Sunday, 24 April 2011


HappyEaster.The sun is shining and we are having a quiet day.We have never made a big thing of Easter as our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was four and from then on Easter eggs were off limits for her.
I am sure lots of you will be having big family get togethers in this glorious weather.Enjoy.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thank you

Sarah-thank you for my Easter card and gift.It really brightened my day.I must say I am enjoying this wonderful weather.Our son and his family are on holiday in Devon for a week.How lucky they are with the weather.
We have spent quite a lot of time in the garden and it looks better than it has done for a while.we have put golden gravel on the patio and today treated ourselves to two huge pots and a cordyline and a phormium to go in them.
We went to see the film Black Swan last Friday.How depressing.We wished we hadn't bothered.yesterday was a gallery visit for Art Appreciation,tomorrow is Reading Group-The Long Song by Andrea Levy,Friday is a theatre visit-Journey's End and then a quiet Easter weekend.Here in North Wales we stay off the roads when it is a holiday weekend!!
P.S.Just have to mention I had two of my reviews published in Newbooksmag this month.It feels quite good to see your name in print.I don't get paid,just keep the book.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Mystery Kal

I have signed up for the Spriteling Mystery KAL.I must be mad because I am already in two blanket clubs.BUT I need distracting at the moment.My step mother had a malignant tumour removed from her bladder two weeks ago.She is 84 but has never been ill in her life,never taken antibiotics and is very acive.She was told yesterday that they hav'nt got it all and she can opt either for 6-8 hour op to remove the bladder and then she would be catheterised for ever or four weeks /5 days per week of radiotherapy.She has opted for this. Our son in law had a CT scan on his brain last Monday to finally decide what they are going to do about his brain tumour,whether to operate or not.He is Daddy to a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old.The results will be with his consultant on Monday and then we just have to wait until the multidisciplinary team meets and discusses it. So you can see why I need distracting and keeping busy.Off to the cinema tonight to see Black Swan. So you can see why I need distracting!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cambridge again

We were back in Cambridge again last week.Ella finished school a week before her brothers so we were asked could we go and look after her(and it turned out a friend too!!).We visited Trinity College(above) and were persuaded by the porter to visit the Wren Library which is open to the public and we were so glad we did.It was completed in 1695 to the design of Christopher Wren.Famous past pupils include Isaac Newton.Most of his library is here,plus his writings and diagrams,his walking stick and even a lock of his hair.A.A.Milne attended Trinity and his manuscripts for Winnie the Pooh,House at Pooh Corner and others can be seen.There were medieval manuscripts to see.It was really interesting.A hidden gem.
Across from Trinity St Johns can be seen and of course,people punting.
This is Christs College.
On our last morning we decided to take Ella to the Orchard tea Rooms at Grantchester.A group of students asked Mrs Stevenson of Orchard House(pictured above in 1910). whether she would serve them tea in the orchard.This was in 1897 and that started a great Cambridge tradition and it became a popular venue.You could punt there from Cambridge.In order to supplement income the Stevensons took in lodgers and in 1910 it was Rupert Brooke.Friends came to visit and became known as the Grantchester Group and spent much of their time here.
From l to r-E.M.Forster,Rupert Brooke,Wittgenstein,Bertrand Russell,Augustus John,Keynes and Virginia Woolf.
The Stevensons' publicity card.1910.
Ella sat enjoying the sun(and scones,clotted cream and jam).You sit in the orchard in deckchairs.Bliss!
This is the original tearoom.As you can see ,nothing grand at all but alive with tradtion.
Do visit if you are in the Cambridge area.