Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.I just hope that all my blogging friends have a healthy  happy and peaceful 2017.Fingers crossed .Love to you all.Barbaraxxxxx

Monday, 19 December 2016

Super Saturday

 No matter what I do I can't get this the right way round.It is the programme from Aladdin.The Wok'n'Roll pantomime that we went to see on Saturday afternoon at Theatr Clwyd.
 We had super seats and because we were on the end of a row two of the cast members came and had a chat with Ruby before it started.We were close enough to the front to get splattered by a water pistol.It was brilliant ,noisy but really good fun.
 Outside Theatr Clwyd this week is this installation.It is touring Wales promoting Wales as a great place for adventures.Wales is EPIC.You can see the scale of it .Quite impressive.
We came home,had some tea,thegirls got their PJs on and we snuggled under a duvet and watched the Strictly Come Dancing final.They stayed at ours overnight and we took them back home at lunchtime on Sunday.Emily slept for 12 hours.She had been on a midnight hike with Scouts and idn't go to bed until 2am!!!She needed tocatch up on some sleep with another week of school to go.
A lovely weekend for us but it also gave Mum and Dad a break.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Where will you be spending Xmas?

We are going to our son's in Cambridge.It is a three and a half hour journey by car,sometimes longer depending on traffic.We are going on Xmas Eve and I am convincing myself that all the foreign lorries that clog the A14 will have gone home to Hungary,Bulgaria,Poland etc.Fingers crossed that the weather is fine.

Second thing.How do I get my list of followers up to 100?!!!!

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Back from the concert which was brilliant.He is Richard Durrant not Dunant oops

MY husband is 75 today!!!

 Yes.Charles is 75 today.Only a few grey hairs,apart from his beard.He doesn't wear glasses.I think he has worn pretty well.He has had a lovely day with lots of cards,presents and phone calls.Our daughter and family came over and we went out to lunch.
Back at ours for birthday cake.It looks as though Emily is about to set her hair on fire!!
Tonight we are off to Theatr Clwyd to see /hear a guitarist,singer and violinist.The guitarist is Richard Dunant.I think it is candlelit.We shall see and then a nice glass of wine when we get back.My present to C is trip to Paris on Eurostar in the Spring.
Must dash,theatre calling.