annexe to the main house with our own little bit of garden that had stream running through and even a natural small waterfall.
I did lots of knitting and finally feel I am making progress with my Tilia shawl.I used beads at the start and am now using them in the central section.I decided replacing all the nupps with beads would be too much.
Does anyone watch Doc Martin?We had a trip to Tintagel and then went on to Port Isaac.We couldn't understand what all the crowds were watching and then realised they were filming.Martin Clunes and all the cast were there and it was fascinating watching how it's done.I had my photo taken with the one who plays the policeman .
We visited lots of National Trust properties and ate their cake so I am dreading going on the scales!But I needed cheering up with all that rain!!
What about the Box?I think some people thought they were automatically in it again .So shall we do it again?

Friday, 10 July 2009

Post it notes

I find post it notes very useful in charts.Just stick it below the current row and you don't get mixed up.
I met my friend this morning for coffee.She is also into knitting and had asked me to try and get her some wool in last Sunday's Posh sale.She wanted 2 lots but I only managed one.After getting over the initial shock of opening the parcel and seeing bright pink(the tissue paper) she was thrilled and I must say I wished I had kept it for myself but I couldn't be so selfish.
My Tilia is ready for going to Devon tomorrow.I am now on the second chart.I am sure it must definitely keep the Alzheimers away working it all out!!I have other things packed as well and ,yes, one day I will get back into my cross stitch.I just must stop buying wool.
I will try and be careful about my diet while away but I hope the extra exercise will balance any lapses in the diet.Watch this space when I get back for a weigh in.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

the diet!!

I have been very good and not eaten anything I shouldn't.I have cut down on portions and I have done loads of exercise.I went out with friends last night and had a salad.I have cut down on the wine.I have been so good and I stepped on the scales this morning( Iknow I should have waited ) and I had put on a lb.

Let's not think about that.My Tilia shawl is progressing very,very slowly.I like the effect of the beads.This is something new for me and I am thinking my 4 yr old granddaughter will love something with beads in it.She starts school in September and was due to go into school today and again next week and have a home visit etc but they had a message to say the teacher and her classroom assistant had been in a car accident and all these things were off.I just hope they weren't badly hurt.

Been to Chester this morning .Only intended to buy some shoes but saw a lovely top in M&S and couldn't resist it.Husband very impressed with it.It hides all my spare tyre!!

Monday, 6 July 2009


Diet O.K today.I had just one slice of bread for lunch not the usual two.I left some of my potato at supper and I have been for a brisk 25 minute walk.I intend to walk twice a day but it has rained a lot .

My Tilia shawl has not progressed much.I have decided not to do nupps (thanks sarah for the offer of practical help).I am doing beads instead.Do you know someone has finished already and it looks gorgeous.How do they find the time?I don't work but have other things that interfere with knitting.My husband is out walking plus lunch tomorrow so a good chance for knitting but I must clean the house before my daughter in law comes to stay straight after we get back from Devon.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nupps and diets

Firstly,Sarah I can't leave a comment on your blog.It keeps telling me I have an incorrect password.I am reading it though.

Secondly, nupps.I can't seem to get them even and all looking the same.I am left handed but knit right handed so that might be the problem.I am thinking of just leaving them out but I will have to undo 3 rows.Can I face it.

Thirdly, the diet.I wouldn't dare post my weight but I am ,this morning, ? stone and 13 lbs.My problem is I eat all the right things ( apart from wine) but at the wrong time.I never eat breakfast which would kickstart my metabolism and I end up the day drinking wine,all those empty calories.So those are the things I must address-have breakfast and no wine.

Please post how you are getting on with your knitting projects.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

hot weather

The hot weather is really holding my knitting up.I thought i could knit and watch Wimbledon but my hands are too sticky.
I have done 9 rows of my Tilia shawl and so far so good!I have to do it in complete silence and not let my thoughts drift.
Count me in for the weight loss "thing" but we will be away a week on Sunday in Devon.Will I have to forfeit the cream teas?I think so.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


I have cast on my Tilia shawl and have done 3 rows! O.K only one was a pattern row but what a relief to get to the end of the row and have the correct number of stitches.It takes about 15 mniutes to do a row and involved huge concentration.I told my husband he had not to even come into the room.
We are off to see my brother near Blackpool tomorrow and then on theway back we will pick up Emily and Ruby from nursery and look after them until Mum or Dad gets in. Sarah,our daughter, has gone to the Take That concert in Manchester today.Such excitement.She has gone with 5 friends and they decided to go at lunchtime and make a day of it so Dad has had the girls today.Ibet he's shattered .

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Box.

The Box is on it's way down south.I have posted it this afternoon.Itwas really difficult choosing something.Hope whoever gets the box next likes what's in it.
I am not getting much knitting done at the moment.I was out last night with some new friends I have made through a magazine.That sounds dodgy but it isn't.They are really nice ladies and it is good to meet new people and enjoy a natter,a laugh and food.Tonight C and I are going out to meet some college friends of mine.6 of us who were in college together meet up twice a year at a central point with our husbands and have a meal.It's amazing that we are all still married to our original partners.
That's it for today.I must go and find a slimmimg looking outfit to wear!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Box

The Box has arrived .I have only just opened it and all I can say is WOW!I really am spoiled for choice.How do I pick out 3 things.I want them all!!I cannot post today but hopefully will tomorrow.One more person.You must know who you are and then back to the start.Do we just keep on going?
I did buy a Tilia shawl kit.I couldn't resist it.I chose grape hyacinth.Just hope I can do it.
Busyday today,x rays,my 2 gorgeous little granddaughters came for the morning and lunch , gardening,Andy Murray now playing and then out tonight with some new friends.How did I find time to work.
I have another coffee date tomorrow.My 4 th this week!!It all interferes with the knitting.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Should I? Or shouldn't I try and buy a Tilia shawl kit.It does look an enormous project.

Anyone in the Violet Green Sock Club?

Did anyone get a box today?

I am expecting in the post

Posh wool from Sunday( I can't resist it)

Lego bases (for when my grandchildren come and stay in the summer)

Books from Persephone which I bought in their 3 for 2 offer.

And one day a BOX

Been trying to knit watching Wimbledon but I make so many mistakes!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

My weight!!

I have been for a hospital appointment and they(horror,horror) weighed me.I said it can't be right.Idon't weigh that much( I daren't disclose it.I am soooo embarassed).I decided I had better buy some new scales which I did.They agreed with the hospital scales.My old scales were weighing 8lbs lighter.I have just had 2 weeks in France with wine,beer ,cheese etc but ....So the diet starts tomorrow.Watch this space.

Did you know the Posh yarn Tilia kits go on sale on Wednesday but they have nupps in them.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Summer Fair

I think today must rate as the most expensive summer fair I have ever been to but it was great.It was at the school that our granddaughter is starting at in September( and our daughter is also starting teaching there for a day and a half a week.)We spent a fortune at the fair and then I said I would treat us all to tea in the pub in honour of Fathers Day tomorrow.So all in all a lot was spent but it was worth every penny.Emily was so excited showing us the way to school even though we have walked past it dozens of times on the way to feed the ducks!!

I had a text from our son who lives in Cambridge to say that he had got to the post office to send the parcel for his dad and realised that he had no sellotape so could I open the packet up and stick the paper down. !!Kids

So C is not seeing the kids tomorrow but he will get phone calls from them.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Posh wool

Thought I would add a photo of my wool which arrived today.This is the first time I have tried this on my own.

Completed shawl!

Here it is .My completed shawl.Fortunately you can't see the mistakes!!I just love doing lace knitting and today got my pink parcel from Poshyarn.Two hanks of Claudia 2ply, one is Sagebrush and the other is called Ingenuous.One greens and the other mauves and pinks.Now to decide on patterns.Any suggestions?

I really do need to take some lessons in photo compostion!

Monday, 15 June 2009


I blocked my shawl and amazingly there are no holes !!I can see a few mistakes where i didn't do the nupp (or knupp) properly.A nupp is where on 1 row you make 5 stitches out of 1 and then on the next row purl 5 tog.I found it quite difficult with very fine wool purling the 5 tog.When my little shawl has dried I will post a photo.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Back from France.

I am back from my holiday in on the whole was good but we did have 3 days of heavy rain,just the excuse to get some knitting done.

I finished the first sock from my sock club.

I made a small shawl in 2ply .The pattern was called Swallowtail.It said that the advanced skill needed was to be able to knit "nupps".Now, I have never done these before and don't think I will again but undaunted I gave it a go!I found them very difficult with such fine wool.I am dreading blocking it because I think large holes might appear.Does anyone else find these difficult?

I have also almost finished a stole in 2ply as well which I am thrilled with.

I did no knitting en route (poor Emily ).

We called in Cambridge yesterday and had lunch with our son and his family and it was good to see the grandchildren.

Today we have been to our daughter's and been to Emily's "graduation " from nursery.She goes to big school in September.It was a lovely afternoon.The children acted out the story of "The Very Hungry caterpillar" and sang some songs.Then there were play and craft activities and wonderful food and wine.It ended with more songs and a presentation .All the children got a copy of the bookand a certificate.They had gone to so much trouble and on a day off too.We loved it.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Off on holiday

This will be my last post for 2 weeks as we are going on holiday to the Loire Valley in France tomorrow.

We popped over to Northwich this morning to see our 2 grandaughters and daughter before we go away.I also wanted to deliver the 2 hooded tops I had knitted.They were met with universal approval.Emily(4) and Ruby(18 months) are gorgeous (biased -I know!!).They are so full of love and cuddles.I shall really miss them over the next two weeks.

I have just had e mails to say my Violet Green Sock Club and my Poshyarn one are in the post but we are going early tomorrow before the post.Typical!

See you in the middle of June.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Book list

These are the books I am taking away

Past -it Notes by Maureen Lipman - very funny

They knew Mr Knight by Dorothy Whipple- this is one from the Persephone Collection which are books that have been republished after being out of print.This one was written in 1934 and gives great insight into the lives of women in the past- fascinating.

Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.I couldn't resist this one as it is about a knitting class!

The Return by Victoria Hislop.

Remember Me by Melvyn Bragg.

All I need is some sunshine and a comfy chair and a glass of chilled white wine.

Here's hoping.

I am feeling very pleased with myself today because I have written letters to my penfriends and posted them.I have penfriends all over the world and some I have been writing to for nearly 20 years.It is a fascinating hobby because you see changes in the world and hear about them from ordinary people.People who live in South Africa,Estonia,Russia,Argentina,Japan etc.I joined up originally because the intention was to promote international goodwill and I would recommend it as a hobby to anyone.It helps these days with a computer!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I had an interesting Bank Holiday Sunday.My stepmother had invited myself and myOH and my brother and his wife to an exhibition at her church.It was to raise funds for the church so we felt we ought to go even though it is 50 miles away.It was actually very good.The exhibition was showing the work of illustrator Waler Howarth.He did the covers for lots of comic type magazines and his output was staggering.It was good to support them and to see Jean,Peter and Janet.

On the way back to the motorway we did a bit of a detour and called in on some old friends who we hadn't seen for ages.What a shock we got.Kathleen was just a different person,had lost loads of weight and just couldn't remember things at all.I have felt really depressed about it ever since.

It looks as though we will go away on Friday so I have been collecting together my craft projects.They are....

A cross stitch picture in the Silhouettes series.I said I would like one for my birthday and OH bought 3.How daunting is that!!

A 2ply lace weight stole to finish

A 2ply shawl just started-Swallowtail

A hooded top for Emily(to do in the car)

My latest Violet green sock project

A scarf to start in Posh Yarn Eva 2 ply

Plus some wool,a crochet hook and a copy of Inside Crochet magazine to play with

Oh,by the way we are only going for 2 weeks but I like a lot of choice depending on the mood I'm in!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009


Bank holiday Sunday

What a glorious day.Wall to wall sunshine.

I have been sat on the patio and have managed to do the borders on one of the jackets.Hopefully I will do the other one tonight watching TV.

I am going to try and put on some photos of my Violet Green lace shawl project and some socks I have knitted over the winter.

Big decision .Do I try and buy some wool in the Posh yarn shop at 7pm?

I can't manage to put the photos on.Will try later.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

knitting photos

The play was great last night.We had asked a friend to come with us whose wife has died recently so we stayed for a drink in the bar afterwards.All the actors came in and it is good to see them as ordinary people!

Why is it so difficult to find buttons which are exactly right.In anticipation of finishing (ha! ha!) my granddaughters' jackets over the weekend I went on a mission.In our town there is just a market stall selling buttons and of course all the ones I wanted were out of stock.Anyway I bought some. Around here you stay in on a bank Holiday weekend-too much traffic and a good excuse to knit!

I am going to post some photos of recently finished projects.More tomorrow and in the days to follow.

Friday, 22 May 2009

No knitting news today.We are going out to the theatre tonight and that means lost knittting time!!I havn't picked any knitting up today at all.Will have to try before we go out.

We have Theatre Clwyd just 5 minutes from our house.It has 2 theatres plus a film theatre and studio rooms.We are so lucky.They often show films which do not appear at the multiplexes.

Tonight we are seeing the play Mary Stuart by Schiller.It has had rave reviews in the Sunday Times and the Guardian.Just hope it isn't too long!
No knitting photos today but a photo of the azaleas in my front garden.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I said I would tell you more about my knitting projects.At the moment I am knitting hooded tops for my 2 granddaughters.They are both in Tiny Tots wool,one in beige and one in pink.I have done the main bits for one but unable to face the borders started on the other one so I now have 2 lots of borders to do!!I am also knitting a stole in 2ply lace wool bought from Posh Yarn and a shawl also in 2ply.I am really enjoying doing lace knitting at the moment.

Today has been a funny old day.It started with my husband having a check up at the hospital.He had his spleen removed 6 months ago because it was 4 times the size it should be but they don't know why .Today we were told they have sent bits of to Birmingham who are experts.At one time we were told he might have lymphoma or leukaemia but these have been ruled out.

This afternoon my daughter and her 2 little girls came over because we were all having our hair cut.we have a hairdresser who comes to the house.

My OH has now gone to see a physio beause he has something wrong with his leg? foot ?Who knows.

Hope someone reads this!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

HI everyone.Good to hear from Sarah.
As I said in my profile I am a retired teacher(retired early!).I don't know how I found time to work because I am so busy now.Today C and I actually had a day where we had nothing in the diary.Neither of us!We have been meaning to go to Bodnant gardens for days but the weather has been awful.Well, we made it today.It rained a bit and it was a bit wet,well,very wet under foot.My new trainers ended up covered in mud and my jeans were all splattered but we had a great day.Bodnant is a National Trust garden not far from Conway in North Wales about 50 minutes from our house.It is famous for it's azaleas,rhodos,camellias etc so now is the time of year to visit.It is spectacular.
Now we are back home.I have taken my 87 year old neighbour some reading matter and soon it will be knitting time.More about my projects next time.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hi.This is my first go at blogging.I read loads of other blogs but have joined a "box swap" and the others have blogs. a