Tuesday 30 April 2013

Does your cat do this?

 This is Ziggy, our lovely cat but he can be a bit naughty.His latest trick is to pull the washing off the line!Does your cat do that?He is an amazing jumper and just leaps into the air ,grabs the washing and keeps going until it falls on the lawn.He has also learned that if he knocks his munchies packet over and keeps knocking it eventually some will fall out but we are on to him now.
 This is a pastel portait of Ziggy that my friend Sheila did for me.It is in pastels.What an amazing talent she has.
This is another portrait of Ziggy done by my 5 yr old granddaughter Ruby in about three minutes.Pretty good I think.
We are off to Madrid tomorrow until Saturday.We have tickets booked for the three main art galleries,one each morning.Other sightseeing in the afternoons.This will be a real test for my knee.Back soon!

Sunday 21 April 2013

Assessing the damage.

 When we finally got rid of our 14 inches of snow after 3 weeks(.Yes, it took 3 weeks for it all to go!) we had to assess the damage the snow had done.The tree above is a weeping pear.A huge branch has broken and we are weeping!
 This is a lovely cotoneaster tree which we put in 18 years ago.It is always dripping with berries in the winter and a super source of food for the birds.The trouble is the branches go horizontally and it  just couldn't cope with the weight of the snow.We have tried to prop up where we can but now it is a waiting game to see what happens.We filled a builder's cube three times with debris and carted it off to the tip.
This is a bit of a new start.A sunny day yesterday got me planting seeds and buying bulbs.My sweet peas on the window sill are doing well.It's fingers crossed that everything else reappears.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Show and tell.

 I thought it was about time I showed you what I have been up to yarnwise.This is a stole I started on March 15th.The pattern is Knitspot's Japanese Feather Stole.It is a lovely pattern to knit with a 28 row repeat but it is done on 5mm needles so grows quite quickly.The yarn I am using is 100% cashmere (Posh Yarn Josephine) and is soooo soft and gorgeous.It is a beautiful deep pink/cranberry colour which is not showing up too well.It is good that a simple pattern appears on the reverse side.I do love Knitspot patterns.This one is for me!
 This my latest blanket using up all my odds and ends.I have no idea what size it is going to be.I just keep going.
This is a bag I made a while ago.Very quick to make.It is Lucy from attic 24's pattern.

I wasn't going to mention the weather but our lawn stll hasn't reappeared.Bad news yesterday in that my car broke down and cost £200 to repair.