Sunday 27 September 2015


 This weekend I went to Yarndale in Skipton,Yorkshire ,UK.This is organised by the lovely Lucy from Attic24.A wonderful feast of yarn and creativity.
 Two years ago ,when it started,we were asked to send in crocheted triangles to make bunting.They came in from all over the world.Here they are again for all to see.
 This year was a different challenge.Flowers.All in aid of the Alzeimers Society.The effect was stunning and took your breath away/
I was in there over three hours and made a few purchases but walking round the stalls and seeing the things that people do and create is amazing.
I like to buy thingsI would not buy else where.The above yarn is for making brooches(left),very fine linen and the other two for scarves.The colours do not come across very well.The one on the right I said to the vendor was "zingy" and she thought that was a good word to describe it.
I also bought an owl shawl pin.I now just need to find some time to create and make.