Monday, 25 November 2019

A happy Saturday.

Here I am with my three granddaughters.Ella ,the one on the right,is in her second year at Manchester University reading American Studies.She is off to Madison,Wisconsin inJanuary for a semester.She is our son's eldest.The other two are Ruby and Emily who are our daughter's girls.They only live half an hour from Manchester.So,it was great to have all three together plus Sarah and my O H.We saw our two grandsons in Cambridge the previous weekend.I am pleased to report that Angus is on the mend but still not back in school.
I spent five hours in A&E yesterday with my daughter who had chest pains.Thankfully she is fine and they put it down to stress.It is a sobering experience in hospitals at the moment.Corridors lined with people,mainly elderly ,on trolleys waiting to be seen.Ambulance crew waiting to hand over patients and not able to go  on another call until they have.The staff work so hard and always with a smile.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

It never rains but it pours.

I told you a while ago about our son in law having a brain tumour.It is going to be removed on Dec 10th.Our daughter in law has Coeliacs and has not been told she has fibromyalgia.Last Thursday our grandson Angus(13) was rushed into hospital with appendicitis.They kept him waiting 20 hours before they operated.He is still in hospital and has had to start another course of antibiotics which may mean another 5 days in hospital.They live four hours away but we are going tomorrow for the weekend and maybe longer.Our son has to go away on Monday to Singapore for work.What a mess.It should be us oldies that are ill not them.Such a worry.
On a brighter note our granddaughter Ruby is 12 today and we are all going out for a meal tonight.