Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Latest Project!

I have really enjoyed making this wreath.At the moment the flowers and leaves are just pinned on but I wanted to share it with you.My thanks must go to Lucy at Attic24 for the patterns.I find following crochet patterns quite difficult as I am left handed but Lucy's are so clear and are taken step by step.The flowers and leaves are going a wreath made of twigs bought from Hobbycraft for,I think, £2.50.This makes it a really cheap project as you are just using up scraps of wool.
Give it a go.Its good fun and would make a great present.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Would you be brave enough to eat fungi found in your garden?

 We moved into this house almost a year ago.It was built 30 years ago and when it was built there were five large trees in the garden,all with TPOs(tree preservation orders).During that time three have gone and we are left with two huge trees,a beech and a horse chestnut.Around the garden are rotting tree roots from the other three and this is where we found the fungi.The one on the left started off looking like the one on the right,egg shaped but on maturity has flattened out.Initially we thought it was a Common Puffball but now think it might be a Parasol Mushroom.My book says they are edible and delicious but I would never dare to try it!!
 Isn't the underside beautiful?
 This is our beech tree.You can see the size in relation to the conservatory.
This is our horse chestnut.Our garden is littered with empty conker shells as the local squirrels are hoarding them away.
We can do nothing with the trees(wouldn't want to as they are amazing) without permission from the local authority.If anyone knows about these fungi I would welcome some info.