Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ziggy on the roof!!

On Friday Ziggy,our 7 month old kitten, discovered he could get on the roof.We live in a bungalow but with a very high pitched roof .We had a re enactment of Hitchcock's The Birds.There were about 30 crows circling him and making the most almighty racket.He went up at 9am and it was 6pm when we finally coached him down.His only was was to jump onto a flat roof at the back and then take a running leap on to the patio table.Has he learnt his lesson.No.This was him 10 minutes ago and he is still up there.His other trick is to go and sit in the middle of the road.We don't live on a main road but we have a lot of passing traffic.Should we take him back to the cat rescue and get him a safer place to live?What do you think?
Is it just my imagination or do most of us crafters on here have either cats or dogs?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hip Knits-KLM

Hip Knits aka Yarn Forward/Kerrie Allman has finally bitten the dust.I think quite a few of us saw the writing on the wall several years ago when we got our fingers burnt!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bodnant Garden.N.Wales

 We went to Bodnant on Saturday.This is a wonderful garden to visit,especially at this time of the year.Azalea and rhododendron time.So I am just sharing a few photos.
 No idea what happened to this one!
 What a great view.This clematis was the most wonderful shade of pink.
Another great view.Bodnant has a new(about 5 yrs ago) Head Gardener and he has made so many improvements and done masses of new planting.It is going from strengh to strengh.